The Mutual Disgust That Dare Not Say Its Name

Americans – at least the noisy ones that take part in politics – don’t like each other very much. Dennis Prager notes that we’re more divided, politically and intellectually, today than we were in 1861; other than slavery and its various side effects and the state and regional social differences that they led to, Americans weren’t that far apart back then.

Today? The hate is palpable. I felt it almost two decades ago, and it’s gotten much, much worse in the five years.

Half the country is using the nation’s government and media institutions and, increasingly, the corporate world to gain control over the other half.

And as the Declaration of Independence notes, people are inclined to suffer from indignities and oppression…

…until they’re not.

So – what if that other half finally says “enough”, and decides we’re better off apart?

Ignore the source – pseudonymous social media trolls are cheaper than Dogecoin derivatives these days. With that said, whoever drew this…:

…must live in Texas (or Florida?), and be one of those Texans / Floridians who doesn’t spend a lot of time paying attention to the rest of the country. The Dakotas will join a mostly-blue Midwest only via a hypothetical conquest, and Minnesotans invading North Dakota would look a little like this, or maybe this.

I digress.

Idle speculation?

Of course.

But sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t be easier and more productive than the situation we have.

19 thoughts on “The Mutual Disgust That Dare Not Say Its Name

  1. My take is that not only Oklahoma, but the entire South except for Virginia, as well as both Dakotas, Kansas, Nebraska, and probably Iowa, would go with Texas, as well as Wyoming, Idaho, and possibly Utah and Montana.

  2. I find it all quite incomprehensible that discussions about this divorce will use states as opposed to counties as the primary objects of delineation. I would also expect there to be various independent “city-states” that hope and pray that they haven’t pissed off the surrounding countryside too much.

  3. You censored/demonetized my speech!
    –Private company, make your own platform.

    Apple/Chrome/Google won’t carry my app, Amazon, etal, servers won’t host our sites.
    –Build your own internet infrastructure.

    Banks/PayPal won’t work with us so we can’t make any money.
    –Make your own bank.

    The dhimmi controlled Federal government won’t guarantee our depositors or or accredit our banks or let use the federal banking system.
    –Shut up peasant.

    Not a happy ending for this story anywhere in the near future.

  4. Semi off topic: I don’t know how many of you have been following the Texas dhimmi fleebaggers, or seen any pics of them, but damn, almost all of the women are just obese cows. Come to think of it, that goes for MANY lefty women. Is that why they are lefty, because they are bitter and unhappy? And given the inflation jello brain is causing, have you seen the price of cat litter lately?

  5. kinlaw.
    Since I want Texas to stay a bastion of conservatism, I’ve been watching this farce. Not only are those lefty women overweight, but they are now a super spreader group. At least, that’s what the left wing propaganda pushers would be calling them if they were Republicans.

  6. Boss, I think the mediots and the dhimmis (birm) are actively denying that this was a super spreader event.

  7. Kinlaw, they can’t do it any differently. If they admit that some of those who caught it were not vaccinated, then they “don’t believe the science”. If they admit that six vaccinated people catching the disease is a big deal, then the vaccine doesn’t appear to be 95% effective as advertised.

    Still holding out hope that even liberal areas, and possibly even AOC, can wake up to what a good deal it is here for everybody in this country, and why messing around with it is a horrifically bad idea. Not holding my breath on people figuring that out, though.

  8. The ‘make your own bank’ idea intrigues me. What’s it take to buy a bank these days? Not a multi-national, but a smaller state-chartered bank, something in the $30 million asset range.

    Could a group of conservatives buy a small bank and market it as ‘guaranteed never to go woke’ so people could buy guns and ammo through it?

  9. I recommend caution here, but per my 12:54, since I don’t think I can post the link (too long) and I don’t think we can attach photos, google this name:

    Michelle Beckley:
    Behold: Smegma Queen

    I warn you, it will be traumatic. Most lefty women look like this.

  10. Yea, the original map was drawn up by the TX and FL haters. As far as break up – it will be by county. CA will def split into two or three pieces. Chicago and Milwaukee area will be separate from rest of WI and IL. Canadeh can have Detroit. MN will have to move the state so they are not surrounded by freedom-loving people. OR and WA will split with interior not wanting anything to do with Seattle and Portland, but Bay area will gladly join their northern idiot buds.

  11. Y’know, back in the olden days, back when the city-state was biggest unit of political organization, a polis was a walled city and the lands around the walled city that provided its agricultural goods. It took a long time to move from that to the unit of kingdom and empire. The size of territory controlled by a polis was the distance that infantry and cavalry, barracked securely in the polis, could travel in a day or maybe two. The size of a polis was limited by its logistics.
    That was maybe twenty or thirty miles from the polis, about the size of a US county.

  12. Well, the progressives want to knock us back to stone ages, so your mention of polis is quite appropriate.

  13. bike,
    Let’s not even mention the fact that none of those idiots were wearing masks on the plane, which the woke air lines enforce it on the peons. I doubt that they wore them around their fellow scum balls in DC, either. Piglosi’s aide met with the morons, so since she tested positive for WuFlu, one must conclude that she wasn’t wearing a mask, either. Never learned whether or not said aide received her jab(s).

  14. Wait a minute. Are you telling me that the fleebaggers from Texas might not have been vaccinated? Isn’t that the only way that they could come down with the Chinese Communist Wuhan Bat Flu Lung Rot?

  15. It’s probably bad form to insult the weight of the Democrats, don’t ya think? But that noted, it’s interesting that a foreign national paid for the flights, bringing up the spectre of foreign influence, and pilots of planes are required to do approximate weight calculations for safety. So the flight records could be interesting and embarrassing.

    (shocker for me is that Ms. Beckley completed two Ironman triathlons–she’s evidently put on some weight since then, or has amazingly robust bones to handle that!)

  16. The new map of the former United States is a Democrat’s fever dream. Imagine Washington State attempting to secede and discovering that only Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia will follow them; effectively rendering the three metro areas into a giant concentration camp. Imagine Oregon attempting this and discovering that only Portland & Salem would go along with this. California could easily end up as three independent city states surrounded by the United States. I wish these fools well.

  17. Berg, as he is wont to do, minimizes the situation. We have cleared the “disgust” gate years ago. We’re straight into the hate furlong.

    1/2 of the country hates the other 1/2, and they hate them right back. This is a fact. We publicly cheer the deaths of our enemies with no less vigor than the Mongols did. We post our hopes for the most violent deaths possible for our enemies leadership on any platform willing to entertain them.

    Wood chippers for MAGA kids; pikes up the asses of leftist reprobates…take your choice.

    This will not endure too much longer. I leave you with a performance by one of my people.

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