Did Anyone Not See This Coming?

Biden: Texas, Mississippi and Florida going free-market on mask mandates and lockdowns is “Neanderthal Thinking”.


And Minnesota’s not looking so hot, with its death rate pulling ahead of Wisconsin’s after being tied for months.

7 thoughts on “Did Anyone Not See This Coming?

  1. Minnesota & Wisconsin are as alike as two peas in a pod.
    Minnesota: Governor “Lockdown” Walz brags about “adjusting the dials” on allowed social, commercial, and religious activities.
    Wisconsin: Supreme court cripples Gov. Evers ability to regulate citizens’ rights of association.
    The difference in covid deaths: Insignificant, with a slight health advantage to Wisconsin.
    The Dems aren’t the party of science, they are the party of “science.”

  2. No one is even paying attention anymore, unless you happen to be one of th poor wretches living under the control of a leftist tyrant.

    The reprobates new job is keeping the mounting collateral damage their magic juice is causing hushed up.

  3. The area under the curve looks identical. Conclusion: masked lives don’t matter

  4. It strikes me that the pushback for the shutdowns is driving the epidemic now. We found that the first thing that was driving the epidemic was the medical industry–the infection and death rates plunged when they started getting vaccinated. Now the big thing appears to be whatever people are doing when they are sick and tired of the shutdowns–and that’s really the question that the shutdown governors have been ignoring for a year now.

  5. I don’t think the positive tests/covid deaths declined with the vaccine, BB. Those numbers began to drop precipitously in late January, before the vaccine could have a significant effect.

  6. Well, they started to vaccinate government employees in December, no? So obviously the main vector for infection was government. Duh. :^)

    Seriously, my daughter, an RN, got vaccinated in early January, I believe. No doubt the end of election chicanery and riots helped things, but I think the vaccine has some of the credit, too.

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