Black Bag Operation

A few weeks ago, when the “city of Minneapolis” first “tried” to “Clear” George Floyd Square, at 38th and Chicago, they spun it (with the willing connivance of our media) to try to make it appear that a community group had somehow gotten a bunch of city trucks and their unionized employees out to one of the edgiest flashpoints in America without the mayor knowing about it.

As if it just…happened. Spontaneously.

Go ahead. Get your community group to try it.

It’s apparently spreading. Lisa Bender seems to think city crews are out wildcatting.

After city employees went to clean graffiti off the streets of Minneapolis, City Council President Lisa Bender allegedly stopped the process. When Bender first heard about the cleanup work being done, she wrote that she assumed the city employees “were talked into this [cleaning up the graffiti] by the business association.”

In a later tweet, she said that the public works employees “mistook the drive aisle” at the location of the Winston Smith memorial for a “public space.”

I remember the good old days, when Minneapolils just competed with Portland and Seattle for “miles of bike lanes per capita”.

18 thoughts on “Black Bag Operation

  1. I’m just wondering a. why someone on the Brooklyn Center city clowncil hasn’t given Lisa Bender a verbal smackdown, telling her to clean up her own back yard, before she comments on the actions in surrounding cities and b. did loud mouth Lisa clean up her porch after it was “decorated” by street artists last year? I’m pretty sure that Bender is Minneapolis’ version of Tide pod Barbie.

  2. Let’s look at this from another angle.

    Could Lisa Bender be 100% correct, that the city IS being run by community groups with no input from the leadership?

    And even a better question, is this not the very model that the DFL operates under?

    The DFL is nothing but a conglomeration of “activist” run influence groups who act as a controlling layer between the electorate and the elected. It is a layer, heavily controlled by monied and ideological forces who bear no responsibility or accountability to voters.

    Which is why their primaries are dominated by candidates from Planet Zork and the most common reaction when viewing the ballot on election day is, “WTF and how the F*** did this come to be?”

  3. I should have enclosed the term “community groups” in quotes in the above quotes because these groups do not represent any physical community – rather astro-turfed ideological groups staffed by narcissist’s who bolster their worthlessness by “activism” and lead by the loudest and craziest among them.

  4. I don’t mean it as a threadjack, but the phrase “with the willing connivance of our media” got me thinking.

    One of the more interesting experiences I had over the past year was red-pilling someone I know. Especially with regards to the local media. Watching this person realize that those oh-so-friendly-and-nice reporters and talking heads are actually the face of evil was both amusing and gratifying.

  5. 👆“I don’t mean it as a threadjack” > 🤡

    Every time a “progressive” is quoted they seem to be trying to antagonize ordinary people who aren’t tuned to their wavelength.

  6. I’m sure that comment made all sorts of sense when it was floating around your noggin’, Emery.

  7. Kind of like Nazis.
    Ordinary people believe that men have penises and women have vaginas. Progressives do not.

  8. Actually, I suppose most of them believe that men have penises and women have vaginas, but are afraid to say so.
    The nice thing about being a conservative is that I can actually speak my mind.

  9. 👆Are you auditioning to be the Don Rickles of SiTD? Don’t give up your day job…

  10. Gosh, with witty and biting retorts like that, DonE-boy, why would I even try? You’ve set that bar just too high.

  11. And yet, here you are —I can always tell when jdm is trying, to the best of his ability, to insult me.

  12. I mean, geez, I already acknowledged that you’re the Don Rickles of SitD. Witty and biting retorts… very intimidating. What more do you want me to do?

  13. My thoughts are licensed by someone else and a nondisclosure agreement prevents me from writing about it.

  14. So the “activists” want to have “mental health crisis teams” respond to crimes in Minneapolis instead of sending cops.
    Anyone want to volunteer to be one of those “mental health crisis” people?
    I suppose that the “mental health crisis teams” could be made up of “ex” gang members. Then there would be a blood bath.
    Every time the MSM news drones or activists open their gobs, they reinforce the false idea that all black people are criminals.

  15. Pretty cool that Minneapolis is still competitive with Portland and Seattle, and in more areas than bike lanes per capita!

  16. I’m a white guy from a working class background. I know that there is a criminal class. Drug and alcohol addiction seem to big drivers of criminal behavior, and it is sad that unlike rich people, poor people often don’t have the resources to ease their way back on the straight & narrow.
    Until last year I did not think of this criminal class as being black, but I do now.
    #BLM, you have done your job!

  17. MO, wanna bet “mental health crisis teams” will be made of gang members armed to the teeth and allowed to do anything and everything they wish or want, with no repercussions?

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