Ripple Effects

Democrats take action to signal their virtue, unconcerned by the
downstream ripple effects of those actions.  Here are a couple of recent
pleas for help from lawyers whose clients are caught in Governor Walz’

I represent an Homeowner’s Association that completed a foreclosure on
an owner in the Association who hasn’t paid association dues for years.
The owner remains in possession of the unit following the foreclosure
redemption period and refuses to leave. Her unit is a health hazard (she
is a hoarder who uses cups for human waste rather than the toilet.) We
have affidavits from the Fire Marshal  about the conditions of the unit
and the dangers to the neighboring units due to fire danger from her
unit. At a recent inspection of the alarms in the building, the marshal
was only able to open her door far enough to put his head in an hear the
alarm worked. There were stacks of items above head level all around
him.  The owner no longer can sleep in her unit, but sleeps in the
hallways or common areas.  Question – how can I get her out of the unit,
in light of Governor Walz’s Executive Order halting evictions?


Client is an elderly man who owns a duplex and lives in one unit. Tenant
vacated other duplex unit, but associates of former tenant moved in
thereafter. Different people come and go. Current occupants have not
paid rent for nearly a year. No clear exceptions to Governor Walz’
Executive Order 20-79 prohibiting evictions. At some point after current
occupants moved in, utilities were shut off because they were in name of
former tenant who had not paid separately metered utilities. Tenants
threatened to sue the landlord for interruption of utilities so Client
restored and began paying utilities for that unit, though I believe his
only income is Social Security and he can barely keep up with his own
living expenses.  I believe an argument could be made that there is
financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult under the MN Vulnerable
Adults Act whereby “tenants” are obtaining services (utilities) for
their advantage to the detriment of PC. However, the Act only provides
for monetary damages and a mechanism for the state to investigate. 
Question is whether exploitation of a vulnerable adult landlord could be
pled as basis for filing an eviction notwithstanding Governor Walz’
Executive Order?


The first-order effect of the Governor signaling his virtue was to allow
renters and squatters to live free for a year.  The second-order effect
is to put everyone in the Homeowner’s Association is at risk because the
Association can’t get one person out of the building; and a senior
citizen is forced to subsidize an endless parade of low-life leaches. 
How many other cases are out there, but we don’t know about them since
those cases contradict The Narrative?  How many other lives are
threatened or ruined because Democrats needed to exploit Covid?

Joe Doakes


3 thoughts on “Ripple Effects

  1. Many such cases.

    Pedo Joe is forestalling a major financial meltdown in the real estate market by loading up America’s credit card balance.

    As any credit card shuffler can tell you, there comes a point when you don’t have enough credit available to service the debt the use of credit caused.

    This is fine.

  2. I don’t know how renters can live. I am trying to find a rental for someone I know & there is basically nothing available. No one is moving. People do not want their good tenants too leave, and nobody wants to rent an apartment or house when you can’t evict tenants who don’t pay the rent.

  3. If I were King, I’d do things MY WAY. Lots of people would disagree and want to move away, which would undercut my reforms.

    To prevent that, I’d institute a system where the proles were basically serfs tied to the land, not allowed to move freely. No evictions means no turnover means no moving to a new city. Vaccine passports help lock people in place (and also provide a database of non-compliant resistance members: those who don’t get the jab are Enemies of the State) which will be helpful in rounding up dissidents/sending the mob to their homes. That would be dangerous for the mob if the Enemies of the State had firearms – better adopt a Red Flag law so I can take away the firearms before sending in the thugs.

    Of course, this is all hypothetical.

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