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  1. Implicit bias training is not meant to be a reasonable response to a recognised problem. Implicit bias training is meant to show you who is in charge of what you say and do — and that ain’t you.

  2. My critique of capitalism: We want to believe that corporations succeed by “outcompeting” existing corporations in providing value to the consumer.
    In reality, corporations succeed by using strategies that protect themselves from competition, and the larger, more successful the corporation, the more likely this is to be true.

  3. When you enlist in the US military, they give you the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test. I, it’s not an IQ test, per se, but it does predict future academic and occupational success. Training and ratings (jobs) in the military are doled out on the basis of ASVAB tests and the racial gap is clear and undeniable.

    Many millions of these tests have been taken. It is a gold mine of information which no leftist social engineer would ever touch.

  4. We want to believe that corporations succeed by “outcompeting” existing corporations in providing value to the consumer. In reality, corporations succeed by using strategies that protect themselves from competition

    MP, that’s one and the same. IP is a great example.

    What you probably wanted to say… well, I actually have no idea since I do not read minds, but what I would say, is corporations succeed when they get in cahoots with the goobernment and partake in graft and corruption and enjoy protection of the goobernment against the competition.

  5. When I took Econ 101 a couple of decades ago, the standard teaching was that a minimally regulated market economy produced oligopolies due to economies of scale.

  6. R wing pundits tend to downplay the distorting effects of IP on a market economy. They look at IP as though it were physical property, with the same origin in natural law. IP is not the same as physical property, it is a government granted right of monopoly, for a virtually unlimited amount of time in the case of copyright.
    Right wing pundits are heavily dependent on IP for their paychecks, I suspect that explains their lack of enthusiam for criticizing IP rights.

  7. A few years back, a group of race=baiters convinced the Supreme Court to appoint themselves to a committee to study bias in the legal system which, wonder of wonders, found there was indeed bias in the legal system. Every lawyer must sit through Continuing Education classes to purge themself of such bias, which must be re-purged every three years.

    The last one I attended was about glass ceilings. There aren’t enough Black real estate lawyers on the Real Property Council, nor teaching the classes, nor mentoring young lawyers. Oh, and why is this? Because White real estate lawyers are blocking the ladder, refusing to let Black lawyers participate, intentionally segregating the practice to keep the darkies down?

    I said I didn’t think so and to prove it, I’d be willing to give up my spot so they could fill it with a Black real estate lawyer. “We can’t. The’s only one and she’s already on the Council.”

  8. Psychologists (those that aren’t hacks) have been studying the things that make up our psyche for about a hundred years. They have actually come up with some really clever ways of determining how many elements make up the human personality and how to measure them. There are five or six of them. Psychologists also have a pretty good idea about how changeable those elements are and if and how they can be changed. They are traits like openess, agreeability, and neuroticism. They also know how “real” these traits are, meaning how consistently they exist exist across cultures and across time for the same individuals.
    You know what is a real part of the human personality? Intelligence. It’s kind of sad in some ways, but your IQ is pretty much set by the time you enter your teens and cannot improve much throughout your life (it can get worse, tho, if you experience physical or mental trauma). Intelligence is the most real part of the human psyche, meaning it can be measured with greater accuracy across cultures and time than the other aspects of your psyche.
    You know what is not a measurable part of the human personality?
    It is a quirk that is a personal instantiation of the real parts of the personality, like believing in UFO’s, or getting too many tattoos.
    If I had to guess, I would say that racism, meaning you believe that your race creates your identity, is probably an aspect of neuroticism (which is incorrectly identifying threats and non-threats).
    Kind of like believing our lives are controlled by people practicing witchcraft.
    Anyways, the idea that your racism can be detected and cured by a seminar that miraculously falls within the budget HR sets aside for “implicit bias training” is laughable, real comedy.
    You know what else isn’t real? The idea that gender is a part of your psyche.
    Biological sex is the origin of the measurable male-female differences between psychological traits. It’s not the other way around.

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