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  1. The American people are discovering that even when they hold the presidency and both houses of congress, the Democrats are incapable of governing the United States.
    If their margins on the house and senate were larger, it wouldn’t help them, because they would act even crazier, like the cities with large Dem majorities that are abolishing the police. The internal dynamics of their party dictate that the radicals will push for laws and policies as far left as they can be and still have a bare majority or minority. This gives power to people like Synema and Manchin, who are D’s trying to win elections in red or purple states.

  2. Democrat politicians, when “solving” a crisis that was often created by their own policies, remind me of some of the bad software project managers I’ve had during my career who believed that nine women could make a baby in one month. Their style of governance is reactive more than proactive: A deadly virus with a 99% is ravaging our nation? Make decisions as to whose occupation is deemed “essential” while forcing businesses to shutter and people to “safely” stay at home but out of a job. Bad optics of people being evicted because they can’t pay the rent without a job? Impose a moratorium on evictions and raise unemployment. Landlords suffering? Start a new government program to help them out. Businesses that survived the lock-downs can’t find able-bodied people willing to work, because the entitlement spending has lowered the incentive for people to seek work? Start another government program to help the struggling businesses. All the while, blame the inflation on the prior occupant of the White House.

    Managing to the exception is killing us, and is wrecking this great nation. But hey, at least we don’t have to worry about mean tweets anymore!

  3. I called both of their offices yesterday. I spoke with one of Synema’s staffers, a young lady. She sounded like a Kennedy era Democrat that today’s radical communists. After I explained to her that although I wasn’t one of her constituents, I wanted to thank her for holding the line on this ridiculous spending bill. To my utter amazement, the young lady said that in reality, every citizen is one of her constituents, because her votes affect every American citizen. I commended her for her understanding of government. It turned out that both of her parents are former military officers and her two brothers are currently serving. She is 26 years old. Maybe there’s hope for millennials after all; slim hope, but some.

  4. Abbot just held a new conference at the border. Pulled Biden and Kameltoe’s filthy pelts off.

    It was brutal…and wonderful

  5. I am surprised Biden hasn’t claimed that it was Trump’s plan to let tens of thousands of unvetted, unaccinated illegal’s pour over the border and into the US. There was nothing he could do, he was hobbled by Trump’s plan . . .

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