Urban Progressive Privilege: My Scientific Research Project

Title: Analyzing the Propensity of Modern Feminists, Progressives and the Media to Overstate Accrued Virtue.

Aim of the Experiment: The aim of the experiment is to test whether there is any activity approved of by “Big Left” that a woman can do, that will not be turned into a example of supreme personal moral virtue.

Hypothesis: It is predicted that, provided the activity is one promoted by “Big Left”, that there is no activity a woman can carry out that will not be referred to as “Brave”, “Courageous”, “Fierce” or other such superlatives.

Background Theory: It is believed that the rhetorical “Bar” for an action to be considered an act of personal moral courage, when the action is:

  • Congruent with the values of modern political and social “progressives”, and
  • Performed by a woman

…has dropped to the point of nearly being indistinguishable from any normal activity.

Methodology: The research team:

  1. Observed an extensive list of actions
  2. We specifically looked for examples of morally unremarkable, mundane, even counterproductive activities not being referred to in morally superlative terms
  3. We documented the results.

Results: We found no examples.

Discussion of Results: In comment section

Conclusion: There is literally nothing a woman can do (provided it’s congruent with the values of Big Left) too unremarkable, mundane or even destructive that won’t be called ‘Brave’.

13 thoughts on “Urban Progressive Privilege: My Scientific Research Project

  1. I think this is a sweet study except for the somewhat sloppy conflation of women in general, aka women, with Feminists. Trannies, Lesbos, and all the other marxist weirdos in that camp. I mean, from M. Thatcher to Lauren Boebert, and Hedy Lamarr (co-invented an early version of frequency-hopping spread spectrum communication) to Julie Kelly, women who have actually done something of significance, are designated as without virtue because their actions or political positions.

  2. Porcine Goddess Michelle Beckley following in Stacy Abrams deep footsteps!

  3. “Title: Analyzing the Propensity of Modern Feminists, Progressives and the Media to Overstate Accrued Virtue.”

    Good, but if you really want to mop up the grant money:

    “Title: Analyzing the Propensity of Modern Feminists, Progressives and the Media to Overstate Accrued Virtue AND ITS MITIGATING EFFECT ON CLIMATE CHANGE.”

  4. Mac: as I stated in the other thread, you need eye bleach after looking at a picture of her. So many lefty women are just COWS.

    Abrams, Reid, Navarro, all just porcine putrids.

  5. What’s so funny about all this, in a pathetic way, is that they are literally filibustering the vote in Texas.

    But I thought the filibuster was bad?

  6. In the meantime, a lot of other legislature including property tax relief is not getting passed. And in TX, property tax is a big deal since we do not have state income tax. Keep it going libturds, the optics are marvelous!

  7. Just an aside, I too am a brave person who does brave stuff, because I am, like, courageous.

    You all know how much courage it took for me to say that?

    You don’t have to admire my bravery, but I don’t want to discourage anyone for doing that……because that too would require courage..

  8. Greg, I am literally shaking with emotion at your brave announcement that you are brave. Literally shaking.

  9. But not as brave and courageous as snApple when they had the courage and were brave enough to ditch the headphone jack.

  10. kinlaw, how brave of you to speak of your emotions. People don’t do that. It made me cry.

    I like to cry. I cry all the time. Crying is brave. It is REAL bravery, not like the false bravery of being like a cop or a soldier. It takes real courage to cry. That is why I will cry for weeks and weeks.

    I hope one day to cry for months at a time, maybe even years.

    Heroes cry and REAL heroes cry all the time.

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