Reading Governor Klink‘s response to the situation in Brooklyn Center…:

… Several questions jump to mind.

One of those questions is not, as it happens, “who is side is the governor on“. That’s easy; whichever side gets him credit with the “progressive“ wing of the DFL, to whom he owes his position in every possible way.

This is, of course, the inevitable and result of single party democrat governance. You dear Fellers like to chant “you we own this town!“ After your little lopsided, fraud a tinge to factories.

Yes, you do. Every bit of it. To the hilt.

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  1. All you “Back the Blue” retards should listen to Walz…he is speaking to you. He is saying if you think the cops are on your side, you’re nuts.

    Cops will do whatever it takes to protect their pensions. There is no amount of abuse they won’t take from reprobates, if reprobates control their retirement money.

    If the reprobates tell them not to bother looters, they won’t. If the reprobates tell them to lock your skinny asses in your houses, they will.

    If the reprobates tell them to kick down your door and confiscate your weapons, your door is coming down.

    The Negroes are also speaking to you. They are saying “look. Your cops are worthless. If we want to come burn your house down, the cops won’t stop us.”

    So, have a nice day 😀

  2. Protests outside the police station last night, looting at the Dollar Store across the street.

    I just have to ask: how pathetic is your life when the nicest place in your neighborhood to do your looting is . . . the Dollar Store?

    Now ask yourself this: why do you suppose no nicer store is willing to come to your neighborhood?

  3. JD, I noticed in the recording of the looting of a SA yesterday, all the chips were gone, and all the bananas and oranges were on the floor.

  4. Now we are seeing the consequences of LE dropping the ball by failing to identify & arrest “Umbrella Man.”

  5. You’re right, MO. Umbrella man is still out there, and he still has his umbrella, which he uses to fly from riot to riot, like Mary Poppins.

    Many do not know this.

  6. Also, it looks like the arrest of that army of Minnesota Boogaloo boys has completely failed to quiet things down.

    It’s Proud Boys this time, probably, or maybe Promise Keepers, idk.

  7. If you can’t tell the difference between your gun and your Taser, you have no business being a cop. Making a mistake like that is the definition of negligence.

    How much will the payout be this time?

  8. Umbrella man is your buddies’ buddy in the outlaw motorcycle gang, isn’t that right Swiftee?  Are you chatting with those guys on gab each day to get the skinny?

  9. Hey, Kraephammer, you here to take back your accusation that the Jan. 6th rioters beat a cop to death with a fire extinguisher?
    Lot’s of “misinformation” on SITD lately.

  10. ^ If I wrote that … and I might have, probably did… I would, yes, be more cautious in my assertions now on this particular question.

  11. Now, I know the post is merely a vehicle for Mitch to introduce the BC / riot topic into his blog and have a thread on it today.  And I wouldn’t at all disagree with someone calling Walz a two face sack of shit.

    But the post is unintelligible… “You dear Fellers like to chant “you we own this town!“ After your little lopsided, fraud a tinge to factories.  Yes, you do. Every bit of it. To the hilt.”

    I do hope Doakes hasn’t been given all the work here at SiTD.

  12. The E-Collective has a good point: imperfect people have no place in law enforcement. It’s too serious for mistakes.

    Fortunately, the Left is well on its way to changing all that. By defunding police departments, they will eliminate uniformed thugs who go on safari into The Darkest Jungles of the Brooklyns, hunting for People Whose Lives Matter to kill on camera.

    Instead, cities will hire caring social justice activists who will reach out to communities of color, embracing the yutes who don’t deserve to die and shouldn’t have to work for a pittance but instead deserve Nike Air Vapormax and Asanti rims. There will be listening, and sharing, drum circles and possibly giant papier mache heads bringing everyone together to culminate in a giant group hug, after which The Young & Thuggin and The Stickup Boyz will throw down their guns, flush away their inventory of drugs, and retire to the nearest basketball court for midnight hoops.

    I can’t wait.

  13. Maybe the cops could ask one of the peaceful protesters if they have seen rioting white guys wearing aloha shirts & carrying umbrellas?
    Then the authorities could get a twenty-something Latinx person who knows the street lingo to go undercover & finger these scoundrels. Maybe Xir had a father what was a white LA cop and a Cuban mestizo mother who had been a street artist in Compton — until she was murdered by the klan!
    Xir could kind for act as a bridge between the street and law enforcement. Xir would have a sleeve that & carry a gold-plated .45 with some of those crazy custom carved bone hand grips the Mexican gang bangers like so much. Not as an affectation, but as a gesture to remind xirself where Xir came from — the streets.
    They could make a documentary about Xir search for umbrella man sell it to Netflix, & give the profits to Duarte’s family.

    I am here to help.

  14. For some reason Chrome is autocorrecting my posts in a weird way.
    It’s not me, honestly!

  15. MO, I’d like to introduce you to something called the “carriage return”.

  16. Sure, it is easy to look at the mobs in Brooklyn Center starting fires and looting businesses, and think “There is not enough law enforcement here!” But what Minnesota needs is a man brave enough to see mobs starting fires and looting businesses, and say “There is too much law enforcement here!”
    And who is that courageous man?
    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Governor Tim Walz!

  17. It’s like six menus down in this chromebook, but I think I have turned it off.

  18. JD wrote: [“imperfect people have no place in law enforcement. It’s too serious for mistakes.”]

    Mistakes happen. I often confuse my Taser with my toothbrush and I got tell you it is both unpleasant and not the best oral hygiene either.

  19. DPS is right. Every self-respecting policeman is quitting and only the reprobate grifters and scum remain… to do the bidding of the woke. Hmmm, sounds like brownshirts, no? What’s an American to do? LEAVE THIS FUCKING TOWN! We don’t need no water, let the mothefucker burn!

  20. I wondered about the taser/gun confusion. When I’ve been around cops I’ve noticed that the taser is usually bright yellow and on the opposite side of their bodies from their guns. I’d also imagine that the taser feels a lot lighter than a service piece, but they are shaped like a gun.

    Watching the video, it doesn’t look as if there was killing intent; to want to kill someone you’re trying to arrest in the middle of the Chauvin trial would require even more stupidity than mixing up your taser and pistol. Perhaps an idiot-proof taser, with a handle shaped like my electric razor and a thumb-operated “trigger” would be preferable in the future. I have learned, though, how ingenious idiots can be.

  21. If only there were design features built into the Taser to help distinguish it from a firearm.

    Perhaps if there were obvious color distinctions or possibly a different style pistol grip or even location on an officer’s duty belt.

    Just spitballing here — but I think there’s some money to be made implementing these unique features.

  22. The real culprit here is systemic racism and white supremacy. Don’t be distracted by attempts to blame the cop involved, or the black guy who got killed.
    It was society that convinced his mother to name him “Duante,” and it was society that assigned him the deadly identity of “black,” it was society that designated him as a male on his birthday certificate.

  23. Has anyone else served in the military?

    This is my taser, this is my gun, one is for tasing, one is for fun.

  24. On the other hand, [s]ome Brooklyn Center stores are being protected by civilians with firearms. The looters have stayed away from these places.

    These are both in the same strip mall as the Dollar General.

  25. I’ve heard it said * that concealed carry trainers tell their students: “Train the way you fight.” Practice a smooth draw, acquiring the sight picture, steady pressure on the trigger, dump the mag and reload without looking, do everything until it becomes automatic. In the stress of a life-and-death situation, muscle memory will save you.

    I wonder how often police officers practice with their pistol versus their Taser? Which one is the automatic reflex? Perhaps it IS a lack of training issue, which is why the Chief of Police was so quick to throw the officer under the bus?

    Or perhaps police officers today have too many options? Go back to the 1960’s Detroit model: “It’s like this, dirtbag, I have cuffs and a revolver, which do you want me to use?” De-escalation sounds great in the classroom but watch the video of the perp diving into the car to retrieve his gun, and tell me which tool the officer should be used – verbal command, pepper spray, baton, Taser, pist . . . too late, he shot you, you’re dead.

    * Of course, I wouldn’t know this first hand, since I have no concealed carry permit. Firearms frighten me.

  26. Now-former City Manager Curt Boganey, speaking earlier to reporters, said the officer who shot Wright would get “due process” after the shooting.

    Another word for “denial of due process” is “lynching.”

  27. From now on, I shall refer to the events that occurred at the Capitol on January 6th as the “mostly peaceful protests.”
    It is objectively true that the events at the Capitol on January 6 were mostly peaceful protests.
    So why was Trump impeached? Even the Democrats only charged him with encouraging mostly peaceful protests.

  28. JD: wrote: “I wonder how often police officers practice with their pistol versus their Taser? Which one is the automatic reflex? Perhaps it IS a lack of training issue, which is why the Chief of Police was so quick to throw the officer under the bus?”

    The spin started right away when the police chief characterized the shooting as “accidental.” It was negligent, not accidental.

  29. And quick like a bunny, the EC jumps in with the counter-spin. Cuz that’s what his masters pay him to do.

  30. Noted stock market guru, lakeshore real estate investor, epidemiologist, and use of force expert weighs in: negligence, not accident.

    Well, that’s helpful. No need for a trial. Who’s got the rope?

  31. Well, Emery, you ignorant twit. In this case, one has to wonder a. Why was he previously arrested for brandishing a gun, for which he had no permit? b. Did his mom, girlfriend or other family member know where he got said weapon? c. Why did he fail to show up for his day in court? Further, if family members knew about it, why didn’t they make sure he went to court? d. Why did he allegedly drive around in a car with expired registration? e. Why didn’t he just comply with the officers and not try to get away? Sorry, but, in many cases like this one, the victim IS mostly to blame.

  32. Regarding grabbing the taser, take a look at an officer and how much stuff is on his belt. Then consider the possibility of him grabbing for the right tool when he knows the perp just missed a hearing for unlawful possession of a firearm.

    The officer probably will do some time, but I can understand how this happened. Regarding the riots, I’m against police violence as much as anyone, and my message is this; those who are destroying stores and attacking police shall please get the **** off my side.

  33. ^ Rob Doar has been making the same negligence vs accidental point on Twitter. You calling Rob Doar wrong, lawyer Joe?

  34. Huh, not everyone agrees with Rob Doar, Getting messages from my fmr Criminal Justice classmates and law enforcement skills (“the academy”) cohorts chastising my criticism of yesterday’s negligent discharge.
    Listen. I know the job is tough, but there are mistakes you just can’t make. Ever.

    This obsession with JD is really kinda pathetic.

  35. Police Chief Tim Gannon said it appears that Potter intended to fire her Taser but instead made an “accidental discharge” from her gun.

    This statement is mind-boggling — gun on the right hip, taser on the left hip, pulls the wrong weapon from the wrong side and fails to notice they are different? Weight? Color? Location of the safety on each weapon?

  36. Oh, Christ.

    The cunt of the comments is back.

    I thought you were through, Kraphammer. Just caint quit us, can you boy?

    And look how happy Cockwomble is! Together again.

  37. Cockwomble squeaked: “ I often confuse my Taser with my toothbrush and I got tell you it is both unpleasant and not the best oral hygiene either.”

    That’s the least of your problems, 2 Jab. You mistake your rectum for your hat everyday.

  38. Emery, think of it in light of fight or flight response. The officer knows that the perp is accused of unlawful ownership (and brandishing?) of a firearm, and he’s going for something in his car. If it’s not perfectly in muscle memory, you are from time to time going to get mistakes. We are not talking about someone with a minute to think things through and decide on a course of action here.

    Sequence of action here–firing and then realizing what she’d done–suggests that training was inadequate, and if significant “real situation” training was done, leadership did not take a serious look at what mistakes people were making. The latter is a key part of a lot of quality engineers’ jobs, especially those who design tool sets for machining/manufacturing workers. What tools need to be there? What tools do not? What should the order of the tools be to reduce confusion?

    It’ll be a big part of the investigation or trial, and one possible huge improvement would be if more departments take use of force training seriously.

  39. Let’s make a bet, boys.

    How long before Kraphammer gets tangled in another lie and slithers off?

    I give him a week. His limited cognition won’t last much longer than that.

  40. The citizens can’t be trusted with guns! The police can’t be trusted with guns!

  41. jdm: :^)

    It strikes me that with the firing of the city manager by the mayor simply for saying they’d follow due process, along with the resignation of both the chief of police and the officer before any due process had been followed, there is one group of people who are going to benefit from this.

    Lawyers. The city manager is probably going to sue for wrongful termination, and will win. The chief of police and officer also have good cases, I’m guessing, for hostile work environment cases.

    Who is going to lose; the rest of us. Policing will become less effective, and lessons that need to be learned are going to remain unlearned. Shops will be looted and burned, crime will rise, and all the while, taxes are going to go through the roof to pay for the whole boondoggle.

    Not to mention Daunte Wright and his family’s loss; first his death, then the family is likely to learn the truth of Proverbs 20:21. I hope I’m wrong about that last part, but I fear I’m not.

  42. It is more than ironic that this officer was a training officer. And in fact she was with a trainee when this car stop occurred. Police carry Tasers on their “weak side,” so she would have to cross across her body to grasp the yellow plastic Taser. This is done on purpose precisely so that officers will not confuse their firearm with the Taser.

    She is a 26-year police veteran. I cannot for the life of me figure out why she felt so threatened by this man that she had to even Taser him. They had identified him. They knew where he lived. They could have served that outstanding warrant later. Usually, police shootings like this are the result of a combination of three things: poor hiring, poor training and/or poor tactics. But this case defies that logic.

  43. Sounds like Tater Cockwomble Esq. is getting ready to dust off his Harvard sheepskin. Maybe you can give the grieving family some investing advice when they get the Big Payoff, 2 Jab.

    Have them over to the lake place for a sit down. 😂

  44. 👆Sedition Boy: tell us more about the 1900+ deaths you claim that resulted from the Covid vaccines.

  45. Cockwomble again: “Usually, police shootings like this are the result of a combination of three things: poor hiring, poor training and/or poor tactics. But this case defies that logic.”

    So tell us, how many police shootings “like this” have you investigated, 2 Jab? Are you angling for the Big money seat at the prosecution table, or a fat stipend for your expert witness testimony?

    tia, Tater! 😂🤣😂🤣

  46. I will break down and address eTASS’ comment directly because he is right. This is something that does not happen very often and a courtesy he will never, ever offer to any of the right-thinking folk.

    poor hiring, poor training and/or poor tactics. In this case it is all three. This veteran probably was hired during the women-equality push. Promoted to trainer due to seniority and not ability and likely because good cops had seen the light and left, so there was no other choice. And of course poor tactics/judgement are the result of only the dregs left serving in the police and they do not know any better any more.

    I could be wrong on all accounts though and she was a wonderful cop, but I doubt it based on what happened. Although, do I trust the Taser story being pushed? Fuck no! I bet it was just a CYA feckless police management thought up. I wonder if there are any journalists left in the TC to get to the truth? Naw, they are too busy learning new definitions for words like riot and protest.

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