Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

There are two drive-through lanes at McDonald’s. One should be labeled: “I know what I want,” and the other should be labeled: “I need to read the entire menu board to see what sounds good, then negotiate with the order-taker to ask if I can have my Big Mac made vegan on a gluten-free bun and I don’t want my fries cooked in peanut oil.”

Might be a little wordy. Maybe shorten it to: “Idiot.”

I wonder if they have that problem at In-N-Out Burger?

Joe Doakes

Back when I still ate bagels, I wanted Bruegger‘s to come up with a separate lane for people who just wanted a couple of bagels to go, and let the people who wanted those godforsaken sandwiches to take 20 minutes to make, each, have their own lane.

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  1. Yea. Same thing at the banks or credit unions. Morons with complicated transactions, like multiple deposits, need to go inside. I was once behind a woman that did at least four things, which made 8 trips in the pneumatic tube.

  2. How about a separate lane for those little old ladies who keep their money is a pouch in their purse, but don’t go digging for it until the cashier rings up the entire sale?

    rummage, rummage in a side pocket…

    rummage, rummage in another….

    more general rummaging…..

    finally after locating the coin purse, they come up short on change

    “Oh,(dig, dig, dig), I know I have another quarter in here somewhere.”

  3. You could add that for coffee shops and black coffee drinkers like me, except I only patronize them when I’m on a trip..

  4. Greg: how about people at the grocery store who want to pay with a check (!?), I mean who uses checks anymore? But I saw this about 2 months ago, and they not only don’t have the check partially filled out (payee, date, etc) they don’t even pull the checkbook out of the purse until the cashier hands them a receipt! Arghh.

  5. Cane’s has become one of my favorite fast food places. One, the chicken fingers are the best I’ve eaten; I don’t know how they keep them so moist. The other big reason is that chicken fingers are ALL. THAT. THEY. DO. The drive-thru menu is simple: “We have chicken fingers; how many do you want?” You might dither on your soft drink (I always get the unsweet Arnold Palmer), but that’s it.

    I hit our local branch about once a week for lunch, and during COVID the drive-thru line often circled the building. I never despaired, though, because I knew the line was going to move fast.

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