I’m as close as you can get to a First Amendment absolutist.

As a small L libertarian, I’m also big on due process and the restraint of excessive police power.

With all of that said?

I can’t be the only one who wouldn’t of minded seeing this jagoff “bump his head“ getting into the police car.

7 thoughts on “Consequences

  1. An ass whipping would be the best advice that I could give to stop this behavior.

  2. Hard to believe that a guy with his looks and personality would have to pay for sex.

  3. Somehow a sentence to a weight loss boot camp seems appropriate in this case. Not one of those nice ones, one headed by former Marine drill sergeants or something like that. Reality is probably that this guy gets a couple of years in the big house and might get a boyfriend, but what he needs is, per Allen, to have his pasty white flabby rear end whipped into shape by someone who cares enough about him to teach him a little bit about adult behavior.

  4. the pathetic kid uses boilerplate dialog out of a porn movie, really? Certainly a child of the internet. Look for this trend to continue.

  5. A buddy wonders if Walz and the DFL are holding try-outs for a replacement for Thompson?

    Loudmouth, entitled, not very bright, sexual predator, address flexible – he checks all the boxes to be endorsed by the DFL.

    The only qualification he lacks is race and that’s just a ‘social construct’ so maybe he’s trans-racial like so many other White Liberals pretending to be Black such as Satchuel Cole, CV Vitolo-Haddad, Jessica Krug, Rachel Dolezal, Shaun King, or the guy who invented it all, Godfrey Elfwick?

    The incident did take place on Summit Avenue, after all, which is where the Governor’s Mansion is located. Makes me wanna say Hmmmm………..

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