Satire Is Impossible

Fearless prediction: the adherence of the left’s official opinion-makers to this video:

…whether its’ Samantha Bee or Ibram Kendi, to an almost plagiaristic level (but for the fact that it will be in earnest, not at all satirical) is going to take six months.

7 thoughts on “Satire Is Impossible

  1. Powerline just posted a mind-numbing tidbit along this line.

    Apparently an astronomy course at Cornell University (where else could this happen? Besides everywhere) titled, “Black Holes: Race and the Cosmos” asks the question: “Is there a connection between the cosmos and the idea of racial blackness?”

    Why sure there is, we call black holes black – because of racism.

    Scratch that, we call black holes black – because of SYSTEMIC racism.

  2. These days progessives, like their forebearers the Nazis, believe that you can only view reality through the lens of your race.
    The Nazis were more honest than today’s progressives because they said the inevitable result of this was race war. The race war does not begin when you accept this racial view of looking at the world, the race war is eternal and is the engine that drives history and has always driven history.
    When you awaken to this reality, you become “woke.”

  3. I’m frequently reminded of Tom Lehrer’s quote: “Political satire became obsolete when they awarded Henry Kissinger the Nobel Peace Prize.”

  4. I think you’ll find, MO, as documented by First Ringer’s brilliant essay, Early Sedition, this this is the second coming of Progressives. No need to bring in Nazis.

  5. I’ve been joking for a couple years that someone or some organization will sue Crayola and other art supply companies to change the name of the color black to something less triggering, like “The complete absence of color and light”.

    I give it 5 more years, tops.

  6. A black body is not a surface that absorbs all radiation striking it. A black body is Lizzo.

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