Minneapolis, 2021.

There is so much gunfire in North Minneapolis and Uptown, they had to get a liquid-cooled shot spotter system.

The economy is falling apart.

Downtown is becoming blighted. The North Loop, the jewel of the city’s redevelopment plan, is turning into a shooting gallery

The schools are collapsing.

The wealth disparity gap is growing.

But, by golly, they’ve got their priorities straight.

4 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. And yet, if your newspaper of record is to be believed, people are scrambling to live in Minneapolis. House prices are through the roof, so single family zoning must be eliminated so 4-plexes can be built where the Jones family’s house is today. (Your kids don’t need backyards to play in…they must participate in the vibrant action at the local park).

    So what gives?

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