There Just Has To Be Some Polling

I was more than a little shocked to see this report from Channel 9 yesterday – partly because the Nine is the second-farthest-left leaning TV newsroom in town, and the station runs pro-BLM PSA liners during its newscasts…

…and partly because BLM has been strictly “hands off” as far as questioning in the local media goes.

But darned if they didn’t:

Another woman from the neighborhood took a tart swipe at “Black Lives Matter”, asking (I”m paraphrasing, since the Nine is going to make sure guns, not gang-bangers, are the enduring villains) why the protesters only seem to care if there’s a cop involved.

(If you can find the footage of the other woman, please post a link in the comments – it was one of the most startling things I’ve seen on local media…ever).

11 thoughts on “There Just Has To Be Some Polling

  1. A long time ago Minneapolis had a gang task force. They ran afoul of the law and I think it was disbanded. But the idea of going after street gangs appealed to me. Maybe the residents of North Minneapolis would agree.

  2. It seems that institutions like a “gang task force” are often disbanded for running afoul of the law. Even when they’re successful – at least to some degree. I could imagine it is difficult to keep to the straight and narrow when dealing with criminals – wasn’t this one of the topics explored in The Untouchables? On the other hand, I wonder if sometimes gang task forces are disbanded because they are too successful – a la the Broken Windows policies of NYC in the 90s.

    I did not know that about channel 9, Mitch. I would’ve assumed both 4 and 11 would be more left-wing.

  3. To wit: leftists groups are not about what they say they are about, or for.

    BLM: if they were all about black lives they would be running several recall efforts against mayors whose cities are war zones, like ET in Chicago. (ugliest mug I have ever seen, and a crappy human to boot)

    Feministas: NOT about conservative women, just leftist women. Tie into the 2nd amendment: whenever someone suggests women arm themselves to protect against assault and rape the feministas go BATS**T crazy. If they really cared about women they would be all for that. But they’re not, they are for leftist politics. (I sometimes wonder what the grabbers think would happen if they got their wish of confiscation. Do they think they would be safe, and no more crime? Or are they all really hoping we will be subjects of an armed police state.)

    Greenies: Lol, watermelons, green outside red inside. Rush was saying that in the 80’s. Anyone really think Gates is only going to eat fake meat? Yeah, no. All the “green” rules will be for the peasants.

  4. Children shot and they hold a meeting.

    Floyd dies and — well you know the rest.

    Unless and until the people who are refusing to turn in these shooters change their minds these thugs will continue to shoot whomever they please. Want public safety? Then step up and identify these killers.

  5. I’ve never considered the relative “leftness” of the local TV news, since I don’t watch any of them. I recall that Channel 9’s Tom Layden had some very sharp words about the State and City response during live coverage the Floyd riots, so I figured he must have felt pretty secure in his position. Then, just recently, Channel 9 was the only local media to cover the savage war of words between Frey and Council-whatsis Philippe Cunningham where Frey completely eviscerated Cunningham’s fatuous and sefl-serving comments about combating violence. Still waiting for the rest of the local media to even sniff this story, which details a major policy dispute between two of Minneapolis’s most prominent politicians.

  6. Night:
    If you recall, Lyden’s coverage of the Minneapolis to jihad connection a couple of years ago, got huge coverage by Fox. Made their affiliate here look good. I don’t recall any other member of the local Democrat propaganda machine covering it at all. Lyden is a gay liberal, but from what I have heard from and about him, he is probably one of the most unbiased member of that group. He has been largely in the background since the local Muslim boys seem to be staying home.

  7. EI

    On this, you are correct.

    It’s very funny that 50 black people can be standing around, actually watching one of their own get gunned down, but no one saw nuffin. No videos, either.
    Let a cop defend themselves against an armed or considered dangerous person and people that weren’t even there, saw it.

  8. Boss – Odd how many people have a cellphone camera when the police are involved, but can’t it find before the police arrive.

  9. This has been such an embarrassing chapter for Minneapolis as they let inexperienced activists try to lead their city. Will citizens have the gumption to get some adults back in the council chambers before it’s too late?

  10. Good for the grandmother to raise a stink about this. Hopefully it is powerful enough to persuade people to work with the police to put the perp into jail where he belongs.

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