“George Floyd Square“ in south Minneapolis is being cleared.


…well, somebody:

But it’s been kind of interesting; reporters on channel 11 and channel 9 are both saying that, while city workers are doing the work, the city is not involved.

According to CBSN Minnesota, city workers began clearing concrete barriers from the area in the early hours of Thursday morning. Local network KSTP reported that angry community members have started arriving at the scene.

Bill Keller’s on-the-scene reporting at Channel Nine led with “this is a community project” – as if a “community group” (Agape, which to be fair is a well-established group in Minneapolis) could get a bunch of public works employees (who report to the. Mayor) out on the street at 4AM, to clear the most incendiary political hotspot in the city, if not the US, without the Mayor’s say-so.

Why, it’s almost as if the city of Minneapolis realizes leaving part of the city blocked off is not politically tenable, but the “progressive” wing of the DFL that runs the city doesn’t want an even more “progressive“ wing to use this against them next year.

(Because that is the option in Minneapolis; if you think Jacob Frey and Lisa Bender are bad, he’s not going to get replaced bye a Republican; he is going to be replaced by someone who makes Ray Dehn seem like Hubert Humphrey).

UPDATE: Oh, yeah – no cops, no how:

Not everybody’s buying it:

I’ll meet the city’s PR campaign half-way – I believe the MPD is being kept far from the scene.

Ready, yes.

Nearby in plain sight? No way.

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  1. Obviously it is a trap set by the authorities to lure the white supremacist UMBRELLA MAN out of hiding.
    Here’s a thought: could UMBRELLA MAN and Q be one and the same person?

  2. We all need to be reminded that the idea that “Umbrella Man” is/was a white supremacist is exactly zero. Looking at the photos, I can’t tell if he is even a white guy.
    But it fits the leftist world view that blacks are unable to take any action unless directed by whites.

  3. You’re nit picking and straw manning, Mitch.

    There are police somewhere in the peripheral neighborhoods, obviously.  And the mayor knows what’s going on.  I can’t imagine anyone is saying he doesn’t.

    To the extent the police are not in the intersection there to be challenged by the occupiers… that’s wise.

    Your paragraph beginning with “Why, it’s almost as if the city of Minneapolis realizes”… is proper analysis of an absurdity.

  4. I’m sure the Mayor and City Council would have all been there to help out, but it’s hard to deconstruct an installation using 10-foot poles.

  5. The Mayor doesn’t know what’s going on. The City Council, neither. The City of Minneapolis is not demolishing the monument to St. George because the white crackers running it hate Black people and wants them to die. No, this work is nothing to do with us, just a bunch of public-spirited citizens picking up trash, like along the highways. So please don’t burn down our houses.

  6. The Minneapolis Mayor’s press release this morning certainly indicates that he is willing to scapegoat Agape.

    Per the press release, “The Agape Movement brought together community leadership to begin facilitating the phased reconnection this morning, with the city playing a supportive role. We are grateful for the partnership.”

    I say scapegoat, because I agree with Mitch. This was a solely political decision by the mayor who hopes to be re-elected, but he doesn’t want any of it associated with him. Unless it is wildly popular this morning, then he’ll claim credit for it at the press conference later today. He just needs to see which way the wind is blowing first before taking a stance on his decision.

  7. Lisa Clemons, a former MPD Sergeant that founded “A Mother’s Love” initiative, was on with Justice and Drew this morning. She said that the discussions about doing this, have been going on for a few months. She also said that neither Frey nor the city clowncil, knew that it was going down today. According to her, it was supposed to happen on a different day, but it was leaked. Go figure! After that, the community leaders involved decided to do so this morning. A SWAT team was put on alert at about 3 a.m.

  8. May I have your attention? Good morning. I have a prepared statement:

    The Mayor and City Council did not order and had no prior knowledge of the dismantling of the George Floyd Memorial. While these are in fact city employees, they are on their own time. They all took paid leave at the same time and are spontaneously volunteering and organizing to do this service in cooperation with our community partners at Agape. The use of the city trucks and other equipment, while not technically approved for this operation, is within the scope of general use of equipment off-time rules that the city has always had in place (but not written down anywhere).

    Thank you for coming.

  9. John Kraephammer on June 3, 2021 at 8:08 am said:
    . . .
    Your paragraph beginning with “Why, it’s almost as if the city of Minneapolis realizes”… is proper analysis of an absurdity.

    I disagree!!

  10. Gosh, are the nameless progressives who are clearing the street, the same nameless progressives who have been signing off on the police union contract for oh-so-many years?

    Inquiring minds ABSOLUTELY need to know.

  11. Now let’s round up everyone who built that huge garbage dump and throw them into an active volcano.

  12. I am getting really confused here because Biden says white supremacists are the greates threat to civil order. Are all those guys at 38th & Park white supremacists?

  13. I’m so sure that the mayor has absolutely no knowledge of events that could put a good portion of the city in flames. Certainly nobody would have talked to superiors before sending a crew out that could result in riots or anything.

    OK, if JK is correct, we know that the people that run Minneapolis are idiots. If he’s wrong, we know that the people that run Minneapolis are idiots. Alrighty then….

  14. Awfully quiet in Minneapolis. No looting, no buring, no peaceful protests at the desecration of the shrine. Did somebody forget to send invitations?

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