Why, It’s Almost Like It’s A Pattern

If Vegas bookmakers ever start putting odds on hate crimes ending up as hoaxes, I, and everyone who takes Berg’s 20th Law seriously, will become fabulously wealthy.

You recall last week’s story, about anonymous, abusive, “White Supremacist” emails at White Bear Lake High School?

What do you think?

The district’s Superintendant:

Over the last week, we have worked with the FBI and local law enforcement, who investigated the racist, hateful, and threatening messages that were sent to several of our students of color from an anonymous Instagram account. The messages have caused great pain to our students and caused a material and substantial disruption in our school.

This afternoon, a young person took responsibility for posting hateful messages on social media. While we are working to learn more about the motives behind this action, we understand that race is at the center of this incident and any use of hateful language against another student is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated. Our anger around racist acts and bullying remain critical to our work as parents, educators and community.

Since the student’s race wasn’t mentioned, that can really only mean one thing.

31 thoughts on “Why, It’s Almost Like It’s A Pattern

  1. “Since the student’s race wasn’t mentioned, that can really only mean one thing.”

    The hazy statement also means that the use of hateful language… actually CAN BE acceptable and tolerated because someone was really just trying to start a dialogue. The culprit won’t be named or punished, though the person might get access to a grief counselor.

    So please, everybody, go home! There’s nothing to see here. Don’t waste time looking for a follow-up story in the Minneapolis StarTribune.

  2. Every time there is a written or verbal hate crime, it’s never Whitey who did it.

    White people don’t have the time for this shit, they are too busy working or taking care of their children.

  3. Allan,

    Either do most black people.

    And it’s not quite “never” – but the notion that there must be a hidden wave or racism and hatred among Whitey out there is a particularly pernicious bit of cultural gaslighting.

  4. “Either do most black people.”

    Well, I dunno about “most”, but it’s clear many do. I’m trying to remember the last time one of these bogus events wasn’t the work of black people….can you help me out?

  5. Sounds like it would be a good time to post this —

    Isn’t it the job of a police officer to shoot and kill the bad guys?

  6. No Allen, shooting bad guys isn’t their job. We’ve been over this often.

    Their job is to collect evidence prosecutors use to put people in jail. If a bad guy, or a good guy, tries to physically stop them from doing that they’ll shoot one, but it’s not really what they’re out there for.

  7. His avatar make ya thirsty, Kraphammer? Bit early, but that’s your biz.

  8. Thank you for helping Allen, Tom. You are such a helper. So warm and helping.

  9. No, Krapinthepants, it is my passport photo taken at the Post Office in Somerset, WI in about 2008-09. I was still in my 60s. Little grayer now and I still have the tan.

  10. You are a little swarthy Allen. I doubt Swiftee and his pals in the outlaw Aryan motorcycle gang are ever going to truly let you be their pal.

  11. Since our troll in residence has gone off topic, I can do it too. On the subject of why redlining in the 50s still has profound effects even today: has anyone noticed how East Germany is still a physical and economic wasteland even though the wall came down over 30 years ago? Neither did I.

  12. I’m mostly a Sicilian. Also: Murders surge as police are defunded, up 64% in Minneapolis

    The police aren’t shooting the bad guys fast enough. As soon as the police are gone, the death rate for the bad guys is going to surge.

  13. Right, Sicilian. Much less prone to criminality than black people. That clears that up, now you can be friends with Swiftee and his outlaw Aryan motorcycle gang pals.

  14. Just a note: TwinCities.com informs us that

    “The juvenile involved indicated during the investigation that the purpose of their post was to raise awareness of social and racial injustice due to past incidents that occurred at school.

    I am glad that we cleared that up.

  15. It was also noted:

    In a separate letter Wednesday, the superintendent said he regretted using the word “hoax” and that he didn’t mean to “minimize the impact that racism or racist acts has on students and families who have been marginalized throughout history and in White Bear Lake Area Schools.”

    Mitch, please edit this post to replace the term “hoaxes” with “awareness raisings”.

    Thank you.

  16. Hey Mitch, just wondering why you let the crapper back in? Got tired of civility and no threadjacking?

  17. Uh, yeah…. lots of civility around here. Right before I logged back on Tom was telling Mitch to suck his cock over immigration. Mitch meekly demurred.

  18. That’s why I’m so happy you belly crawled back, Kraphammer. Now you can suck my dick.

    10/10 you’re an enthusiast.

  19. Swiftee, what do you think.  Are Sicilians devoid of criminal tendencies enough and hard working enough for you and your Aryan motorcycle pals to be friends with them?

  20. Back to the subject, it would be really refreshing if, per Deuteronomy 19:19, false allegations were punished with the same fervor that the claimed offense was. Let’s be blunt about the matter; if it had been some white supremacist kid doing this, he’d be severely disciplined, probably would be expelled, and might be referred for criminal prosecution.

    Well, sauce for the goose here. We get these false allegations because we tolerate them.

  21. bubba, reading your comment one would think our laws were founded on Judeo-Christian principles. In case you missed it, there is no fucking law left in this country! At least not a law that is equally applied to all citizens, and not at all to illegals at all who can rape, pillage and murder at will without any fear of repercussions.

  22. JK,

    Are Sicilians devoid of criminal tendencies enough and hard working enough for you and your Aryan motorcycle pals to be friends with them?

    Fascinating as Tom may be to you, your little fixation bores me.

    Move along.

  23. Say Kraphammer? We don’t often get honest to god faggots trolling for dick through here very often.

    You like ‘em skin on or off?


  24. The Superintendent (or “Super-unintendedconsequences-dent”) said the person who confessed to the hoax “posed no threat to our POC students”. The white student who was initially accused by another student of being behind the posts (before it all turned out to have been a hoax), however, was threatened and ostracized by classmates and staff and needed escorts around the campus. Check out Chrissy Clark’s article in the Daily Wire about everything that has transpired since the initial threats were made, the walk-out, and other actions before the hoax was revealed. Some folks should be looking not just at expulsion, but legal action.

  25. The students and parents of WBL high deserve justice.

    If Precious Boahen wasn’t the race baiter, who was?


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