Sick Joke

We knew this was happening in Ramsey County in the ’90s – when a powerful sentence enhancement wound up getting pled out literally every single time it was applicable in a prosecution for a gun crime.

This is a pattern on the left: focus on hammering the law-abiding.

5 thoughts on “Sick Joke

  1. More corruption from the media, and their political operation, the Democrat party.
    The Democrat’s problem is that most of the people committing gun crimes come from their favored constituencies. Felony convctions for gun crimes (including posesion and trafficing) remove Democrat votes for the life of the offender.
    So what do you do?
    Blame the “gun violence crisis” on people the least likely to commit gun crimes.
    Then look at the Sandyhook school shooting.
    The kid could not obtain a gun legally so he stole it. Who did he still it from? His mother. Why did she have a gun? To protect herself from her son, who was obviously psychoticly violent. Can she be prosecuted for not keeping the gun safe? Nope, he killed her first.

  2. MO,
    It should be noted that Adam Lanza’s mom knew her son had mental health issues and literally pleaded for help with him. Thanks to HIPAA laws, she was stymied by the Democrat created system. This law alone has been a root contributor to many of these incidents. We have to assume that his mom probably died trying to stop him from taking the gun. On another note, the Boulder shooter was allegedly already on the FBI’s radar. One has to ask, “Why didn’t they take proactive measures?”

  3. I think what would happen would be not only that Hunter would go to jail, but you also would have the very uncomfortable reality that big city mayors and leftists (but I repeat myself) would be first embarrassed at who was being jailed in the new “Project Exile”, and would then be further embarrassed at how much crime fell as criminals were actually put in jail.

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