13 thoughts on “Condolences…

  1. “Donations in his memory to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, New Orleans chapter, are preferred.”

    They sure didn’t do anything for him.

    No tears shed here.

  2. It’s probably sad to someone to think of him expiring alone in his crumbling house, atop his stinking heap of rotting garbage, dead cats and feces…but I’m not that one.

  3. And tweeted about me betweewn 10-120 times a day, seven days a week for (as of 2012) four years.

    What, you did appreciate free publicity?

  4. Even at the height of Bill’s Twitter raging at Mitch, I genuinely felt sorry for the guy. His obsession (and no, the term “obsession” is not hyperbole) with Mitch was so bad that you even had prominent lefty bloggers telling the guy to rein it in.

    I hope Bill ultimately found some peace because he sure as heck had very little of it here on Earth.

  5. He blocked me on Twitter. Didn’t appreciate debate.

    Me too.

    However, he would use his sock puppet Twitter accounts to regularly look up my account and then deride my tweets. The quintessential keyboard warrior.

  6. BradC.

    I never saw any of his deranged exchanges, but based on the family’s requests to donate to a mental health concern, We can conclude that his family knew that he had some serious mental health issues.

  7. BH, I expect Emery/Hayduke/Avidor’s family will be asking for donations to a mental health concern, too.

    They’re all fucking nuts.

  8. From the obituary it seems that he was married three times.
    One assumes divorce, but if he was twice made a widower, maybe the authorities should do a few exhumations.

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