Karen Crow

The “attack” on Jussie Smollett was a reflection of everything wrong about Trump’s Amerikkka, until it almost inevitably turned out to be a hoax. Then it disappeared.

The attack on Larry Elder by a “woman” (we weren’t given any actual pronouns to use, so I’m not positive about that) in a gorilla mask – a bit of Jim Crow-era racism dating back to the systematic dehumanization of black people in the 1920s through 1960s – is…

…well, if you’re a Democrat leader, nothing at all.

11 thoughts on “Karen Crow

  1. Ha! Stole my thunder, but I would add that she’s a typical left wing liberal woman. One thing that was missed during this altercation. A white skinhead came up to support gorilla girl and got in the face of one of Elder’s bodyguards and said, “Do you have a problem, BOY?!” Only a couple of outlets, not the lame stream morons, reported this.

  2. jpa.
    No, but as one media outlet bobble head posited to provide cover, “Most likely, that man was a follower of QAnon.”

  3. Then you had LATimes claiming he slapped a woman.
    Turns out the photo was taken as he was reaching to give her a hug.
    Shameless media.

  4. TKS.
    Yes, and thankfully, she debunked the meme herself, ridiculing the media hacks in the process.

  5. Elder had little chance to begin with and as the sunlight hit some of his talk show ideas, it’s no surprise to see Newsom pull ahead.

    Republicans in California excel at rallying around candidates who are popular with talk radio listeners and highly likely to alienate majorities of voters. They just lose and almost never even attempt the obvious strategy of *coming together behind a centrist.*

  6. Getting rid of Newsom was always going to be an uphill battle, given the structural advantages of Democrats.
    I would like to see Cali secede and become its own country. The federal government would instantly become much more conservative, and we’d have the object lesson of what America would look like if it were controlled by leftists: totalitarian, with a ruling elite exercising authoritarian control over a bunch of peasants.

  7. Lol, their is some kind of Trump rally in DC on the 18th, so the Kapitol Keystone Kops are putting up a security fence. Such is the terror they feel at the mere thought of “umbrella man”!

  8. MP;
    Yea, the deep state criminals and their propaganda pushers have been touting this for almost a month. Funny how last week, the Stasi, aka the FBI, released a video of a person that they alleged placed the pipe bombs during their January 6 false flag. Even funnier, they caught a man near the capital the other day that had a knife, a machete and an American flag, “speaking white supremacist stuff”. The man’s father told authorities that his son struggles with mental illness and schizophrenia. That’s how the FBI stages things. They use easily manipulated people and if they get killed in the process, like the alleged Mandalay Bay shooter, it’s just them locking their scam down. Expect a lot of AntiFa and BLM members, dressed in Trump gear and anti vaccine gear/signs to cause problems. The timing of all of this is specific. The Maricopa audit results, as well as the results of other audits, are being released any day now. The deep state has to clog the news cycle to distract their low information crowd, like Emery, from the Afghanistan fiasco, the massive inflation, the HR4 bill being rammed through congress and the unconstitutional actions of Joey Demento and his handlers.

  9. Does it strike anyone else as illuminating that George W. Bush criticized “violent extremists” and Donald Trump took this to be an attack on himself?

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