Feeling Strangely Seventies-Eastern-European

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

How bad are things under the Garden Administration?  This bad: we are facing a shortage of chicken wings.

Oh, sure, they’ll blame bad weather in Texas or supply line interruptions from Covid and of course, everything changed on January 6th.

But this never happened when the Bad Orange Man was President.  Just sayin’.

Joe Doakes

The number of things coming up scarce these days – from wings to plywood to ammo – all have rational supply chain explanations.

The fact that they all started in January? Right after the Harris administration unilaterally made the increase in gas prices inevitable, with ripple effects throughout the supply chain?


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  1. Heck, I think it feels strangely seventies American.  It’s the inflation.  Technically, the source is pre-Biden but yes its Democrat driven political solutions.  The stimmys. Then, the shutdown driven labor shortage.

    Joe, ya gotta spellcheck Biden / Garden.

  2. I’ll see if I can find my “Whip Inflation Now!” button.
    True fact — I am related to Gerald Ford, 38th president of the United States. He was my 4th cousin, twice removed. I must admit that I do have something of a regal bearing. Women notice it.

  3. There are a small number of guys who write about supply lines and chains, the availability of containers, and international shipping in general who warned and continue to do so about the various changes we are due. This is a much more complicated topic that just Biden did it – however! – I don’t expect the Biden administration to be able to grasp this much less do anything. Especially with their evident obsequiousness towards the PRC.

    Here’s something simple to start with. Since it’s from Zerohedge, the mindlessly political can wave it away because the messenger is unapproved (“bad”).

  4. America is not running low on chickens.

    There are about 50 million chickens out there without the bravery to wear a mask or get a shot.

  5. A car mechanic friend tells me that doing repairs on late model cars that involve replacing a chip driven part now can mean waiting for days or weeks for the part to arrive instead of the usual same-day or overnight delivery. Try getting replacement parts for washing machines or refrigerators – same thing. Buying refrigerators or freezers means buying whatever the local dealer has in inventory (if they have anything). Rear Tine Rototillers have all but disappeared from Home Depot, Menards, and Lowes.
    Get used to it kids, its going to get a lot worse.

  6. Get used to it kids, its going to get a lot worse.

    You ain’t seen nothing yet. My inbound transoceanic freight rates just went up by a 1/3 in May and there are no spaces nor containers. Did you see price of soy lately? I just saw a headline some are expecting average household to spend 40% of their income on food.

    Orange Man bad indeed!

  7. There are people who believe the Covid virus is real, but it’s basically a bad flu meaning the panic reaction to it was a Democrat hoax to steal the election. Those people are nuts, of course, because it’s impossible to steal an election.

    But imagine the rest of the world looked to the US in matters of leadership, particularly in the medical field. Imagine the Ministers of Health around the world saying, “Your Highness, the Americans are treating it like the deadliest thing ever. They must know something we don’t know. We should follow their lead and lock down the nation.”

    Imagine the local Health Officer in each village saying, “What? There’s a case of Covid in the factory? Shut it down for 14 days. That’s what the Americans would do.” Imagine the Port Authority and Transit Authority in all those nations said, “What? That driver/pilot/longshoreman has Covid? Quarantine everybody he had contact with. That’s what the Americans would do.”

    Production, transportation and distribution of all the stuff made in Mexico and Taiwan and Pakistan would sputter. Intermittent shortages would pop up. Supply chains would be snarled. Luxuries could be substituted but essentials might sit in warehouses or on container ships as people died waiting for them.

    But imagine if those people found out . . . it was all a lie?

    Here you go, alternative history sci fi buffs – idea for your next fiction novel. Have at it!

  8. If getting a vaccine shot was life-saving technology, people wouldn’t need to be brave to get one, they would be stampeding to get it. You need to be brave to risk your life, not to save it.

  9. There are people who believe the Covid virus is real, but it’s basically a bad flu

    JD, technically it is a bad cold, not a flu. But Wuhan Flu sounds better than Wuhan Cold.

    And an emphatic +1 on your 9:20. You know what the first question OBGyn asks a woman who visits her/his office to comment that she is in her 60s, had been done with menopause for 10 years and all of a sudden period returned? Yep, “Have you been vaccinated?” Just another side effect. Nothing to see here… Move along guinea piggies…

  10. Let’s be honest — the author is leaving out a huge part, the main part even.

    Almost all poultry processing is done by members of the immigrant community, particularly latinos. We need more processing workers.

  11. In the real world, the worse the pandemic is — the more easily it spreads, the more debilitating and deadly its results — people will naturally social distance & take other measures to protect themselves and their loved ones, no mandate required.
    But this pandemic was very mild and mostly killed the very old with one or more comorbidities. Grandma or grandpa might have to take measures to protect themselves, but not other people (average age of an American who dies from covid is 75.5).
    So early on we were told that asymptomatic people could spread the disease, so social distancing, masking, and business closures were mandated. You couldn’t just say “take common sense precautions, quarantine the sick, and protect at risk populations” because the sick could not self-identify and we could not test everyone.
    But how common is it for an aymptomatic person to spread the disease to others? This is an amazingly dificult number to find.
    But it should not be. There is a very high premium to knowing how much of the spread of the disease was due to transmission by asymptomatic carriers. Yet the epidemiologists don’t seem very interested in knowing or publicizing this data. All the information is anecdotal or hedged with qualifiers.

  12. Jeezus effing Christ on a pogo stick… there’s a comment above from jpa about the price of soy (beans) – hint, it’s almost doubled in the last year – and El Estupido hopelessly adds that the increased price of chicken wings is because we don’t have enough illegal Hispanic immigrants to service the chicken factories.

  13. When are certain people going to learn supply and demand pricing also happens with human capital?

  14. jdm
    In a way, the dip stick is correct. Many workers in large scale slaughtering and butchering operations, have been Somalis and Hispanics. Now, they are making more money from the Biden give away than they do at work. We just need to stop paying these workers to stay home.

    I call on industrial shops that make cabinets, do metal fabrication and welding, as well as auto and truck body shops. One of my customers may be out of business soon, because they sell trailers. They have orders for more than 700 of them. None of the manufacturers can even start building a trailer without the suspension cradle, the majority of which, come from China. These cradles are sitting on container ships, on both coasts and in the gulf ports, waiting to be unloaded. Same problem. Workers getting paid by the gubmint, so they aren’t going to work the docks and even the unions are powerless to do anything. In addition, the marine grade plywood that make most of the floors in said trailers, now cost $125 per sheet and climbing. This plywood comes primarily from Canada, where Fidel Castro Trudeau has most of the plants shut down for the ChiCom virus. One of my small, family owned metal shops, tells me that as of Monday, McNeilus Steel, the major supplier of sheet steel in the upper Midwest, only had four coils of 16 gauge sheet steel in stock, which is not good.

  15. MO, is this the regal bearing you were talking about?


    Seriously, it’s fun to watch the port-siders argue that there is nothing wrong with paying too many people not to work,as if an extra $600/week in unemployment benefits is not enough to keep people who ordinarily earn $10-15/hour (that’s $400-600/week) on the unemployment lines.

    And it’s those people who ordinarily would be feeding, caring for, and butchering all those chickens. It’s those same people who would be doing a lot of work at lumber companies, etc..

    Smooth move, President Ex-Lax.

  16. I read a lot of fiction on Kindle. It’s free via freebooksy.com. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

    Got the latest installment in an action thriller series. Parents in Guatemala pay coyotes $5,000 a head to illegally transport their children across the border to find jobs in America but the coyotes claim that was only part of the fee so now the children owe more and since they cannot pay, the coyotes tell the children they must work off the balance: one as a housemaid, one as a field hand, one as a sex slave on a pleasure boat. They don’t dare to escape lest the Bad Orange Man throw them in cages. Our hero liberates them, leaving the house uncleaned, the vegetables unpicked and the wealthy boaters unsatisfied.

    Minor unaccompanied children, immigrants coming to America to find work as our ancestors did, cruel White men oppressing and enslaving them, all the usual Leftist themes and all fits with The Big E’s theory that we need more illegal immigrants to do the jobs Americans aren’t willing to do.

    But what I can’t figure out is how these children are supposed to be saving Social Security when they’re not actually getting paid any money working as slaves?

  17. Yep, just like that, Bikebubba.
    Ford was adopted. He was born a King (Irish surname).
    Some of my ancestors were Boyd’s, deported from Ireland for being Quakers (actually for being married outside of the Church). Lowland Scots, moved to Ireland to replace the Catholics, then infected with Quakerism and ejected from the paradise on earth called “Ireland” around 1760. Muenster, IIRC.
    The other side of the family is German peasant. I would be more proud of my aryan blood if it had actually paid off, somehow. Hard to feel you are a member of the master race when you can’t get into a canoe without falling over.

  18. How do parents in Guatemala come up with $5,000, Joe Doakes?
    I am guessing it is lent to them at ruinous rates.

  19. Yeah, MO, I wondered that, too. It’s politically correct fiction so I guess we’re just supposed to suspend our disbelief.

    Found another politically correct one (seems the free book authors can’t sell copies so they’re giving them away). “A Spy Came Home” by H.N. Wake. CIA and ATF agents bravely battle the NRA, Congress, greedy gun manufacturers, foreign governments and their own bosses in order to convince the public to demand more gun control. This one ought to appeal to our resident trolls. And it’s free so even the hardest core Liberal will be proud to own a copy.

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