Parody Meets Reality. As Usual.

Babylon Bee tries to parody the hypocrisy of the Twin Cities political class.

They’re running a solid four years behind the Twin Cities pollitical class’s ongoing self parody.

One of the traits of Urban Progressive Privilege – being the beneficiary of a double standard makes no more impression than the concept of “water” does to a fish.

38 thoughts on “Parody Meets Reality. As Usual.

  1. I tried to sign up for the new app but it requires a photo ID as proof of Minneapolis residency which I don’t have and cannot obtain, being too stupid and poor to find anybody to help me get one. I did manage to score a $1,200 cell phone in the riots last year but my 55 inch flatscreen is only 1080 not 4K. Can I still loot without the app?

  2. Wonderful—another delusional, narcissistic personality disordered, reality TV star with zero experience thinking they know how to run the 5th largest economy in the world.

  3. You should move there, Tater.

    Why, with your successful career building a real estate empire of Prime Properties(tm), gaming the stonk market like a Boss, being a Top Litigator, respected Biologist and Epidemiologist, Engineer, to say nothing of BirKie Shredder and Mountain bike superstar, you should be able to pull California’s economy out of the toilet and stop the epic exfiltration of leftist reprobates to all corners of the country in 2-3 weeks, tops.

    Do it Tater…do it for your people.

  4. I’m a little surprised MBerg hasn’t noted the MSM coverage of the Ma’Khia Bryant killing.
    Where there really does seem to be a pro-stabbing contingent on the left.

  5. Where there really does seem to be a pro-stabbing contingent on the left.

    Pfffft. What do you call it when they stuck that trocar in your ear to suck your brains out, Tater? Y’all loved it!

  6. Hey don’t knock it Dr Pete, she stated in her announcement speech that one party rule must go and taxes must come down. I’m pretty sure no Repub could beat Pretty Boy but she will be unassailable, you how “transphobia” has replaced global cooling climate whatever as the bugaboo of the day.

    It will be interesting to see if Big Gay/Big Trans supports her or not.

  7. I have to laugh because many of the supporters of this recall are from the San Joaquin Valley, a notoriously conservative section of the central state, and these people would probably rather throw themselves on a pitchfork then vote for a transgender woman.

    The GOP seem fixated on making the US look like a country of mindless idiots, no matter what it takes.

  8. Lol, tater knows where all the recall supporters live. Do you have to wear a helmet when you go outside?

    Talk about embarrassing, I give you His Fraudulency, Chance the Gardner

  9. Tater squeeked: “I have to laugh because many of the supporters of this recall are from the San Joaquin Valley, a notoriously conservative section of the central state”

    Oh my…I didn’t know that. If there’s enough notorious conservatives to kick Newsome out of office, how come they can’t elect a conservative White man with his nads intact? lol…you ignorant twat. Isn’t there some Xtreme backwoods contest you should be flexing at now, Tater?

  10. Emery, you really need to get out of your mommy’s basement more often. Apparently, you have never heard of the Log Cabin Republicans. Richard Grenell has also been rumored to considering a run, too. Believe it or not mush brain, there are LBGTQ that like small government, low taxes and safe streets.

  11. Sedition Boy:
    Pro tip: if you pick adjectives above the 3rd grade level you won’t have to type as if your spacebar were broken.

  12. BH429 wrote:” Apparently, you have never heard of the Log Cabin Republicans.”

    Jeepers…as a Republican? She’s on the side of those who are passing laws all across this country to strip people like her of her civil rights? I never figured her as a self-loathing moron, but there it is.

    22 million voters in California and it only takes 1.5 million to get a recall on the ballot. The California GOP loves the grandstanding and wasting taxpayer money because they didn’t want to wear a mask.

    It does not matter who runs, Newsom will be reelected. This recall is a waste of time and money.

  13. You people are funny!
    Early life
    Gavin Christopher Newsom was born in San Francisco, to Tessa Thomas (née Menzies) and William Alfred Newsom III, a state appeals court judge and attorney for Getty Oil. He is a fourth-generation San Franciscan. One of Newsom’s maternal great-grandfathers, Scotsman Thomas Addis, was a pioneer scientist in the field of nephrology and a professor of medicine at Stanford University. Newsom is the second cousin, twice removed, of musician Joanna Newsom.[6]

    His father was an advocate for otters and the family had one as a pet.[7]

    While Newsom later reflected that he did not have an easy childhood,[8] he attended kindergarten and first grade at Ecole Notre Dame Des Victoires, a French American bilingual school in San Francisco. He eventually transferred because of severe dyslexia that still affects him. His dyslexia has made it difficult for him to write, spell, read and work with numbers.[8] Throughout his schooling, Newsom had to rely on a combination of audiobooks, digests and informal verbal instruction. To this day, Newsom prefers to interpret documents and reports through audio.[9]

  14. “Dd not have an easy childhood.”
    Jesus H. Christ on a surfboard! I’d change my childhood for his in a microsecond.

  15. “and these people would probably rather throw themselves on a pitchfork then vote for a transgender woman.”
    Peope born with a penis and testicles are not refered to as a “woman.”

  16. kin, there you go again dissing Chance! Stop insulting him, he had more common sense then resident trollbots.

  17. Arizona reprobates have gone insane with their attempts to stop the audit. They’ve tried everything…And they have failed.

    It looks like this judge has had enough. The audit continues.

    While Im convinced beyond reasonable doubt our election was stolen, I have doubted it could be proven…looks like I may have been wrong. This is not how people with confidence act. This is how trapped rat bastards act.

    If large scale fraud is proven in AZ, all bets are off.

  18. The Gateway Pundit — now there’s a another stable genius. 😂

    Sedition Boy — The vote count for Arizona, has already been audited and certified. There was no fraud, there were no irregularities.

    Happy (day after) Bleach Injection Day, for those who celebrate.

  19. Way, way back when I was training to be prosecuting attorney, I learned about “chain of custody” for evidence. I couldn’t offer an item as an exhibit at trial, if I couldn’t prove it was the exact same item seized at the crime scene.

    If I couldn’t prove it was the SAME bottle taken from the car, the defense could argue it might be ANY bottle and not necessarily proof the defendant had an open bottle of liquor in the car at the time of the arrest. Proving the bottle was open, the contents partially removed, and the remainder was alcohol would be useless if it wasn’t the SAME bottle.

    How confident are we that these paper ballots are the SAME paper ballots cast by the voters, and not some REPLACEMENT paper ballots marked by Democrat operatives and delivered to the counting center in the dead of night (as in Detroit), whereupon the ACTUAL paper ballots were destroyed (as in Atlanta)?

  20. I have to laugh because many of the supporters of this recall are from the San Joaquin Valley, a notoriously conservative section of the central state

    Wait, that looks familiar. How about, “I have to laugh because many of the supporters of this recall are from Dane County, a notoriously liberal section of the central state.” I suppose you could also say, “The Wisconsin Dems loved the grandstanding and wasting taxpayer money because they didn’t want to give up their union sinecures.”

  21. 2 Jab Tater gurgled: “The vote count for Arizona, has already been audited and certified. There was no fraud, there were no irregularities.”

    Right…and we know that it was all on the up and up because the Democrat election board told the Senate “Y’all want to look them over for yourselves? Sure boys, we got nothing to hide. Here they are; knock yourselves out!”

    Nah, that’s not what happened. What happened is, they defied the Senate and a court order, and only when they were facing time in jail did they allow them to be examined…and then they tried to stop it examination once more.

    Ever bought a used car, Tater? Sure you have. Guy sellin’ it says “I had my mechanic give it a real good going over. It’s sound as a dollar.” You say “Mind if I take a look under the hood myself?” And they guy sellin’ it says “Hell yeah I mind! You callin’ me a liar? I said it was good to go. Either you take my word on that or go fuck yourself!”

    I bet you pulled your wallet right out, didn’t you Tater? ‘Cause you’re smart as a hen.

  22. Tater has grabbed a bottle of gin and gone to roost for the rest of the weekend, shred the BirKie maybe, idk.

    He’ll be back with more hilarious hot takes on Monday.

  23. It is impossible to parody a numbskull who believes, to this very day, that Hillary was headed to a landslide election in 2016, and when it was clear that Hillary lost, that Trump colluded with the Russians to steal a win in 2016.
    This is such a crazy belief that the English language is overloaded by it. There are literally no words to describe the craziness of Emery’s beliefs.

  24. Look at you two shitposting…

    One who claims — literally anyone on Earth who *dies* is a result of vaccines. Maybe you should resurrect your Pair O’ Dice blog and attempt a comeback as a weak-ass shitposter.

    The other one quite often masquerading as a
    go-to source for all things Covid-19 on SiTD.
    Untrained in any specialized medical or epidemiological field, let alone in a basic science, lecturing actual experts throughout this pandemic. Shouting at clouds in Osceola..

  25. My, Emery, still pissed off because you fell the landslide hype & the Russian collusion hoax?

  26. I once thought of suggesting to Mitch that he put up an Open Line Friday post so people could discuss anything they want over the weekend, without bothering to stay on point.

    Except with the E-folks around, that’s pretty much every post.

  27. What would you do if you really knew who I was and where I lived, Emery?
    Kill me?

  28. Jezuz. Read Taters inchoate babble and tell me he’s not drunk poasting. That crap reads like a Pedo Joe state of the Union speech.

  29. That story actually made me sad, MO. I wasn’t from MN. I foolishly believed Minnesota was a common sense, mid western state, fit for raising kids. It was, for a very, very short period of time.

    When the leftist reprobates took over the twin cities, and state government, I knew it was time to gtfo of there. Leaving wasn’t hard; I’d had some fun times there, and still have many good friends there that I miss. But I don’t have childhood memories of the place.

    30 years ago, I could have written that commentary about California. But now that shithole is so far gone, it is completely unrecognizable. The good memories seem like a dream; never could have been a reality in that insane asylum.

    I stopped going back there, even to visit family, long ago. The family members that stayed there became infected with the liberal disease themselves. They think drive-by shootings are normal…everything is swell.

    I wish that young woman well. She is too fine a person to mingle with the degenerates that have overrun her hometown.

  30. So she leaves Minneapolis and moves to Minnetonka, or Wayzata, maybe Chanhassen.

    Still living under Dictator-for-Life Walz and his RINO enablers in the legislature. They’ll just extend the Thug Line out a few more miles, add low-income housing to her new home, forbid her school from breaking up knife fights because that’s the cultural norm for her new neighbors.

  31. Yeah, JD. She may move close by, but she will come to that realization soon enough.

    The degenerate zone started in San Francisco, but within just 10 years, the disease spread like fire throughout that state.

    I have friends that live in rural areas who claim they’re not affected by what happens in Sacramento.

    I tell them that’s only true so long as they never leave the boundaries of their property, and the agents of the state never decide to come calling.

  32. Wise decision, NW. Choose wisely. It really sucks to uproot your family only to have to do it again in a few years…speaking from experience here.

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