To Journalism. And Beyond!

I’ve repeatedly said that satire – the Babylon Bee, the Onion, of course Betg’s Law, and of course Titania McGrath, among a few others – are the real journalism of the age.

McGrath [1] proves it with this Twitter thread:

It’s really uncanny; satire exposes our reality better than NPR and Sixty MInutes, combined, have in decades.

17 thoughts on “To Journalism. And Beyond!

  1. I think it is called Muggeridge’s Law, that it is increasingly difficult to do parody because the truth has become so absurd.

    McGrath is a true visionary.

  2. Don’t know about Muggeridge’s Law, but the Internet version of that law is Poe’s Law.

  3. Heck, the idiot left wing “fact checkers” still “fact check” the Babylon Bee.


  4. I likewise looked up ML. Good call on that. Funny. There is so little that’s really new.

  5. You’re a journalist? Like Limbaugh? Ok, when you get sued, don’t blame me.

  6. Another comment that is pure nonsense from Peeve.
    To wit. “You’re a journalist?”
    Anyone who writes a journal, or engages in the activities of journalism, is, by definition, a journalist.
    “Like Limbaugh?”
    Rush Limbaugh or David Limbaugh? Both are journalists by any reasonable definition of the word. David Limbaugh has had a column for years, published in real newspapers. Again, a nonsense statement.
    “Ok, when you get sued, don’t blame me.”
    Sued for what? For being a journalist? For not being a journalist?
    PB has always been the same since he began commenting here. Always an idiot, and never, ever, willing to take the heat for his urge to spout nonsense on someone else’s platform.

  7. Pad,

    You’re a journalist? Like Limbaugh? Ok, when you get sued, don’t blame me.

    a) I write obvservations of the world around me. That’s journalism.

    b) More directly, I’m not a “reporter” – not usually (although I have been an actual working news reporter, and I have done some reporting in this blog as well)/

    c) Sued? For what?

    I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I’m fairly sure you’re not either.

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  9. So you don’t have to run to the dictionary:

    Poe’s Law is named after Nathan Poe, an agnostic user on the message board Christian Forums who posted in 2005: “POES LAW: Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is uttrerly [sic] impossible to parody a Creationist in such a way that someone wont mistake for the genuine article.”


    Muggeridge’s Law is: there is no way that a writer of fiction can compete with real life for its pure absurdity.

  10. Who is this Titania McGrath?

    Is she a Star Tribune reporter?

    Or has she already moved to The New York Times?

  11. Paddyboy,

    There’s a question on the table.

    Please respond.


  12. You’re a journalist? Like Limbaugh? Ok, when you get sued, don’t blame me.

    So it’s not just Paddyboy’s Tolstoy-length rantings that are nonsensical. The short ones are too.

  13. Regarding Paddyboy’s comment, it strikes me that I can’t remember Rush ever being sued, and his error rate is probably no worse than that of the New York Times. A big one from this weekend’s Times is their claim that the Perry study of pre-K schooling generated big gains. In reality, it simply proved that if you spent something like thirty grand a year to educate pre-K kids, you could do marginally better than welfare mothers.

    The Times is trumpeting another study that is more of the same today from Boston, and I’m guessing it will have about the same methodological problems.

  14. Greg:

    Titania McGrath is a “singular” person parody account on Twitter, who gives the BabylonBee and DPRK News (also Twitter) runs for their money.

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