Pleadin (falsely, it would seem) “racism“ apparently wasn’t enough to get the Minnesota DFL upset withRepresentative John Thompson (DFL – ???) But years old domestic violence accusations apparently triggered the last vestiges of #MeToo; late last week, it was enough to cause the DFL to ask for Thompson‘s resignation.

For his part, Thompson says he’s not leaving.

Given the prurience of the accusations against Thompson from 2003, his best bet may be to hold out for a sinecure with the Lincoln Project.

4 thoughts on “Pounce!

  1. Keep him around for a while.
    It keeps the media and the Dems on their heels.

  2. The Democrats have taken a page from the Republican playbook.

    When we suggested Republicans ought to shut down the state if Democrats wouldn’t agree to take away Walz’ dictatorial powers, they shrugged and said, “We passed a resolution, what more can we do?” And then they cheerfully went back to work passing bills and budgets for Democrats.

    Now the shoe is on the other foot. “We demanded he resign but he won’t do it, what more can we do?” Democrats whine. And then they’ll cheerfully go back to work on Democrat-sponsored legislation with Democrat Representative Thompson sitting in the Democrat-controlled House.

    Almost as the Legislature is one huge farce and everybody knows it.

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