Berg’s Eighth Law Goes To San Francisco

Berg’s Eighth Law of DIversity states “”American progressivism’s reaction to one of “their”constituents – women, gays or people of color – running for office or otherwise identifying as a conservative is indistinguishable from sociopathic disorder.

There’s a reason it’s called Berg’s Law, and not Berg’s suggestion.

I don’t know if Larry Elder is going to win next week’s recall election against Gavin Newsom.

But Big Left certainly seems to think he’s got enough of a shot to pull out the big, stupid, racist guns…

…and the small, stupid, racist guns.

(No literal guns, yet – but let’s say a prayer for Elder anyway).

If you’re thinking referring to a black man as a “white supremacist” cheapens the term – well, Big Left is devaluing the term itself; since it seems Latinos in California, who’ve been the buttresses of the Democrat majority in the state for the past couple decades, are very underwhelmed with Newsom.

It’s going to be an insane five days. And not in a good way.

4 thoughts on “Berg’s Eighth Law Goes To San Francisco

  1. From a HUGE list of despicable, disgusting things American leftists do, say and think, this is just about the worst.

    Conservative women are female impersonators, black and brown conservatives are uncle toms or cocoanuts, or tio something or other.

    Vile, evil racism, and they say we are the racists.

    Remember, EVERYTHING the left accuses the right of doing, saying, or thinking is pure PROJECTION.

    Isn’t that a Berg’s Law too?

  2. Well, why wouldn’t the left be racist if it serves the goals of the day. I mean, (the people behind) Biden must know that blacks are one of the largest groups of the unvaccinated (certainly by percentage of group), yes? And since “This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated”, they must be looking forward to hunting down blacks.

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