Hackery Most Foul

John Hinderaker asks a question many of us have been mulling for nearly two decades: why does 60 Minutes still exist?

It’s a holdover from a time when American media held some general (and often ill-deserved) respect for fairness and, if not “objectivity” (that’s a myth) at least detachment.

But between Rathergate, 17 years ago, and last week’s revelations that the show presented an “expose” of Ron DeSantis edited so far out of context as to be an absolute lie, it bids the critical thinker to ask: why is the show still on the air at all, if not to serve as a Democrat PR production?

Hinderaker has the original, and edtied-out, text. It is beyond damning. You be the judge.

My only regret is, having not watched the show in nearly 20 years, I have nothing to boycott.

42 thoughts on “Hackery Most Foul

  1. When Dan Rather tried his bullshit story about Bush, was the last time I watched.

    I think that I’m also done with baseball. Black lives do not matter. If they did blacks wouldn’t be killing each other so often.

  2. Who sponsored the show?

    Why are they not being boycotted?

    If you want to attack the propagandists for the left, buy generic drugs.

    Here is the basic format for the CBS, ABC, NBC news.

    An attack on heartless Republicans.
    Something wonderful about Joe Biden
    Weather in New York
    A story about an amazing dog.
    A heartwarming story about an amazing BIPOC girl.
    A heartwarming story about an amazing BIPOC girl and her dog.

    So why is every conservative and Republican muttering to themselves, their neighbors and their amazing dogs: tell your doctor you want the generic equivalent?

  3. Greg, you forgot the heartwarming story about a “trans” child and his/her cat, no?

    I’ve got most of you guys beat. I gave up on news hour shows even before Dateline NBC slandered GM’s pickups back in 1993. OK, my engineering view here is that side fuel tanks are an incredibly idiotic notion, but the actual test data did not back up the notion that they were a huge fire hazard.

    I think that a lot of those news shows, including the nightly news, continue mostly because too many people are used to watching, and they don’t have a functioning BS detector. Too many of those who do have a functioning BS detector still watch out of habit.

  4. They’ve been at this for even longer than that. I saw a video in high school (shown, interestingly enough, in a science class) called “The Other Side of 60 Minutes,” in which a company that was getting the Mike Wallace treatment videotaped the interview he did with company officials. The company’s video showed the interview as Wallace et al. had edited it, but then showed the missing context. It was hugely embarrassing to 60 Minutes at the time, as I recall, and 60 Minutes tried to prevent companies from taping them for a long time afterwards.

    As I said, I saw this in high school; it’s important to note I graduated from high school 40 years ago. These guys are rotten to the very core and have been from the get-go.

  5. Waiting for 60 Minutes to do an in-depth, compassionate interview with Hunter Biden’s laptop…poor thing has been dragged through the mud by racists and Nazis.

  6. Now you did it, Dr Pete. Hunter Biden, at this very moment is thinking about a GoFundMe account. On account of why not?

  7. Greg, you forgot the heartwarming story about a “trans” child and his/her cat, no? – Bikebubba

    Sorry, but it was announced on Twitter this morning that there is no such thing as “trans” anymore.

    We are all going back to BOY and GIRL (regardless of previous gender).

    You see, the activist community was finding itself tied in knots over this whole trans thing and decided to simplify it all.

    So if you are still using the term TRANS after like two hours ago then you are a Neanderthal.

    And henceforth anyone who was found to have used the term more than two hours ago is even worse.

  8. Today is National Former POW Recognition Day.
    President Joe Biden has restored the prisoner-of-war/missing-in- action flag to its former location atop the White House. ~ AP

    The former president likes his POW’s to not be captured and his MIA’s to not be missing. Kudos to Biden for returning this flag to a more prominent location at the White House. It more appropriately recognizes the service and sacrifice of these soldiers.

  9. 2 Jab gaaked:President Joe Biden has restored the prisoner-of-war/missing-in- action flag to its former location atop the White House.

    Yeah, that has nothing to do with the fact that his disgraced, child molesting, booted out of the military son’s vast porno and dope laptop collection was spread all over the net today. Wonder if Hunter ever thought about MIA’s while he was balling his brothers wife?

    Good call, Cockwomble. Carry on.

  10. Say, 2 Jab? I think that Pedo Joe is the first President to have a kid booted out of the military under other than honorable conditions.

    I might be wrong though; been a lot of Democrat Presidents.

    You have any insights, Tater?

  11. Say, Tater?

    Did Pedo Joe hang the POW/MIA flag above, or below the Sodomy flag?

    Will he light up the WH with the POW flag colors on one side and the AIDs rainbow on the Other?

    Tia, 2 Jab!

  12. Emery@4:43 once again flaunts his TDS.
    He/she needs psychiatric help, or prayer, or both. He/she is not a sane, normal person.

  13. How can you tell Emery doesn’t like the topic and desperately wants to change it?

    He brings up Trump.

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  15. @Swift: Sit down, Sedition Boy.

    Tell us more about the 1900+ deaths caused by Covid vaccines. 😂

  16. 2 Jab Tater slobbered: “Tell us more about the 1900+ deaths caused by Covid vaccines..”

    Sure, Cockwomble. Suck on this new, peer reviewed report that says you’re an idiot, and the CDC lied:

    “4. The CDC Actions Violated Data Quality, Objectivity, Utility, and Integrity Requirements”

    “Based upon our investigation of Federal Register Records for 2020, there was no formal, transparent, public review process initiated by the NVSS or CDC prior to or following the issuance of the March 24th NVSS COVID-19 Alert No. 2 that
    dramatically altered cause of death reporting exclusively for COVID-19. In this regard, we allege that the CDC and NVSS’s alterations to cause of death reporting guidelines exclusively for COVID-19, violated the IQA & PRA by
    compromising data quality, objectivity, and utility.”



    You just can’t win, can you dipshit? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. “Tell us more about the 1900+ deaths caused by Covid vaccines..”

    Oh, no! Your leftist propaganda rags are tossing you under the short bus, dickhead!


    “Using WONDER, the CDC’s VAERS database search tool, Newsweek gathered adverse report data specifically on deaths following a COVID vaccine from Moderna or Pfizer. It is important to note that our data contained VAERS reports processed as of February 26.

    Our VAERS result showed 970 people died after being given a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine shot. Of those deaths, 495 occurred following a Moderna shot, and 475 occurred following a Pfizer shot. Newsweek contacted Pfizer and Moderna for comment.”

    That was back in February…since then, the vaccine from the failed phama start-up Moderna has killed off many more nitwits, like you, that got “2 JABS and Good To GO!”, and the other flavors of magic juice are also doing their best to cleanse the country of low IQ idiots.

    Tell us more, 2 Jab! (What a fucking idiot).

  18. Oh, and let’s highlight this” “Using WONDER, the CDC’s VAERS database search tool, Newsweek gathered adverse report data …

    Somehow, they managed to work the database that confused and frustrated you until you just gave up. That makes you a standout dolt among nitwits, 2 Jab! LMAO!!

    Entertain us some more!

  19. The Left has fallen prey to its own lies and the E Collective is parroting them.

    The Left’s lie depends on new definitions:

    Anybody who died of a respiratory illness (pneumonia, emphysema, influenza) during the pandemic, died of Covid.

    Anybody who had the vaccine is immune to Covid and could not have died of it.

    Therefore, using the new definition, millions of people died “from” Covid, not merely “with” Covid or “during” the Covid pandemic as we previously would have said.

    And also, using the new definition, nobody has died “from ” the Covid vaccine. Anybody who dropped over dead immediately after receiving it must have died of unrelated illnesses. Coincidence, not causation, by definition.

    Years from now, people will lump this episode of medical history with leeches and shake their heads in wonder at how superstitious we were.

  20. @ Sedition Boy — what was the cause of death and underlying conditions listed on their birth certificates?

  21. Back for another pantsing, 2 Jab squeaked: “what was the cause of death and underlying conditions listed on their death certificates?”


  22. Dr Pete,
    More than any other thread this subject puts the LIE to emery’s claim to being an engineer of any sort. Of the nearly a dozen engineers I’ve worked with over the years (Civil, Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical) to a man(yes, Man) if I had taunted them as we have Emery they would all have already downloaded the adverse event data via WONDER and either verified or disproved our claims. But not weasel brains Emery, all he’s capable of is mewling pathetically “Death Certificates”. What a bloody nutless wonder!

  23. Pig, 2Jab Tater is completely devoid of shame; he has no self respect, which puts him in a very special sub-category of Cockwombles.

    Anyone that received the Moderna magic juice would be concerned at the mounting deaths and side effects connected with it, which lead me to believe he lied about receiving it. Pathological lying is another of his mental disfunctions.

  24. 2 Jab may have lied about his stock market prowess, and his real estate empire, and well, everything, but in a couple years his ship may come in

    “Did you or a loved one get vaccinated for Covid? Due to a recent court decision, revoking immunity from the companies involved, you may be entitled to compensation. “

  25. WHO has changed its definition of “herd immunity” to remove a reference to natural immunity acquired as a result of getting covid. ow it only refers to herd immunity as benefit of vaccination.
    WHO is not transparent about why it did this, and I have been curious as to why public officials want to vaccinated people with an experimental vaccine in short supply, even if the person can be assumed to have naturally acquired immunity from covid.
    Under the circumstances, we are free to speculate.
    What I suspect is that covid tests often return false positives, and that the sensitivity of the test is tweaked to high, so that people who test positive, and have no or few symptoms, may not have developed the antibodies required to fight the disease.
    If true, this implies that covid is not the threat public health officials have claimed that it is.

  26. @ Sedition Boy —It’s hard to believe MBerg allows you to post your BS. Although this is SiTD which reflects Berg’s sensibilities.

    “A review of available clinical information including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records revealed no evidence that vaccination contributed to patient deaths.”

    Reports of death after COVID-19 vaccination
    To date, Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has not detected patterns in cause of death that would indicate a safety problem with COVID-19 vaccines.
    > FDA requires vaccination providers to report any death after COVID-19 vaccination to VAERS.
    > Reports of death to VAERS following vaccination do not necessarily mean the vaccine caused the death.
    > CDC follows up on any report of death to request additional information and learn more about what occurred and to determine whether the death was a result of the vaccine or unrelated.

    CDC, FDA, and other federal partners will continue to monitor the safety of COVID-19 vaccines.

    Over 167 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from December 14, 2020, through April 5, 2021. During this time, VAERS received 2,794 reports of death (0.00167%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine. CDC and FDA physicians review each case report of death as soon as notified and CDC requests medical records to further assess reports. A review of available clinical information including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records revealed no evidence that vaccination contributed to patient deaths. CDC and FDA will continue to investigate reports of adverse events, including deaths, reported to VAERS

  27. “Georgia site is fourth in US to pause Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine was also halted in the past week at sites in Colorado, North Carolina and Iowa.”

    By all means, 2 Jab, please continue to encourage *All your friends* to get the magic juice.

    You did take the whole family with you to get that Moderna miracle juice, right?

  28. 2 Jab Tater is going all in on “death certificates”…because that’s the narrative being spread by the same government agency that doctored the death count from bat flu. Lol.

    Say Tater? Did you know George Floyd died of Fentanyl poisoning…his death certificate says so.

    But the government just spent the last week putting up paid experts to testify, under oath, that the death certificate is Bullshit.

    Wut do?


  29. “To date, VAERS has not detected patterns in cause of death that would indicate a safety problem with COVID-19 vaccines.”

    There are >230,000 adverse reactions to the magic juice. Only1900 have died after getting juiced.

    No pattern, see?

    Bell’s palsy? Anaphylactic shock? Stroke? Hell, nobody died from any of that (so far as you know), so you’re Good To Go.

    The FAQ 2 Jab linked to was written so simply even a 85 IQ dimwit could read it, and be calmed. They know none will take the time to verify it against the actual data, because they’re too stupid to work a database.

    I applaud 2 Jab for encouraging his fellow nitwits to get juiced. He is doing us a favor.

  30. I admit that I am surprised that Emery promotes the use of the Trump vaccines, even on people to whom the disease poses an insignificant risk.
    I will also note that “Emery” has never said whether or not he received the experimental Trump vaccine. He is simply a disinformation machine.

  31. Does Sedition Boy or Woolly have a study from John Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Harvard Health or the AMA which confirm their >Social Media conspiracy theories< regarding Covid-19 vaccines?

    To date, the CDC's reporting system has not received evidence linking any deaths directly to vaccines. Whether they have a vaccine or not, approximately 8,000 people die in the US every day. And as more people get vaccinated, more vaccinated people will continue to die from unrelated causes.

    Its not like we don't know what to do to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Just that enough people don't want to do it.

  32. Unlike Emery, who bought into the “Russian Collusion” conspiracy theory, hook, line, and sinker (and still believes in it), I do not traffic in conspiracy theories.

    “Its not like we don’t know what to do to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Just that enough people don’t want to do it.”

    This is not true. Until recently the CDC insisted that surface contamination was a significant source of covid transmission. Now the CDC says it is not. The CDC now apparently believes that evicting tenants is a significant source of covid infections, a thing so nakedly political and opportunistic that even it’s supporters have a hard time keeping a straight face when they recite the CDC’s talking points.
    The CDC is corrupt. Here is what they NY Times says about the CDC’s response to covid: “The C.D.C. Waited ‘Its Entire Existence for This Moment.’ What Went Wrong?
    The technology was old, the data poor, the bureaucracy slow, the guidance confusing, the administration not in agreement. The coronavirus shook the world’s premier health agency, creating a loss of confidence and hampering the U.S. response to the crisis.” https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/03/us/cdc-coronavirus.html

  33. Is it spreading a “conspiracy theory” to say that ALL the covid vaccines & m-RNA injections do not have full FDA approval?
    Nope, it is a fact. FDA approval of all the vaccines is done under an EUA (Emergency Use Authorization), not FDA approval.
    There should be nothing controversial about an individual evaluating his/her risk of contracting a serious case of covid-19 vs his/her risks (known and unknown) of getting an experimental vaccine.

  34. Yes the CDC under the previous administration — turned Covid-19 into a political football. Such a disgrace. Putting politics over the lives of people.

    Even as career government scientists worked to combat the virus, a cadre of Trump appointees were attempting to blunt the scientists’ messages, edit their findings and equip the president with an alternate set of talking points.

    Isn’t this what North Korean State Media does on a daily basis?

    CDC leaders allegedly changed the opening sentence of a report about spread of the virus among younger people after Alexander pressured them — Alexander wrote to Caputo, calling it a “small victory but a victory nonetheless and yippee!!!”

    Alexander, Caputo, and Azar did know better. Scott Atlas MD, of Stanford and the Hoover Institute should have known better. More than 561,000 Americans have died so far. Millions more have fallen sick and many suffer from long term consequences.

    All Americans, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and apoliticals could have done better if we all had timely factual information and had known better. Big lies, small lies, all lies, all the time. Politics instead of Public Health.

    And the strangest part is that if they had simply taken the pandemic seriously, I think the former administration would still be in office. No one blamed the administration for the crisis, but everyone wanted real leadership at the time. They merely had to make an effort. Instead, we got lies and deflection.

  35. Oh, Emery, Emery, Emery.
    Under the last (& current) administrations, the CDC insisted on acting as public policy formulator, not a public policy executor. For example, after one (1) chair practice at a church, out of hundreds of thousands of instances, became a “super spreader” event, the CDC wanted Trump to ban church choirs. Also see the nonsense of the CDC banning evictions.
    For Christ’s sake, when the politically appointed head of the CDC acts to change its directives, that is the way the system is supposed to work. That is not “interfering with the science” any more than a politician determine police policy is “political interference” with policing.
    This is elementary, the US is a republic, a people who rule themselves, not a scientocracy.
    Nobody voted for CDC bureaucrats to run their social lives. The so-called “crisis” was oversold (see Walz’s sincere promise that MN would suffer 70,000 covid deaths by July 2020, for an easy example). People have more common sense than the health bureaucrats. This is revealed by empirical evidence; they consistently overstated the danger of covid-19, and consistently promoted social regulations based on that inflated danger.

  36. 👆It is inevitable that we will simply deem the pandemic concluded at some point. There probably isn’t any alternative. The only annoying thing about it will be the many who pretend their notion is actually grounded in established medical science rather than convenience.

  37. Cockwomble cannot let anyone have the last word, no matter how thoroughly he’s been pantsed.

    Go ahead, 2 Jab…tia

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