The press “reports” on Maxine Waters’ weekend trip to Brooklyn Center:

Did they cover everything?

Miss anything?

Like…the incitement to violence?

From the party (and media) that seems to think that there was no political violence in this country before (or apparently after) January 6?

UPDATE/BUMP: Oh, yeah – like Lisa Bender and Philippe Cunningham, Waters wanted special treatment while she incite her violence.

19 thoughts on “Incomplete

  1. You mean the civil rights protests of January 6th?
    Where one of the unarmed protesters was murdered by a cop & they not only won’t charge the cop, they won’t release his name?



    My God, think of the millions who died in the wake of Sturgis, will that happen to Brooklyn Center too!

  3. One would figure that Ms. Waters would have a good memory of what things were like when we had mob fule in the old “Dirty South”, and precisely why she might not like to repeat that experiment. Apparently I have too much esteem for her memory and thinking processes.

  4. Maxine Waters thinks that Neil Armstrong landed on Mars, not the moon, and regularly confuses “Crimea” with “Korea.”
    SHe is as dumb and vicious as they come, but then, her constituency is as dumb and vicious as she is, so they are well represented.

  5. Aunti Maxine is as viscous and corrupt as they come, but as for stupid, she can’t hold a candle to Rep Betty McCollum who has to be reminded several times a minute to breathe.

  6. Ah, well the modbot has a new tactic, I see. If you trigger it too badly, it just sends your comment to the ether. Well let’s try some code words..

    Newsmax gave her a working over. I’m told that Fox gave Juan Williams plenty of time to Blaxplain her actions….shorter version; Maxine n3bb3r d1ndu nuff1ns wrong.

  7. To be fair to Waters, it’s worth noting that former President Obama is arguably on the hook for not just riots, but thousands of murders that occurred in the aftermath of the police standing down after the DOJ started to use “disparate impact” after the Michael Brown riots.

    To be even more fair to Waters, though, she’s doing her part to make Minneapolis not just a cold Omaha, but really a cold Gary or Detroit. Or, in terms she might understand from near her district, a cold Compton or Watts. It’s stunning that given her home in LA, she has no clue how bad the long term results of rioting can be.

  8. Exactly how Waters has several million dollar homes on her $175,000 Congressional salary ought to be investigated by the FBI. Yeah, she’s been in office a while and her husband’s had a career, too, but something just stinks about that….

  9. How can Auntie Maxine afford multiple million dollar homes?

    She is chair of the Congressional Finance Services Committee. Think banking. In other words, the country’s bankers require a viscous, corrupt imbecile to vote their will and Auntie Maxine fits the bill perfectly.

  10. As fr as I can tell, I only get stuck in moderation when I use two or more links.
    Nothing else.
    I could hawk nasty Mexican porn. I don’t get moderated.
    Also my commetns have a Fleisch-Kincaid reading level that is near off the scale. I suppose that helps.
    Wouldn’t hurt Y’all to read a book once in a while.

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