Prophets Of Manufactured Rage

Berg’s 20th Law of Social Justice Warmongering reads “All incidents of “hate speech” not captured on video (involving being delivered by someone proven not to be a ringer) shall be assumed to be hoaxes until proven otherwise.”

Events continue to bear this out…

A similar “attack” occurred at Albion College in Michigan. “KKK” graffiti and outrage. Roughly 450 virtue-signaling students and faculty marched against the “racism” found on campus and many boycotted classes…A black student was busted and the school didn’t mention the race of the crimina

A 17-year-old BLM activist and student at Viterbo University set fire to her own dorm. At first, she claimed it was yet another racist attack against her. She later admitted to police that she set the fire herself, but pleaded not guilty in court. The school’s president released a statement saying that the police had a person of interest, and that that person would no longer be a part of the Viterbo community, but failed to even name the student.

A black student at Wayne State University in Detroit egged her own door, hoping to snag a leadership role at the school’s Black Student Union.

Of course, among actual hate crimes, the targets are a little more traditional and prosaic.

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  1. There are fights occurring in English gas stations right now, because the government has shut down the economy, and truck drivers have quit.

    I’ve seen several videos, and where there are more than just Negroes involved, it was a Negro attacking a White man, or woman.

    The leftist rag “The Daily Mail” takes (fleeting) note of the chaos, but omits the cause, or the perps. When it comes to destruction or violence, and the report does not have pictures or descriptions, it’s not in the least irresponsible to conclude it’s Negroes at work 9/10 of the time.

  2. Lol, the school “didn’t mention the race of the criminal”. In an alleged racist hate crime. And they think we don’t see through their crap.

  3. So I watched this video on youtube:

    It is about the history of American accents.
    They had to include black accents. Fair enough. But since the presenter was a white guy, and given our current cultural insanity he is not allowed to know anything about black American accents, much less speak in a black American accent, so they brought on two black woman, a linguist and a dialect coach, to do the black part of the American accents video.
    At the five minute mark, the black linguist chick shows a diagram illustrating the transatlantic slave trade.
    The chart is wrong. It is broken. It is a lie. The diagram shows one way arrows, five of them, coming from West Africa and into the United States, with a 6th arrow pointing vaguely towards southern Mexico.
    In reality, about 90% of the slaves taken from Africa ended up in South America, and about 90% of those were taken to Brazil.

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