One Law, One Aphorism

The law? Berg’s Seventh, of course. This is a Twitter tag “responding” to Senator Tim Scott’s response to Biden’s prattling-on last night.

The aphorism? “Being a Democrat means never being accountable for anything. Ever”.

UPDATE:  It’s been pointed out that his is also an example of Berg’s Eighth Law

77 thoughts on “One Law, One Aphorism

  1. From: “sunshine and cleaners could potentially reduce the number of hours that a virus can live on a surface.”

    To: suggested testing “very powerful light” inside the body and disinfectant given “by injection” as ways to kill the virus.”

    😳Very stable genus at work😳

  2. Fucking HuffPo! LMAO.

    Say Tater? Your Pedophile in Chief has declared War on White people. Now, I know you’re White, because if you were black, your mama would have killed your dumb ass by now.

    So, are you going to start shredding the BirKiE in blackface”, Tater? tia!

  3. The left in America is scared, terrified even. They know that everyone knows the election was full of fraud and illegal changes to voting, and they know we won’t let that happen ever again. And they know that in a clean election they are going to have their asses handed to them. And lose the 2024 Presidential. And then its payback time, and they are in a panic. They have to criminalize speech so we can’t prevent more vote fraud, basically criminalize Republicans. Because they can’t have us in power again, they know what will happen. But the panic is showing, 2nd amendment is under fire, various groups calling for a “misinformation panel”, etc. They know they can’t win an honest election, and they are going to try to do anything to prevent that. And deep down inside they kind of sense that we won’t stand for it. Hence, fear.

  4. Weird that Republicans would want to be seated in Congress at all, given the level of fraud and whatnot in the November election.

  5. My favorite thing from the leftist dolts in this country is that Chance the gardener was “unifying”. Right.

    Mentioned Trump supporters once: to call them white supremacists.

    Very unifying.

    Ever notice how the trolls don’t prop his fraudulency and the dhimmis and their deeds?

    Just lie about Pres Trump?

    Yup, lotta confidence there.

  6. tater, what’s the favorite bleach you and your idiot friends like to shoot? Have any of you fools tried to swallow a black light yet? tia!

  7. I’m surprised at you guys, E-Collective. As one of the resident legal scholars, you should be well aware of the hearsay rule.

    If you want to prove President Trump told the nation to drink bleach, you must find a video or a transcript of his remarks to prove (a) what was said and (b) who said it.

    Anything less is rumor, gossip, innuendo and lies, which is why hearsay cannot be relied upon as evidence.

    Post the link to the video of the President saying the words. Shouldn’t be that hard to find with every media source claiming he said them at a press conference. Just go ahead and post it for us to see. And to be really helpful, note the time of the video where he says them, so we can skip to the relevent part.

  8. @kinlaw: Ironically Biden has Trump to thank on both counts. On vaccines Biden has sped up distribution, but without Operation Warp Speed the US would look like the EU.

    On economy, without Trump helping ensure GOP lost 2 Georgia Senate seats, no way Biden gets trillions through Congress.

  9. Tim Scott responds to racist attacks from the Left after Biden speech rebuttal: ‘They are literally attacking the color of my skin’

    The 21st Century Klan wears Depends to cover their faces.

    Say tater? You and your pals have any plans to string up some House N*ggers? You don’t have to name names…

  10. According to the new rules set up by Pedo Joe and his merry band of mentally ill reprobates, Tim Scott is a White Supremacist™.

  11. Norman Rockwell was a White Supremacist™. Possession of any of his seditious work will 100% guarantee a visit from the FBI, ATF, IRS, INS, NAS and BLM.

  12. Galileo Galileo was a White Supremacist™, and a Heretic.

    His shit is going DOWN

  13. Mr. Rogers was a White Supremacist™, and Officer Clemmons was a House N*gger . They’ll be burning his house down, any day now.

  14. Captain Kangaroo? White Supremacist™. He kept Bunny and Mr. Moose as his personal body slaves.

  15. Backstreet Boys? Puhleeze! White Supremacists™ to the bone.

  16. Willy Nelson is a cracka White Supremacist™, but he’s too stoned to realize his crimes.

  17. Say tater? You and your pals have any plans to string up some House N*ggers? You don’t have to name names…

  18. I wonder if it is sillier to call for scientists to investigate “disinfecting” the blood of covid (which is what the human immune system does) or wearing a maks when you are fully vaccinated?
    Biden’s nickname has been “slow joe” for decades. I don’t suppose a double aneurism and brain surgey has helped.

  19. Hubert Humphry was a White Supremacist™, and a seditionist.

    “Certainly one of the chief guarantees of freedom under any government, no matter how popular and respected, is the right of citizens to keep and bear arms … The right of citizens to bear arms is just one guarantee against arbitrary government, one more safeguard, against the tyranny which now appears remote in America but which historically has proven to be always possible.”–Hubert H. Humphrey, Senator, Vice President, 22 October 1959

    They’ll be digging up his grave and tossing his bones into the river, any day now.

  20. I’m going to put on my rose colored glasses here and assume Emery Incognito is pointing up to his own comments.
    Then again, such a gratuitous display of self-awareness would be out of character.

  21. I noticed that too, Troy. Thought about sharing a laugh, but sometimes it’s better to let that nitwit’s babblings stand on their own.

  22. Open letter to Pedophile Biden.

    Dear Pedophile Biden,

    I wasn’t among the handful of people that watched your speech last night, I didn’t watch Senator Tim Scott’s response either to be honest. Since you stole the election, I guess I just don’t give a fuck, which isn’t surprising, since, as you pointed out, I’m a White Supremacist™. You didn’t mention me by name, of course, but I voted for Donald Trump, twice, only recognize two genders and I am convinced you and your ilk cheated, so I know I’m included.

    Which, as I say, is fine with me.

    I’m sure the leftists in the DOJ had a dossier on me and my family years in advance, in preparation for your taking (literally) the office of Pedophile in Chief. I’m unrepentant. Not going to purge my library of Mark Twain, Walt Whitman, William Faulkner, Plato, Ayn Rand, Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck…nope, not a single book. I’m also not going to remove the copies of the US Constitution or the Declaration of Independence from my walls, all written by fellow White Supremacists™. Hell, I won’t even turn the little spot lights off.

    So no quarter asked, or expected.

    Instead, I’m writing about a few of my neighbors that I saw tonight…they’re black, you see. But their kids were playing on the local squirt little league baseball team with White kids. There were black moms AND Dad’s (can you imagine the gall?) at the games, mingling with White Supremacist™ families, and no one took a knee! There were no fights, nothing thrown and everyone was polite and obviously having fun together. I didn’t realize it until the response from the left that followed Senator Scott’s rebuttal last night, but they’re obviously Uncle Tom’s…probably a few House N*iggers in there as well.

    How does your Unification Plan™ propose to deal with them? I’m wondering, and I’m sure they’re wondering, too.

    Thank you, Pedophile Biden. Tell the FBI, the door is open and I hope my dog gets a few of them before they shoot her.

  23. The Mod Bot didn’t like my open letter to Pedophile Biden…can’t imagine why.

  24. Uh, Emery, you must have missed that the chemicals in the waters of either spas or swimming pools and municipal water supplies, kill the ChiCom flu virus in about 30 seconds. Chlorine and/or bromine are used in these applications disinfect water supplies, so people that drink from municipal water systems, are drinking bleach. Dip stick!

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