Well Groomed

There was a little bit of kerfuffle earlier this week over this tweet, by “a member of the U of M’s student government”:

Is this not the ultimate expression of “white privilege?”

It can almost go without saying that she’s got a job coming up in Tina Smith’s office. So you can forget about the whole “accountability” thing.

5 thoughts on “Well Groomed

  1. Is It uncharitable of me to wish that the girl gets mugged and has to summon the cops?

  2. Well, she is blatantly encouraging illegal actions, so, hopefully, someone at the U or PD goes after her. If she is indeed going to work for Tina Smith, all of us need to blow up her phone and email to tell her that we will not tolerate that behavior from staff of someone that alleges to represent ALL Minnesotans.

  3. Right now, BLM is protesting outside the Stillwater home of the prosecuting attorney who charged the Brooklyn Center cop who shot the felon with her pistol instead of her Taser. The protesters want him to pile on more charges. No word if his wife and kids managed to get out of the house before the urban terrorists arrived. At least one of the neighbors has been arrested for trying to drive down the public street to his own home.

    I overheard some kook in the grocery store check-out line saying that ordinary citizens needed to adopt BLM tactics. Let’s go block the street in front of the Police Chief’s house, chant “All Lives Matter” through bullhorns, follow his kids to school. City council members, too. And judges. And that private security guard who works at Mendard’s Midway hassling people about their Covid masks, him too. See how they like it.

    Of course, it won’t work. Dictator-for-Life Walz will call out the National Guard to shoot live ammo at disfavored protestors, after which Usurper Biden will use his new Executive Order powers to order the FBI to seize their assets and houses from their widows and their estates. VP Harris will send them a bill for the bullets.

    The whole idea of warning people is Hollywood dumb. Japan had the right idea at Pearl Harbor. When you truly have reached the end of your rope and have resolved to commit violence, you don’t warn the enemy of your intended action, you just do it. That’s the danger with the present US situation: the pols at the top assume they’ll have plenty of warning before the lid blows. They won’t. And at that point, it’ll be hell to put it back on again.

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