It’s the position of this blog that you can tell everything you need to know about what people and companies really think by observing where their money goes – especially money that is intended to get people to give them more money back.

Especially advertising.

As we’ve noted in the past:

So – what does that tell us about “the System” and what it really believes?

5 thoughts on “Systemic

  1. Count how many times you see a woman punch, crotch kick or slap a man on TV without consequences.

    That is domestic assault. There are laws against that.

    If it happens to a woman.

  2. To Greg’s point: it happens a lot. In my favorite TV sitcom, King Of Queens, Carrie Heffernan at least once an episode assaults her husband Doug by punching him or twisting his nipples. In the comedy universe it seems OK. A lot in the TV universe doesn’t jibe with reality. The recent tsunami of POC in TV advertising could mean any number of things. The advertisers are pitching their products to the POC. The advertisers believe in mythical systemic racism and are trying to reverse it by saturating the collective consciousness of all of us white supremacists with images of a Potemkin village on steroids. The advertisers employ a lot of guilty white liberals who enjoy virtue signaling.
    Outside of giving work to lots of POC actors, I don’t believe much will change in terms of economic disparity. Read The Bell Curve for an explanation.

  3. Note also how nice, behaved, and clean (altogether aka “white”) those POC act. The male POC are even presented as a bit submissive and dumb.

  4. I have to believe that most POC laugh at the black actors in ads portraying roles that are largely unknown to their community. Especially the stay at home dad doing house keeping. We should develop an intersectional ranking of actors least likely to find advertising employment. I’ll start with the easiest one- white men.

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