I Love A Happy Ending

I’ll admit it right up front – the wave of carjackings in Saint Paul is weaponizing my schadenfreud.

And I’m good with that.

Audio not totally safe for work toward the end:

Those are some Aikido moves, I’m informed.

Kids lucky the guy wasn’t into Kempo.

9 thoughts on “I Love A Happy Ending

  1. Sniff. I love it when a story has a happy ending!

    Seriously, seems like the individual on the business end of the smackdown needs some interaction with someone to get him going on “adult life skills”. The smackdown is a good start, but…

  2. He’s lucky that guy didn’t use the most deadly Aikido move ever devised:
    The Dirty Mushroom

  3. People sometimes ask me why I carry a pistol around my property. That right there; you never know when some jackals will jump out of the bushes.

    Pants on; pistol on

  4. Watching Newsmax rn. The panel is discussing Maxine Waters visit to Mpls, her call to violent blax to get more confrontational and the drive-by against the NG that followed. They’re wondering why the fake media is ignoring the incident; if the GOP will support Marjory Greene’s bill to remove Waters from office; or do anything at all.


    It’s almost like reading a comment from Potato Head.

    That being said, with Newsmax, at least you don’t run the risk of being subjected to leftist bullshit from reprobate Donna Brazile, 75 year old Geraldo Rivera’s ridiculous flexing, Juan Williams whining or Chris Wallace’s smarmy preening. They’re actually pretty good.

  5. I was laughing at the perp’s buddy. Obviously bigger in size, but unarmed and definitely didn’t want to mix it up.

  6. boss, he may have been armed but his pants were weighed down by the brown matter so he could not reach the gun.

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