I’m Not The Only One…

…whose first question was…

…where in the flaming hootie-hoo are these punks getting all the ammo?

16 thoughts on “I’m Not The Only One…

  1. Funny, huh? Just like guns, apparently, street punks will always be able to get ammo.

  2. 150 bullets fired, only seven people hit, all are expected to survive. Thank you again, John Woo, for teaching gang-bangers how not to use their weapons.

  3. I wonder if the people that were shot were actually the intended targets.

  4. 150? Obviously not cops shooting. Too few rounds, cops go through many, many more…

  5. It’s gotten so bad, that I never put the selector switch on fully automatic anymore.

  6. Stats compiled by PJ Media- apparently the lamestreams are carrying on with their “white supremacy violence” lies. (just like all the beatings of Asians on tape, contrary to the liars, are done by blacks, not whites)


    30.5 black or likely black shootings (67.7%)

    7.5 Hispanic or likely Hispanic shootings (16.6%)

    2 white or likely white shootings (4.4%)

    1 Muslim (2.2%)

    4 too little info to make a call (8.8%)

    Lying liars and their lies. There will have to be a reckoning someday.

  7. jpa.

    Similar to Vietnam. I wish that I had even 1/3 of the wasted rounds. Those scenes in the movies where guys are behind a wall and just stick their rifles about the wall, then let them rip, actually happened quite frequently.

  8. Crap! I hit post too soon.

    It is estimated that US military personnel, fired an average of 50,000 rounds per kill. Many of the draftees, obviously didn’t want to be there and were more scared of being wounded, maimed or killed than enlisted guys.

  9. Sorry, my 2:06 should have pointed out these are numbers for mass shootings in 2021. Using reality as a basis, not like the leftards who think there have been 150 or so of these. And gosh, look where they happen, and committed by whom?

  10. 50,000 rounds per kill

    Abomination. Could have used half as many, but trained servicemen. And with less casualties albeit. More proof conscription does more harm than good. Leave fighting to professionals. Real professionals.

  11. I remember reading somewhere that in WW2 Europe, US infantry fired 1,500 rounds per enemy soldier wounded or killed.

  12. As a Vietnam vet and a draftee, I know for a fact that the draftee was only about 25% of the veterans who served there.

  13. AS, then I blame training. Just like lack of training is responsible for cops (n general) being piss-poor shots.

  14. It isn’t that easy to shoot someone with a pistol. Exceptionally difficult with a government issued old .45 caliber pistol.

  15. Hey, now, I’ve shot the mil-spec .45 plenty of times. I think it’s extremely effective at what it was designed for . . . firing at a person standing arm’s length away, to blow your attacker back out of the trench.

    I’m joking. Go find that video of Jack Wilson shooting the bad guy in the church. Now THAT is some fine shooting. Those boys in St. Paul could use some training from him.

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