Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Britain to vaccinate class of people who rarely catch virus.

Imagine you went to the doctor who told you: “Your child has a one-in-a-million chance of catching a particular disease, and if she does catch it, she has a one-in-a-million chance of dying from it. I recommend you authorize me to give her this vaccine.”

You might ask, “Why? What’s the point? She’s not at risk. Why bother?”

Your doctor might say: “It won’t help her, but it’s the neighborly thing to do. Taking the vaccine protects your neighbors so they don’t get the disease. And it’s free, plus I’ll throw in a coupon for an ice cream cone in the hospital cafeteria.”

You might say, “Okay, sounds good. By the way, are there any potential side effects of the vaccine?”

And your doctor might say, “Not really. There’s a one-in-six chance she’ll have a heart attack which is why we make you wait 20 minutes before leaving the office, but most of them survive. Oh, and blood clots and heart inflammation, those are possible, too, and maybe infertility or miscarriage but we really don’t know the long term side effects because the vaccine was rushed through the approval process so quickly and has been in use such a short time. She’ll probably be fine.”

Would you let the doctor vaccinate your daughter under those circumstances, or would you weigh reward-versus-risk and conclude getting vaccinated is a bad idea?


You’re not supposed to question the doctor. You’re supposed to blindly trust anybody wearing a lab coat. People like you are the reason we can’t give accurate numbers about cases and deaths. If we did, you’d use them to think for yourself. Stop that! We already did your thinking for you and we’ve decided you don’t need to weigh reward-versus-risk, you just need to Shut Up and Do as You’re Told. Hold her arm steady, she’ll just feel a little pinch . . .

Joe Doakes

Someday, one would hope they would be a reckoning for how much of our “public health“ effort exists for the appeasement of Big Karen.

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  1. Shouldn’t doctors make recommendations based solely on the needs of the patient?
    Ah! But this isn’t about the patient’s health, it is about “public health.”
    Could have some interesting implications for the abortion industry.

  2. The Brits can do what they want. I’m more up in arms about the position of the American Academy of Pediatrics advocating masking all kids in school, immunized or not. Pointless and harmful. And the camel’s nose back in the tent for the rest of us.

  3. You might ask, “Why? What’s the point? She’s not at risk. Why bother?”

    Because “You don’t know what you are talking about!”™

  4. Your argument doesn’t take into account that in order for this to pandemic to eventually end you need to break the chain of transmission, which won’t work quickly if large parts of the population are unvaccinated, as vaccination itself doesn’t protect you from infection itself — never mind the risk of new variants. While making it mandatory would be politically difficult, in the end the Cruise Line companies show the way.

  5. Here’s what we learned from the Texas Democrats Big Adventure:

    The vaccine can’t stop me from getting the virus from people on the plane.
    The vaccine can’t stop me from giving the virus to people in the White House.
    The vaccine can’t affect the chain of transmission at all.

    Sp why make it mandatory to take a vaccine that does not work?

  6. @jdm: I’m not sure Fauci gets that every encounter he has with Rand Paul helps Rand. It doesn’t matter if people who believe Fauci think he pwned Rand; it matters that people who are culturally invested in hating Fauci saw Paul mix it up with him. If you engage, Rand wins. If you don’t engage, Rand wins.

  7. @JD: No need to take the vaccine, but you will have to accept to be treated differently as you pose a higher risk. And smart countries/ authorities will even take the sting out of that by making it easier for the vaccinated only, no stick, just carrots.

  8. But E – that’s the whole point of the Texas Democrats Big Adventure. You are denying empirical evidence in favor of theoretical talking points.

    Every member of the Texas delegation was fully vaccinated, but they still caught the virus from others on the plane, and gave it to others in the White House.

    Every staff person in the White House was fully vaccinated, but they still caught the virus from the Texas Democrats and spread it to other staffers in the White House.

    Vaccinated or unvaccinated, makes no difference to transmitting or receiving the virus. There Is No Higher Risk of being unvaccinated.

    So why do it?

  9. It’s not a popular concept, but we are going to have to learn to live with Covid-19. When nations have a large portion of their population vaccinated, those people will almost certainly not die from Covid. There will always be people who refuse to get vaccinated, and a tiny percentage of them will die from Covid but that’s not a big deal. There is no shortage of humans.

    We also have to realize that we will never get rid of Covid entirely. Last year it killed around 4 million people worldwide, or around 0.05% of the population, a tiny fraction. This year it’ll likely be around the same, next year it may drop to 2 million, and it’ll keep decreasing. I’d hazard it’ll bottom out at under 300,000 a year, far less than yearly deaths from malaria or diarrhea, and at that point we’ll start to ignore it.

    We should move on from the pandemic, not because it’s over, but because it’s not important. Climate change is our number one threat these days. Covid is barely a threat at all, and I’m saying this despite having family and friends die from it. We have to move on because there is no alternative, keeping things shut down will not eliminate Covid either.

  10. That, right there, at 11:54, is why I conclude E is not a single person, but a collective of people all posting under the same identity. Some of that comment actually make sense, as opposed to the 10:40 and 11:29 comments.

    It’s still wrong, of course. Covid didn’t kill that many people, we pretended it did by using phony numbers that counted ALL deaths from respiratory illness as Covid deaths. And vaccinating everybody won’t make any difference because (a) the vaccine doesn’t work and (b) Covid kills mostly old people with six specific medial conditions. And climate change is not the number one threat – government is the number one threat – plus thinking humans can do anything to change solar output is hubris on a monumental scale.

    Still, it’s a refreshing change from the cut-and-paste bot.

  11. I’ve been fairly consistent regarding vaccinations and it’s relationship to keeping the economy moving forward. It’s really hard to wrap your mind around the idea that millions of Americans, having seen the light at the end of the tunnel, are choosing to jump-start this pandemic.

  12. “I’ve been fairly consistently wrong about . . . .”

    Fixed it for you.

  13. Looks like it’s amateur epidemiologist day.
    Q: Why do people who have tested positive still need to be vaccinated?
    A: Because testing positive doesn’t mean that you have developed enough anti-body response.
    Q: So when I tested positive I had so little virus in me that I wasn’t contagious or going to experience any serious symptoms?
    A: Shut up! You are CANCELED, buddy!

  14. Is there a way to search last year’s comments?

    I want to know if certain trolls confidently assured us that herd immunity did not exist and would not protect us from Covid; therefore, going maskless and refusing to social distance would indeed spread the virus more quickly but would not bring about widespread immunity. I seem to recall they did.

    Nowadays, the trolls are all about herd immunity but not the kind caused by having survived the virus, only the kind caused by taking the counter-measure to the virus. There are different kinds of herd immunities, it seems, and only one of them – the vaccine kind – is the good kind.

  15. It’s like dying in the desert next to a well because you’re afraid the water is polluted.

  16. Anyone who would take health advice from an internet troll would be as looney as Emery.

  17. Given the low vaccination rate of blacks and illegal immigrants, perhaps Emery would better achieve his public health goals if he communicated on some internet forum with high black and hispanic participation?
    Emery has no idea if any of the other commenters are vaccinated or unvaccinated. MBerg has, I think said he is vaccinated. And in any case, any anonymous commenter may say anything he likes about his/her vaccination status, true or not.
    But good ol’ Emery, predictably, projects what ever insane, irrational thoughts his imagination produces on the SITD commenters he has confused for his Jungian shadow-self.
    He is a nut case.

  18. Speaking of blacks and vaccination, there are a pack of leftist degenerates that fled Texas to interfere with the legislative process. Turns out they’re Super Spreading to coof to all comers in DC, even though they’ve all had the bug juice.

    Today, one, a Negress TX Rep. who evidently is still spreading the coof, compared herself as a run away slave in reference to the arrest warrants awaiting them in Texas.

    There are several people sitting in isolation cells in the DC jails. They’ve been there for 6 months. They are charged with “obstructing the legislative process” of the US House. One poor slob just copped an 8 month sentence for it.

    The reprobate Super Spreaders have publicly stated they slithered (With beer) out of Texas to obstruct the legislative process of Texas. But I haven’t heard calls for them to be charged with that.

    I’m not a lawyer, but if I was, I’d be preparing the “runaway slave” defense right now.

    Maybe your resident liar(s) can plagiarize a response.

  19. Flew off to DC with a six pack of Miller Lite, coming back to TX with 6 cases of Corona. Success!

  20. “Climate change is out number one threat these days…”. Actually, the hysterical response to it is the number one threat, but please, offer evidence of your assertion.

  21. I still do not understand why an experimental vaccine is being administered, much less made mandatory when Wuhan Flu can be treated with common drugs to reduce the death toll to zero. Without hospitalization.

    Or wait, science™!

  22. Well, we have proof now that Democrats are willing to spread covid to advance their agenda re: elections. Which is, BTW, opposed by about 60% of Americans.

  23. Since Bill Gates injected me with nano-chips, I can get 5G on my phone even when I am offline. Well worth the money. Help to explain the chip shortage as well

    Probably explains why Gates is divorcing his wife. Had I just injected mind control microchips into half the women across America, I’d be leaving my wife too.

    It’s very clear that transgender Communists used critical race theory to brainwash Trump’s followers into reaching these conclusions. Mike Lindell will explain all of this in his next documentary.

  24. 👆🏻 Now your resident liar is plagiarizing the transcript of Pedo Joe’s CNN dumpster fire last night. 😂

    81 million votes!

  25. ^ I’m sure someday I’ll encounter someone who refers to ideas they don’t like who isn’t an insufferable tool.

    But not today.

  26. As further evidence supporting my claim that Emery is BSC (Bat Shit Crazy), I give his 7:50.

  27. ^ Stripes — Lighten up Francis

    Joke: GOP waited to push vaccines until Biden missed the July 4 target

    Broke: They’re worried about their voters being disproportionately hit

    Woke: They’ve seen polling that antivaxing is unpopular

    Bespoke: Delta will cause a jump in vaccine rates and they want to take credit for it

  28. People judge you by what appears under your name.What appears under your name at 7:50 is gibberish, strings of random words. You need help.

  29. By your words, you are known, Emery. It how you advertise yourself. Nothing to do with Shot In the Dark.

  30. Puddin’ head said:

    “Once again — you’re confusing SiTD with The Algonquin Round Table.”

    OH well that’s different, then! Whom did you plagiarize there, pray tell?

    tia Puddin’!

  31. This is what we know about Emery from his words alone. Again I have no idea if the person behind the “Emery” moniker is one person or many, male, female, American or foreigner, “honest commenter” or paid shill.
    Emery predicted that the Brexit vote would fail. It succeeded.
    Emery predicted economic disaster for Britain because the Brexit vote succeeded. That did not happen.
    Emery predicted a landslide victory for Hillary! over Trump. Instead Trump won,
    Emery bought into every element of the “Russian collusion” hoax, which turned out to be a creation of Hillary working with data supplied to her operative by Russian intelligence actors.
    Dr. Strunk has demonstrated that “Emery” frequently plagiarizes the comment sections of other web sites, posting on SITD comments made by others w/o attribution.
    Lately Emery has been given to offering medical advice. This is odd, given his record of mistakes and plagiarism.
    Also, his comments are sometimes weird word-salads that no one can understand, at least no one outside of his cult. See his 7:50 on this thread, for example.The other day he was lecturing SITD readers about some nefarious person named “berenson.” God alone knows who this “berenson” person is, or if he exists at all.
    In other words, whatever “Emery” is in real life, in this comment section his own words indicate he is something like a circus clown in the process of suffering a stroke.

  32. Rumor is that three-quarters of all Covid cases in Singapore are vaccinated people. Rumor is that 84% of all Covid cases in Israel are vaccinated people. Rumor is that vaccinated Texas Democrats gave Covid to vaccinated Congressional and White House staffers, a super-spreader event.

    Fact is that in May, the United States stopped counting Covid cases among vaccinated people as Covid cases. We have no idea how many vaccinated Americans got a ‘breakthrough case’ of Covid.

    Plainly, what’s needed is more vaccinations to prevent the spread of Covid. Right, E-bunch?

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