Michael Savage – Prophet?

I was never a big Michael Savage fan – but I totally got his schtick. Confrontration draws people – people who agree, and those who don’t but who enjoy beating their heads against the wall.

Me being me, I didn’t much care for the title of his book, Liberalism is a Mental DIsorder. But I got the idea.

And maybe Savage was onto something – more correlative than causative, perhaps, but something: white “progressive” women appear very likely to have some sort of mental health-related diagnosis:

The study, which examined white liberals, moderates, and conservatives, both male and female, found that conservatives were far less likely to be diagnosed with mental health issues than those who identified as either liberal or even “very liberal.” What’s more, white women suffered the worst of all. White women, ages 18-29, who identified as liberal were given a mental health diagnosis from medical professionals at a rate of 56.3%, as compared to 28.4% in moderates and 27.3% in conservatives.

Which is not posted, in the study, article or here as a point of mockery – I’ve had my own battles with depression, so that dog don’t track.

But, as the article goes on to point out, the correlation between pathology and political behavior could be a whole lot more interesting than the browbeating potential.

As to diagnosing the whole movement? I’ve placed that bet long ago.

14 thoughts on “Michael Savage – Prophet?

  1. The results of the study don’t surprise me, Mitch. I observed more people on the Left seem to internalize “injustices”, whether perceived or real. Decades of media manipulation into believing conservativism equals “evil” creates a “cognitive dissonance”, as Prager puts it: Some of the people you call neighbors, friends, and family have a set of views that are no longer just different, but morally reprehensible. It encourages a prejudice to hearing the opposing viewpoint and a disbelief that someone would “think that way.” Once that happens, the brain finds ways to filter out or rationalize facts which don’t conform to a narrative. So a person puts themselves in an echo chamber. Add in the isolation created by the lock-downs, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see a large spike in mental health cases in the last year.

  2. I went to an expensive, liberal, and non-religious private highschool in St. Paul. Even back in the ’90s, I got the impression that it was an unacknowledged fashion for the girls to have some sort of mental health issue. Every Senior has to give a speech to the student body and faculty. There were always a few of the Senior Girls that talked about their attempted suicide, but I never remember there being an actual student suicide during my time there. (There was one guy I knew that did commit suicide nearly a decade after graduation.)

    The numbers don’t surprise me, but I’d be curious to see a further breakdown by economic background. I assume that the numbers skew higher as family income increases.

  3. Elite, white, female privilege allows you to announce your struggles, real or imagined, for sympathy. It doesn’t mean they are more or less likely than other classes and sexes of people, just more likely to carry it as a badge of honor/victimhood. Everyone else has to just “suck it up” or “snap out of it.”

  4. The Vag suits, pussy hats, insane screaming selfies, shaved heads, obesity, appetite for infanticide, wanton, slutty relationships, poor hygiene…yeah I’d never have guessed reprobate wymen are mentally ill.

    Still like to know what’s up with the noodle armed reprobate males and their tendency to pathological lying.

  5. Teaching women to role play at being men does not make them happy.
    Who would have guessed?

  6. OK, to be fair, it’s self-reporting, and we could have two things going on here; first, liberals simply could be more likely to request the analysis or diagnosis. Second, liberals could be more likely to have the underlying problem.

    I’m guessing it’s some of both. There is a tendency of conservatives to think that they are tougher than all that, and that’s going to artificially reduce “our” levels of depression.

    On the flip side, to be liberal, one must accept a number of hypotheses that are clearly not true. “Employers will gladly pay a higher minimum wage and won’t cut costs to compensate”, “raising taxes doesn’t influence other economic behavior”, “there is no real difference between women and men beyond hormones”, and the like.

    The trouble with that is that if your worldview requires you to believe false things, you are going to have cognitive dissonance and stress as your mind tries to resolve “your truth” and reality. So why I never went with “liberalism is a mental illness” per Savage, I would go with “leftism can lead to mental illness.”

  7. Bubba, you’re conflating stupidity with mental illness.

    Stupidity will make a reprobate declare women can have a benis, but only a mentally ill woman marches down the street naked, and covered in menstrual blood.

    Some day, you Neo-con apologists will realize, the reprobates are not going to respect you, whatever you say.

  8. Swiftee, given that I know a fair number of liberal women, and not one of them has gone down the street in the manner you describe, thankfully, I’m going to suggest that the denial of reality that I’m describing is one of the key impetii to that mental illness. It’s easy enough, to use an example you use, to look up whether an “addadicctome” procedure yields a functioning member–and hence step one of ignorance quickly ought to yield to a flat out denial of reality, and mental illness, relatively quickly.

    I would also tend to agree with MO that a refusal to understand femininity has a lot to do with things like depression. If we are, as Genesis tells us, genuinely created for one another, then the refusal to act on that knowledge will tend to produce some discord in our lives–really whether we are male or female.

  9. The mental illness thing is probably caused by menstruation. Bleeding once a month and not dying because of it would drive most people crazy.

  10. And maybe Savage was onto something…

    When I first heard the title of his book many years ago, I laughed in solidarity, at the disdain for modern liberalism which it exudes. However, in the last several years, I’ve come to hypothesize that he was a genius ahead of his time.

    Almost every single tenet of liberalism/progressivism/collectivisim goes directly against the deepest, most basic instinct that is genetically wired into every biological entity: look out for #1.

    For most animals, the second they are born/hatched, they have some sort of survival instinct. Most mammals, fish, and birds seek their mother. Sea turtles seak the ocean. I imagine even a recently born rattlesnake can bite.

    Humans take a while longer. However, almost all kids when offered the choice of “Here’s a piece of candy. You can eat it or give it to your sibling”, they are going to eat it. Outside of immediate family, It takes years of training/indoctrination to willingly go without so (possibly unknown) others can go with.

    You can’t defend your property from thieves. Their life is more important than your possessions.

    You are bad for wanting to work hard to become independent and financially successful

    If you want to keep your money instead of paying more and more taxes, you are selfish.

    And on and on and on.

  11. I can’t help agreeing with this article to a large extent, because I have been affected by it. This mental health thing with liberal women or women who identify as liberals, begins in about eighth grade. When we moved to Bloomington from Richfield back in 1995, if my daughter shared that with classmates, she was ridiculed and occasionally shunned by snobbish little rich girls. This continued into high school. When we realized that she was struggling, we brought her in to see her doctor. Sadly, one of the questions they ask kids is if there is any abuse going on at home. My daughter replied that the only abuse she was getting was from classmates. When the doctor spoke with us, he asked us where she went to school. When we told him, he replied, “Well, that would have been my fourth guess.” In order, these are the areas where girls have the most issues; Eden Prairie, Wayzata, Edina, Bloomington Jefferson and Minnetonka. Today, my daughter is a true card carrying liberal and those same girls that tormented her, are also liberals. Coincidentally, the two classmates that were most supportive, are Republicans. This fact is lost on my daughter.

  12. I have no faith in a survey where participants self identify a mental health disorder. Doesn’t mean Savage is wrong. I need to see a more scientifically rigorous study.

  13. As someone who loved him back in the day he really did nail it. Except it’s not liberalism but leftism. And yes there is a difference but liberals are so weak.

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