It Could Be Merriam Park

Woman, teacher, paranoid racist?

Product of a decade and a half of Critical Race Theory indoctrination?

Why choose?

Some of the social media feedback quips “this woman could be teaching your kids”.

If your offspring’s teacher is a member of the Saint Paul Federation of Teachers, the odds are actually pretty decent she already is, one way or another.

6 thoughts on “It Could Be Merriam Park

  1. Yes, it could be Merriam park, or Macgroveland, or Highland..

    What privilege.

  2. I specualte the higher your education level, the more you will sympathize with the woman and support her actions.

  3. That police officer deserves a two week paid vacation. Just loved his cool and calm demeanor. Had I been him though, I would NOT have given her the option of showing me a picture of her driver’s license. I also have a question. Since this beetch made those comments in front of her child, how has he been affected? IMO, she’s guilty of child abuse.

  4. There is a point where I would want to say “every minute this officer is dealing with you when you refuse to put your cell phone down and leave your drivers’ license at home is a minute he’s not putting real criminals in jail.”

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