Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

I dislike federal holidays as partisan political  propaganda but I’m rethinking my position. I’m willing to support Juneteenth, if this becomes the official advertising poster.

It gets better.

After the Yanks freed the last of those slaves, a number of black freedmen who’d served in the Federal army settled in Galveston, bringing their training, and guns, with them.

So when the Klan came a-calling, they were met by a bunch of battle-hardened former Union grunts. They sent the Klan reeling…

…all the way to Austin. Where they pushed the Democrat government to ban guns in the hands of Negroes.

Litigation over which (thanks, NRA) went on to become one of the driving bodies of litigation behind the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment.

We’re going to need a bigger poster.

27 thoughts on “Approval

  1. Adopting Juneteenth (the name is cringeworthy) as a Federal holiday is yet another example of the soft bigotry of low expectations. Let’s give the coloreds another holiday and maybe they’ll settle down. I see it as feeding the alligators and letting the camel put its nose in the tent. OK, those analogies are cliches but they’re accurate.
    Everyone should stop what he’s doing and order Charles Murray’s new book “Facing Reality.”

  2. An 1876 Winchester rifle doesn’t jibe in commemorating an even that happened in 1865. Otherwise it’s alright.

  3. I predict that in the future “Juneteenth” celebrations will result in many shooting & stabbing deaths.
    And what are we celebrating here? If it is the day white people freed black people, it is the white people being honored, of course.
    It’s behind the wokeness curve. Currently wokeness demands that black people are responsible for freeing themselves from the evil whtes.

  4. Doc,

    With you on the name. And I think we should repeal some of the federal holidays we already have, much less add more.

    But I’m all behind people and groups observing the the liberation of the last slaves from Democrat slave-holders.

  5. Juneteenth is a nonsense word. Reparations are what is needed. HAHA! The Asians, Hispanics, and just about every other types of people in this country who never owned slaves are not going to want any money coming out of their pockets. A good way, though, to make more MAGA voters.

  6. Trump voter share of blacks and hispanics increased from 2016 to 2020. The only voter group where his share of diminished was college eduated white people.

  7. It’s funny that you used that picture today. That is a picture of Stagecoach Mary, the first black and first female to be hired to carry the U.S. mail as a coach driver. I saw a brief documentary on her yesterday afternoon.

  8. Wokeness, like marxism, is a creation of the white bourgeois. It’s purpose is to advance the goals of the white bourgeois. “Juneteenth” is as much a celebration of Black victory over their oppressors as changing the name of Lake Calhoun to “Bde Maka Ska” was an indian victory over their oppressors. Lake Calhoun was named “Lake Calhoun” by the white bourgeois and the white bourgeois renamed it “Bde Maka Ska.” It’s unpronouncibility is purposeful. The indians, of course, could not spell it at all and had no consistent or persistent way of naming lakes or other geographical features.

  9. MO hits it on the head at 7:14. But the history will be recorded that Junewhatever is a triumph of black supremacy over whites. Historical perspective? We don’t need no history!

  10. “Wokeness, like marxism, is a creation of the white bourgeois.”

    I’m not sure where you fit in — but you’re definitely on the spectrum..

    Reminder of the wokeness spectrum:
    extremely woke
    ludicrously woke

  11. Reminder of the wokeness spectrum:

    …after getting completely wrecked on whiskey and weed, perhaps.

  12. Along those lines: one of my favorite interviews ever was with the author of this book, about how black people with guns kept the civil rights movement alive in parts of the South where the cameras and journalists and white liberals (like the author himself) weren’t.

  13. I’ve never met a “woke” person who was not a member of the bourgeois. It came out of the universities fer God’s sake.

  14. The Germans have a wonderful word for this:
    Vergangenheitsbewältigung — the “struggle to overcome the [negatives of the] past” or “working through the past”).

    This is why Germans don’t play Scrabble.

  15. Nonsense. The German equivalent of wokism is “Abrechnung mit den Juden.”

  16. This is why Germans don’t play Scrabble

    I am actually a two time North Dakota state German state scrabble champion.

  17. Gobbledy-gook, Emery? Or don’t you understand the reference?
    Wokism is about settling racial scores. Or “racial justice,” if you prefer that term.

  18. Wokeness represents the absence of nimble thinking that can discern which fight is worth fighting. Far easier to view things in right-or-wrong terms, a rigidity that is, underneath, very lazy. All the virtue signaling is exhausting to the extent it undermines the worthiness of any cause.

  19. You never learn from your failures to analyze issues, Emery. That’s why you keep getting things wrong, as you did with Brexit, Trump’s 2016 victory over Hillary, and Russian collusion.
    The “woke” aren’t your fellow travelers unless you are a Stalinist.

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  21. The working model for ‘woke’ society is Rwanda: kill enough of the bad people and only the good people will be left.

    That’s the same methodology employed by socialists hoping to transform society into pure communism, and by religious zealots hoping to transform Earth into Heaven.

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