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  1. Oh the communists and foreign powers did 35? And ya’ll like the FBI now? Alrighty.


  2. The world offers no greater joy than the reading of a “Joe Doakes” missive in SITD.
    Take today’s effort: Mr. Doakes uses a world-historical document to point out that the goals of the commies have been mostly achieved, thanks to the American Left.
    How lucky are we to be able to read such an excellent post?
    Imagine one of those fabled villages in the Hindu-Kush, where, it is said, girls are raised to young adulthood only in the company of other virgins, seeing never so much as the shadow of a man.
    Are they happy? Yes, for the most part, though as the girls grow, they are sometimes beset by inchoate desires, unformed emotions that are fueled by the sight of distant rainstorms slaking the droughty plains, or a humming bee stealing away the pollen from a shyly unfolding flower.
    Now imagine a shepherd boy, following a lost sheep in a mountain snow storm. He follows the bleating of the sheep through a narrow passage and, lo!, before him spreads a valley, all warm, golden sunshine and emerald-green grass. The shepherd boy spies a little hill in the valley’s center, and on its crest the virgin girls are seen performing a ritual dance around a pole, their lithe young bodies, barely clothed at all, flexing and somersaulting in their innocent frolic.
    The shepherd boy stealthily approaches the circle of girls, but he is spotted! The girls laugh and shriek, and run away! Wait! One of the girls, a little older than the others, is not running away! Instead, she blushes and boldly, yet somewhat shyly, meets his gaze, and extends her hand to him . . .
    You, the lucky reader of a “Joe Doakes” post, are in a position more enviable, by far, than that of the young shepherd boy.

  3. He’s working to the best of his ability, MO.

    The linked document shows 45 goals in the destruction of America. I linked it in hopes people would read the list and say, “Holy Cow, look at how far they’ve gotten since 1963, which isn’t that long ago.” No such luck. Skim until offended then attack, is now the extent of Liberal analysis. I expect no less.

    Still – it’s encouraging that Red Flag laws haven’t passed yet (#38). And the list is not perfectly accurate: China is now a bigger problem with #14, students aren’t a big part of BLM/Antifa’s efforts toward #42, and there’s no mention of Facebook influencers at all. But Dr. Pete would get a kick out of #26 and pretty much the rest of the list has been accomplished except, as jdm points out, there may be questions of the degree to which the enemy has won.

  4. Dr. Pete… ROTFLMFAO

    I’ll be changing my pseud to “the man who broke Dr. Pete”

  5. John Kraephammer on June 2, 2021 at 9:47 am said:
    Dr. Pete… ROTFLMFAO
    I’ll be changing my pseud to “the man who broke Dr. Pete”

    Droll Fellow!

  6. Regarding JK’s comment, well, we did like the fact that the FBI used to actually investigate things impartially. That appears to have taken a big hit starting in 2009 for some odd reason. Wonder why that was.

    Seriously, the bureaucracy has always had some Potomac fever, and I’m not sure how much worse it’s gotten vs. how much more we’re able to figure out about how they’re not doing things. I’m thinking it’s probably a lot of both.

  7. Bike, Obumbler definitely began to seed the DOJ with lefty fellow travelers. We started to see the results with the cover up of Granny Wine Box and her emails and then the Russian collusion hoax. (there are still people who think there was collusion; we’re doomed)

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