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Did the management at “Black Rifle Coffee Company” – the gleefully un-PC, over-the-top God Guns ‘n Guts-oriented, veteran owned coffee company – go “woke”?

You be the judge:

[CEO Evan Hafer] quickly debunked the notion that he made derogatory remarks about BRCC’s customers or conservatives and then proceeded to explain how the New York Times deliberately twisted his words and took them out of context. According to Hafer, his conversation with the NYT Magazine reporter was in the context of racism and anti-Semitism in America in light of Hafer being the target of an organized attack last year because of “my last name and my heritage.”

“We were purely discussing that,” Hafer says, and he was not conflating those groups with conservatives.

“The New York Times, as we know, the chances of them being objective were fairly slim, but we gave them the opportunity,” he added. He went on to mention veterans issues he hoped to bring attention to. But, unfortunately, the New York Times chose to go with “the salacious headline” about the company instead.

Hafer reiterated that racists and anti-Semites have no place in his company.

“I really need you guys to get the facts straight on this, which is: There’s no chance in hell I’m gonna talk s–t about conservatives to the New York Times. It’s just not gonna happen.”

You live and you learn. That’s my take.

Steven Kruiser is a little less forgiving…of Hafer:

How long do the mainstream media hacks have to keep exposing themselves as frothing-at-the-mouth haters of conservatives before conservatives get it? If Hafer truly thought that the Times was going to give him a fair shake and that this would be a good marketing opportunity, then he’s too monumentally stupid to be around anything that isn’t toddler-proofed. It’s like walking into a biker bar while wearing a tuxedo and being surprised you got your a** kicked after you called all of them wusses. It’s just super easy to predict how some things are going to work out.

Conservatives shouldn’t be treating The New York Times and its ilk with any kind of courtesy. Unless you want to be a turncoat, it’s not going to work out well for you. Don’t hang out with an enemy who spends all day pointing a knife at you then turn away and act surprised when you get stabbed in the back.

And here’s the most important lesson for conservatives: don’t pull the knife out, hand it back to your enemy, then turn away again.

Well, Kruiser’s gonna kruis. At the risk of giving Hafer too much credit – something I tend to be wont to do – he’s a businessman from Utah, not breezy media analyst; there’s a first time for everyone.

Not saying that stands up – Black Rifle is pretty savvy, generally.

Further evidence for my eternal advice – if you’re a conservative, any conservative, and the mainstream media are interviewing you for any reason, record the interaction. Every single time. If you’re misquoted, wrenched out of context, played for a patsy – as is likely in many corners of the media these days – you’ll have evidence.

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  1. stressing economic libertarianism (aka “chamber of commerce” republicanism)

    In other words, if we sell our industrial base to China, I might make a few bucks.

  2. It seems that the more the #nevertrumpers reject Trump and his supporters, the less conservative they become. I think I can make a good argument for this re: French, Williamson, and Jonah Goldberg. Conservatism is more than a complete embrace of laissez faire capitalism, there is a transcendent quality to American conservatism, something that values things more than it values economic efficiency and the rule of law.

  3. And while the constitutionalists (like French) might gasp at my subordinization of the rule of law to conservatism, I would remind them that Lincoln, himself, believed that the constitution was subordinate to the transcendent values that produced it. Lincoln believed that it was this “meta constitution” that forbade secession: namely, that if states could withdraw from the Union and rejoin it as they and the legislators in the House of representatives wished, the Union would not be stable and would disintegrate.

  4. I’m a never Trumper. I voted Dole, Bush, Bush, McCain, Romney.

    OK, I’ll bite. Why are you a never Trumper? What did he do, while in office, that makes him so much worse than any of the establishment characters you voted for? Name these misdeads that make you so afflicted with TDS. It should be easy, right? Yo can come up with a list a mile long from the top of your head, right? Go…

  5. The US government explicitly directed Fauci to stop funding the risky gain-of-function research, and Fauci deliberately subverted those efforts and went around controls put in place to prevent that funding.

    The fool self documented his crimes.

    He should be in prison; he wont be, but his days in the sun are over. Paul is not going to stand down until Fauchi goes down.

    The Whitmer “kidnapping” case is crumbling as the details of the FBI teams actions become known. 12 FBI agents conspired to entrap 6 witless yokels; it’s a Three Stooges plot. The case will be dropped with prejudice, but the stink will follow the feds into the reprobate’s ridiculous Jan 6 inquiry.

    There is no way the fed’s involvement will not be brought to light. This may be not be the reprobate party’s Waterloo, but it is Pelosi’s.

    The plan to codify election fraud is going nowhere, and neither is the 3 Trillion buyoff. Both are as dead as Fentanyl Floyd.

    The results of the Arizona audit are still not released. The only explanation is the GOP is holding it for best timing. Meanwhile, PA, GA and TX are about to start their own digging. Anyone think they’ll come up empty?

    That’s why the reprobates are clinging so hard to the coof. It’s literally all they have. Unfortunately, between the CDC’s bungling, Fauchi’s perfidy and the laughable lengths they are going to, to convince the intelligent 1/3 of the country everybody gonna die if they don’t get the bug juice, no one has any fucks left to give about it.

    The only card still face down is the fuckery the reprobates will attempt as the imminent electoral beat down becomes unavoidable.

  6. Justplainangry on July 23, 2021 at 8:11 pm said:
    I’m a never Trumper. I voted Dole, Bush, Bush, McCain, Romney.

    OK, I’ll bite. Why are you a never Trumper?

    We are all in Chinatown, JPA.
    The #nevertrumpers have an emotional and irrational reaction to Trump. Normal, emotionally healthy people avoid absolutes. The #nevertrumpers embraced the slogan before Trump took office and never reconsidered it, no matter what Trump actually did in office. That is insanity.
    I am not a member of #neverbiden. If Biden embraced conservative principles, I’d vote for him in a second. With #nevertrumpers (like JK) it’s some weird internal psychological thing they got going on. JK seems to be convinced that Trump supporters are racists and need to be condemned, but he accepts a Biden administration that embraces racial discrimination as the first priority for the feds.
    It’s a crazy world full of crazy people.

  7. What did he do, while in office, that makes him so much worse than any of the establishment characters you voted for?

    Here is a following list of things he should have been impeached for:

    – Put the breaks on the flow of our industrial base to China.
    – Presided over the greatest cut in greenhouses gases by any nation, ever.
    – Demanded that European countries honor their defense commitments.
    – Presided over the greatest economic boom in American history.
    – Cut federal regulations by half.
    – Lowest unemployment rate for minorities ever.
    – Cut taxes.
    – Prevented Warren Buffet from interfering in the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline.
    – Stemmed the flow of illegal immigration.
    – Stemmed the flow of immigrants from nations who breed terrorists.
    – Called out the left on culture war issues.
    – Ended NAFTA.
    – Exposed the MSM for the liars and cowards that they are.

    ….but….but…but…he said naughty words!!!!!

  8. Cutting off your nose to spite your face, then insisting the resulting mutilated visage is proof of your superior intellect, is a form of self-loathing found only in perpetual losers.

  9. greg, I am sure crap will answer. he is probably very busy compiling the list, it is soooo long. But rest assured. EVERY time crap will post, no matter the topic, no matter the thread, I will be hounding him with this simple question, until he answers. I am soooooo eager to see his list.

  10. #nevertrumper Jonah Goldberg is so deranged that when he talks about Trump his voice changes pitch and he stutters.
    When asked to explain “why the rage?” he says that he is not going to get into it, because he just finds constantly explaining himself exhausting.
    Which is kind of interesting because I have noticed that CRT people, when asked to justify their crazy beliefs (black millionaires are oppressed, poor whites in prison are oppressors, etc.), often use the same excuse.

  11. When asked to explain “why the rage?” he says that he is not going to get into it, because he just finds constantly explaining himself exhausting.

    Forty years ago, I spent a summer walking through Ireland. I just wandered and talked to people.

    Whenever the subject of Northern Ireland came up, people got that look and like you say and their voice changed. Even the kids. Most had never met a protestant and most had never experienced the violence or the fear that their cousins in the north experience – but they still got that look.

    I’ve seen it elsewhere too.

    I believe it is physiological in nature, a hard-wiring of the brain….like some protein gets lodged from constant emotional exposure and triggers electrical impulses….it is something beyond logic or reason.

    It is kind of like,

    “Why don’t you like carrots?”

    “I dunno, but I hate them.”

    “I feel that same way about peppers too.”



    “Do you like pork ribs?”

    “Oh God, I love them!”

    “Me, I can’t stand them.”

    None of that is logical or rational – but it is highly emotional. It is like being fed carrots and hating carrots.

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