Minneapolis’s city council, in its infinite, er, wisdom, voted to replace its police department with…

…well, they’ll get back to you on that.

But if you’re looking for a hint as to what law enforcement might look like in a new “Moved Forward” Minneapolis, this episode might offer a clue:

On the one hand, I suppose “dumping the problem on the general public, especially the ones you’ve been demonizing for a generation, like landlords” makes sense to a certain segment of the population.

On the other? Responsibility and accountability without the power and authority to do what’s needed to carry them out is the very definition of oppression.

I’m going to go out on a short, sturdy limb and guess that barbering about “oppression” is going to be considered a “privilege”.

14 thoughts on “Foreshadowing

  1. Next step – Neighborhood Watch becomes the armed Citizens’ Vigilence Committee patroling the block to maintain order while carrying AR15’s and Glocks, wearing tactical vests. There is recent precedent approved by the Minneapolis Office of Violence Prevention:

    No mention of restraints to detain suspects or radios to call police to assist. I suppose if there are no cops to call, the logical step is a lamppost and rope. Not sure that’s ‘progress’ in the ordinary sense of the word, but it would be a lot cheaper than arrest, trial and jail.

  2. Responsibility and accountability without the power and authority to do what’s needed to carry them out is the very definition of…

    …the DFL.

  3. I have great sympathy for the city staff working with this clown show. No wonder the city hall staff overwhelmingly favor the strong mayor amendment. One can only hope that there are enough rational citizen voters who will take to the polls in November and elect people who have a calling and qualification for true governance instead of high-profile activism.

  4. The Somalis worked out a system of warlords. Perhaps they can give us some tips on how to go about it.

  5. St. Paul recently went to organized garbage collection. The city was divided into zones and one contractor was awarded an exclusive contract to collect garbage in each zone.

    Maybe contract to maintain civil order? I saw some sneakers hanging over the phone lines a few streets over – I think that indicates the Ham Crazy Boyz have claimed this area as their turf. They’re already adept at keeping the riff-raff out of their territory and have a fully functional system of alternative dispute resolution which does not rely on police or courts at all. Maybe formalize the arrangement with the City, same as the gangs did back in Prohibition?

    It would have the advantage of being staffed through private enterprise instead of government union employees, which is always a plus.

  6. Response to that post is priceless. Because nothing better then shaming will get reprobates to take notice. How about a strongly worded letter?

  7. I suppose if there are no cops to call, the logical step is a lamppost and rope.

    Well, the reprobate orcs always did say that if C&C law was passed there will be shootouts on the streets a la old west. Well, it turns out they were right, and gun grabbers will be out in force to tell you so, and go door to door to confiscate anything that goes bang that did not fall off the canoe into a lake during that tragic accident.

  8. jpa, I’ve repeated it here before and I’ll repeat it again. The police do not exist to protect normal people from criminals (SCOTUS has ruled at least twice on this). The police exist to protect criminals from normal people.

  9. JD,
    Yup! That’s how the communists in Bloomington did it. Sadly, the company that I had, was forced out of business with this move. F- ing clowncil bankrupts a Bloomington based hauler that had a good chunk of the city by earning the business. So now, we have one less company contributing tax revenues to the city. I think that every DemocRAT that runs for any elected office, should have to complete a 200 question test on basic economics.

  10. Could be the “city council member” was suggesting the business pay protection money to a local gang. That is how I would look at a message that said “the crime around your business is your problem, not the city’s problem.”
    That might be an ideal solution to one or more of the witless wonders on the Minneapolis city council.

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