Armageddon Deferred: Karen Hardest Hit

For the second straight year, Big Media, serving as the exposed id of Big Karen, has predicted the Sturgis motorcycle rally was going to be a “super spreader”.

And as the event – and the attendant Covid surveillance – unrolled, I started getting the impression that most of the “news” coverage had been written in advance, with blanks let open to fill in the numbers that, one suspects, were expected to be in the thousands, at the very least.

So when the first take on numbers came out – in the low 100s, across 700,000 attendees – my first response was “that’s probably lower than the infection rate of 700,000 people in the general population”.

I was right:

Before its Aug. 6 opening, the Washington Post ominously warned: “Sturgis Motorcycle Rally revs up, drawing thousands and heightening delta super spreader fears”; CBS blared:“Sturgis motorcycle rally sparks fears of super spreader event.”

But like last August, the derisive press thankfully didn’t get their wish. Two weeks after the gathering with more than a half-million attendees concluded, fewer than 200 cases have been attributed to the event.

The Associated Press still breathlessly reported Sunday that “nearly 4,000 people have been newly diagnosed with COVID-19 in the state,” but later noted that “a South Dakota Department of Health spokesman declined to link the Sturgis rally to the rising virus surge, noting only 39 COVID-19 cases directly attributed to the rally.”

That such a small number of statewide cases came from Sturgis is a miracle and should have been the headline.

On Monday, the Los Angeles Times, whose writers likely could not find South Dakota on a map, claimed “scores of coronavirus cases recorded.” Scores? How many, and compared to what?

So, as always, what does that mean, per capita?

If numbers still matter to agenda seekers, the entire U.S. averaged 276 new COVID cases per 100,000 people over 10 days ending last week, while the Mount Rushmore State averaged only 156.

In the meantime, Florida’s vaccination rates for the elderly are far better than California and New York, and the fatality rate among a very dense, rather old population, is well down in the middle of the pack.

The Democrats and media (ptr) are going to have to count on their voters legendary lack of facility at critical thought.

And the slant in Covid coverage from the MSM is a sign that Big Left is genuinely worried about DeSantis, Noem and the movements they represent.

40 thoughts on “Armageddon Deferred: Karen Hardest Hit

  1. All you have to do is observe all of the outright lies the mediots have told about Florida and DeSantis to know they are terrified. That is why they are so desperate to pass the Federal Vote Fraud bill; they know they are going to lose the next few election cycles HUGELY.

    I think is election fraud is going to be the issue that finally sends it one way or the other.

  2. “Scores”, lol.

    Never in history has there been a greater gulf between how smart the public is and how dumb the mediots think we are.

    Not to mention how smart (spoiler: they’re not) they think they are.

    Mediots: hey, lets tell them 1000 kids are dying every day in Florida! They’ll totally buy it.

  3. Waiting for lockdown governors Ige (D-Hawaii) and Brown (D-Oregon) to be called out BY NAME AND PARTY affiliation and blamed for the skyrocketing covid cases in their states.

  4. The fact that Orlando has to import portable morgues for dead Republicans — is this a sign that DeSantis’ approach to the virus isn’t working?

  5. Emery, is that another of your quotes like “100,000 people evacuated from Afghanistan?” Quit pulling lies out of your ass. You have less than zero credibility anymore.

  6. The troll has been reading the AP again. 1,000 children dying every day too? 10,000 new cases every day? DeSantis not promoting everyone to get vaxxed? How about monoclonal treatment? Oh SNAP, Fauci admits it WORKS.

    I tell you there are a lot of symptoms of gross stupidity, but repeating absurd (and debunked) lies over and over again is not only a sign of stupidity, but senility and insanity as well. Your lies don’t hurt us, move us, change our minds, or anything else you are hoping to happen. I really have no idea what you expect from repeating lies, but I guess you just have a pathetic life.

  7. Dear god, now its the Atlanta Urinal and Constipation.

    Why not just quote Fat Stacy while you’re at it.

  8. Yeah Boss, why does the troll bother? It’s not changing one vote. Is it getting marching orders from vice or politicrap?

    Go see if mommy will make you some nice mac and cheese troll.

  9. I’ve attended the Great Minnesota Super Spreader event five days in a row. Fewer than 1 percent are masked. My CovidAware app has yet to alert me I’ve been exposed. What if they gave a pandemic and nobody showed up?

  10. strawman argument – 100 of 700,000 is lower than general population. No shRt. Who said it would be higher?

    You do this all the time, create an argument you want rather than the one to have.

    The one being had is this, should they engage in making/distancing? YES!

    Your postulate (as if you were right) is that because the rate is lower than general population that means you don’t need to mask (and they aren’t) or distance (and they aren’t). That’s correlation not causation and you know the difference.

    What may result from Sturgis is likely weeks from unfolding completely, but sure, declare victory over something that isn’t worth wasting your breath on – even IF the ultimate infection rate doesn’t change, taking easily accomodated precaution isn’t wrong. You are using poppy-cock strawmen to argue against trying to prevent infection. THAT’s the same stupid logic that has resulted in people not getting vaccinated and dying from the DELTA variant far more commonly than needed. SD had the highest per capita rate in the country for a considerable period of time, does that prove their stupidity about social distancing, not closing certain businesses was wrong-headed? By your idiotic logic it does.

    People who are in these five states are now deeply regretting not getting vaccinated. What’s absurd is that rather than getting vaccinated they want to take Ivermax. How blindingly stupid, perhaps Oleander should be next or maybe Hydroxychorloquine. PLEASE stop the sophistry.

  11. For those of you keeping score at home, in Minnesota there have been three Covid deaths in people under 20. The case fatality rate for people under 30 is 0.007 percent. 80 percent of Covid deaths are in people over 70. It continues to be a severe disease for the elderly. Lockdowns and mask mandates have done little to change that from the beginning. Vaccines have helped the most but they aren’t perfect. Flu vaccines are also poorly effective in the elderly. No cure for old age and impaired immune systems.

  12. Golfdoc – that’s completely different.

    The Great Minnesota Get-Together is a wholesome, family event with 4H children and cute animals, nothing like filthy motorcycle riding bums and their bimbos.

    The State Fair takes place outdoors, where UV rays kill Covid, unlike Sturgis, which takes place indoors, in bars, where the only UV is sissy flavored vodka.

    People who attend the State Fair are like Lake Street rioters, Floyd funeral orators, and Barak birthday well-wishers: they’re GOOD people attending GOOD events so there is zero risk of contracting the most highly contagious and deadliest virus ever known to man, even while standing shoulder-to-shoulder maskless waiting in line for cheese curds. It’s simply not a problem.

  13. You do this all the time, create an argument you want rather than the one to have.

    That’s how blogging works.

  14. What our media mavens have forgotten is that almost all the attendees would be from out of town. If this were truly a super spreader event, the cases would be spread all across the country.

  15. “strawman argument – 100 of 700,000 is lower than general population. No shRt. Who said it would be higher?”

    Will someone please explain to her what a Super Spreader event is?

  16. Also, Mitch that data refers 4000 South DAKOTANS who reported becoming sick, not 4000 from Sturgis. Jeezus, The entire population of SD didn’t attend Sturgis, nor were the only people at Sturgis from SD. I think you knew that yet engaged in the sophistry regardless.

    I’ll give you your own twisted logic back. Just like the faux voter fraud, I challenge you to prove it didn’t happen. And this time, do a little home work. How many attendees came from outside SD? How many cases were reported by those attendees? Also, one other problem you face, is just like you many of the attendees will refrain from telling the truth and reporting their illness, until it’s too late of course and then they’ll NEVER attribute it to Sturgis because they don’t want to look like fools.

    A 3rd grader could do better research. I’m being pejorative because this is a serious issue and your lies are leading people to think this isn’t deadly serious. It is, stop deceiving people with arguments anyone can drive a truck through.

  17. Yes, what exactly is a “super spreader” event compared to a “spreader” event?

  18. What I love about the trolls is they obviously put in hours every day of “”research”” (double scare quotes because reading politico is not research) in order to post here in order to do what? Change votes? With absurd and ridiculous lies? This is their life?

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

  19. The trolls: oh noes, the vax rates in Florida are at or slightly above the national average!!!!


  20. It always kind of amazes me how arrogantly ignorant the troll-boy is. Morning news reports (this first one involves a lot of sarcasm for those unable to detect it):
    Cases continue to rise in Australia, so the only possible explanation is that no one is wearing masks or complying with lockdowns.

    Very disappointed in the Australians, who apparently care more about freedom instead of following The Science™ correctly, like they used to.

    Note from the graph depicted that cases now are higher than a year ago. Or howzabout this one.
    Duke University: 98% full vaccinated, masks mandated indoors, weekly testing required. Yet, 364 people tested positive this week (all but 8, fully vax).

    Response? Mask Harder! Masks are now required outdoors & classes are going online for two weeks.

    Or this question:
    Did we ever get an answer to how many people unnecessarily died over the past 100+ years of respiratory viruses because scientists and doctors assured everyone masks didn’t work?

  21. Sturgis – No super spread of Covid.

    Pad Thai – They took their cases home.

    Golfdoc – State Fair mask rate 1%, nobody standing 6-feet apart, the very definition of a super-spreader event. When fairgoers take their cases home, will we see a state-wide jump in Covid cases?

    Pad Thai – Straw man. Twisted logic. Third grader.

  22. I had to read Peevey’s comment three times & I am still not sure what point he was trying to make or what, exactly, was his disagreement with what MBerg wrote in his post.
    As far as I can tell, MBerg was argiung the following: “Mainstream media predicts Sturgis bike week would be a covid super=spreader event, and in fact, as confirmed by mainstream media, the result was LESS than average covid infections.”

    Peev responded by stating that MBerg was arguing against social distancing and masking, which, of course, MBerg never mentioned, and peevey continued with the statement that MBerg’s argument against social distancing and masking (which, again, MBerg did not make) was the same as urging people to eat poison instead of getting vaccinated.
    Peevey has been commenting here for years, and all of his comments are so far off they aren’t even wrong.
    I remeber the time the topic was Federalist #4, and peev went to great lengths explaing how MBerg had completely misread the 4th Amendment.

  23. Once again, I ask the resident trolls/true believers, if the virus is sooooo deadly, why aren’t:
    1. Homeless people, who don’t social distance, let alone maintain normal sanitary habits, dying by the thousands or even hundreds across the country?
    2. The more than 130,000 illegal immigrants flooding across our border, many infected with not only WuFlu, but German measles, polio, tuberculosis and other maladies, mandated to get the juice and wear masks?
    3. Thousands of Afghans being repopulated into the country, are also not mandated to get the jab or wear masks?
    4. The media, the CDC and their quack mouthpieces, FAUXci and Wollensky, excoriating Nutjob Nancy and the Kenyan Klown, for holding their own super spreader events?

    Just keep repeating yourselves and the talking points of your media masters, you pathetic losers.

  24. The Taliban are hanging people from the Blackhawk helicopters rat Biden left them (they’ll never be able to use them, tee hee!), and Peevee’s upset because MASKIES and VACCINES and STURGIS!!!

    Fuck these rodents.

  25. BTCT, why do you hate rodents so much you have to demean them by comparing to resident trollbots?

  26. I know I said something similarly complimentary above, but this is dead on, bullseye accurate and deserves repeating.

    Peevey has been commenting here for years, and all of his comments are so far off they aren’t even wrong

  27. Because bosshoss429,

    Covid19 only infects boomers who drive Harleys – and oh yeah, children in public schools.

  28. Labeling your political opponents carriers of deadly disease is despicable.
    There is some history involved. The pattern is that first the infected are blamed for their own illnesses. They are diseased because they do not practice good hygeine. The way they live is literally disgusting.
    Then the infected are blamed for spreading the disease among the good people that practice proper hygeine and are not disgusting.
    So, really, what can you do with these people, given that public health is of the paramount importance? How are the good people, who only want the rewards of the good hygeine they practice, to respond?
    They just want people to be healthy.

  29. When you have a diseased limb, it has to be removed. This is common knowledge and good science. Not a political matter, not a value judgment at all. It’s just how you manage public health.

  30. MP;
    Singling out people as being diseased or terrorists or selfish, is right out of the playbook of Adolf.

  31. In Georgia, anti-vaxxers disrupted and shut down several vaccine drives where people wanted to get vaccinated.

    The Jolt: Anti-vaxxers shut down vaccination event, harass state health workers

    More threats and harassment. It’s a pervasive experience whenever you confront the hard right.

    Strange that I could not find video of the mobile vaccination event that was allegedly disrupted. I’d think that would be great PR material for the vax authoritarians. According to this video, Kathleen Toomey, commissioner of the GA Dept of Public Health, said

    – she recently “learned some health care workers helping to vaccinate members of the public against the virus have received threats and harassing e-mails”
    – a “mobile vaccination event held last weekend was forced to shutter after protesters aimed threats at the on-site workers, she said.”

    According to a spokesperson for Toomey’s office, the event was in a northern GA county, but “Nydam (the spokesperson) told Newsweek the mobile clinic’s specific location would not be release due to concerns that doing so “may only make the situation worse.”

    Yeah, shame we can’t verify the statements of a public health official. With all the video-capable devices these days, surely somebody recorded the event?

    Still no word on whether anybody has claimed the $100k+ check from Breitbart’s estate for video evidence of the racist Tea Partiers who allegedly hurled “racial epithets” at black congressmen on 20 March 2010. Were Breitbart still alive, he might have another amount of money that remains safely in his bank account.

  32. Sturgis: 700,000 attendees, 178 cases. .0002% and change
    Barack Obama’s birthday party: 600 attendees, 63 cases. 1.05%

    When the people who are trying to convince me that there’s a crisis, start acting like there’s a crisis, maybe I’ll start paying attention to them. (see also: man-made anthopogenic climate change)

  33. Bill, it looks like being a Democrat is a serious risk factor for getting, and probably dying from, COVID. I may have to rethink my idea that the media are biased to the left, because by pointing their fingers at events favored by Republicans and not Democrats, they are indeed sparing conservatives from the Chinese Bat Plague. :^)

    Regarding a couple of other things said here;

    1. Regarding Emery’s claim that Orlando is importing portable morgues for Republicans, Mayor Dyer typically polls at > 60% and is a Democrat.

    2. Regarding Paddywacker’s question “who said it would be higher?”, just google “Sturgis superspreader” and see what comes up. What a pity that Paddy doesn’t know how to use a search engine, or read the paper.

    3. Regarding Barack’s birthday party, it’s about 63 (or 74 depending on the source) infections soon after the party, but on Martha’s Vineyard as a whole, population ~17k. Perhaps we might wonder, a la the Provincetown outbreak, whether the population there is also, ahem, likely to be immunocompromised. That’s awfully common among portions of the port electorate, after all.

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