10 thoughts on “Natural Immunity Is Real, It’s More Than Just One Set Of Antibodies, And It Lasts

  1. As of today, there is appriximately one active case of covid per 1,200 Americans.

  2. Does this mean that one does not have to double mask while walking alone down a remote rural road?

    If doing so makes me feel superior, can I still do it?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  3. That’s awesome news. My apologies, then for taking the Janssen vaccine despite having gotten the disease. I’m sorry I may have deprived someone in India or somewhere of their chance to get basic immunity.

  4. Does this mean that one does not have to double mask while walking alone down a remote rural road?

    If doing so makes me feel superior, can I still do it?

    The mask-fetishists seem to enjoy proudly signaling their deference to authority.

    On the plus side, by covering up, we’re giving the jihadists one less thing to hate about us.

  5. Merck quit working on their ‘Rona serum after concluding we were better off getting the virus and having the natural antibodies. Why won’t Walz and Not-a-Doctor Malcom count the thousands of Minnesotans who not only got the ‘Rona but survived and now have the natural antibodies toward their mobile goalpost du jour of reaching herd immunity?

    Doesn’t seem very science-y.

  6. Ok folks, repeat after me (and doc can chime in if he does not concur): All of these are NOT vaccines. You are NOT being injected with a live version of the virus. You DO NOT develop antibodies to the Wuhan Flu after getting jabbed. (Ok, you do, kinda, in very, VERY small percentage of cases, and NOT in the same form as mumps for example, or chicken pox – long biochemistry-type explanation I am not going to bother you with. If you want it, get a degree in biochemistry like my SO did). The only way to get real antibodies is to be infected with the virus.

  7. What I find absolutely hilarious, and hypocritical, are the fairly large number of people driving, alone in their cars, wearing masks, but driving like bats out of hell. I guess that they would rather die in a car accident than from the ChiCom flu.

  8. Politicians assured us 70,000 Minnesotans would die if we did nothing, but only 50,000 if we enacted the lock-down. Their prediction was 10x too high.

    Politicians assured us Covid put every Minnesotan at risk of horrible death, from age 6 months to 101 years. Deaths are heavily concentrated in the frail elderly.

    Politicians assured us we did not need masks to halt the spread of the virus, we only needed to wash our hands while singing the Alphabet Song and bump elbows in greeting. Politicians assured us we needed to wear masks and stay six feet apart to halt the spread of the virus. Politicians assured us the Bad Orange Man did not need to halt flights from overseas to slow the spread of the virus. Politicians assured us The Garden needed to ban flights from overseas to slow the spread of the virus.

    Politicians assured us a Surge of deaths was coming, so large funeral homes wouldn’t be able to process them all and therefore we needed a $7 million refrigerated warehouse to store the bodies. The warehouse has stored a body.

    Politicians assured us it was too risky for ordinary citizens to eat in a restaurant, drink in a bar, celebrate holidays with family, go to the beach, attend a wedding or funeral. Politicians assured it was perfectly safe for them to do all those things.

    Politicians assured us natural herd immunity was a myth and immunity could only come from injections of certain proteins, a mitigation strategy required before restrictions could be lifted.

    Politicians assured us every one of their rules and restrictions was based on SCIENCE which proved the virus was deadly and the mitigation was safe.

    And now we get this: https://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.org/frontline-news/expert-evaluation-on-adverse-effects-of-the-pfizer-covid-19-vaccination

    I can’t figure it out. Why are ordinary people unwilling to do as they’re told? Why don’t they instantly obey the politicians? Why are they doubtful, hesitent, reluctant? Why aren’t they stampeding to get the ‘vaccine’?

  9. My take is that manufactured vaccines have so far proven themselves with diseases like polio, pertussis, chickenpox, HIB, and a bunch of others. Of course your results may vary, particularly in the elderly whose immune systems are less vigorous. Covid vaccines are mainly mRNA, a new class, but thus far pretty effective. Will Covid act like the flu and present new challenges? Or is this a one off? Lots of coronaviruses circulate, most cause zero or trivial disease. The Virus Porn industry will, I think, not slow its efforts to scare the crap out of the public because for them it’s about power.

  10. Sadly, golfdoc, many of the thousands of illegal aliens flooding over the border, have been presenting not only with the ChiCom virus, but new strains of TB, German measles and polio that are resistant to current treatments.

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