Truth = Sexist

The women weren’t really trying, that’s the only reason they lost. Otherwise, they’d totes have dominated the field.  For sure.

Because if the professional women athletes really were trying but still got beaten this badly by a bunch of high school boys, we’d have to admit there truly is a physical difference between the sexes and that’s simply Unacceptable.

Joe Doakes

2+2=Women Can Literally Do Anything As Well As Men, Winston.

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  1. Check your link JD.

    Instead of a satisfying story about high school boys thrashing a female pro-sportsball team, it leads to a series of incomprehensible twaddle regarding EU soccer.

  2. I even tried to find the story. But after rooting around various stories about racist incidents in Spanish soccer and the exciting new season for women’s soccer (soon to be men-not-good-enough-to-play-men’s-soccer soccer), I reached my limit of dopey leftists.

  3. Link was broken, but during my search I learned that the US girls soccer team lost its pay discrimination suit because….are you ready for this? They already get paid more than the men! Math is hard, isn’t it, girls!

  4. jdm, I shun pro-sportsball in all it’s forms, but I aver I’d be tempted to watch a pro-football game that included women integrated into it.

    After all, if a woman can meet the qualifications of a

  5. After all, if a woman can meet the qualifications of a military special operator, they can certainly play linebacker.

  6. Regarding men’s innate ability vs. women’s, the points of reference that come to mind for me are not only the soccer team playing high school boys’ teams, but also the Olympic womens’ hockey team, the Olympic women’s basketball team, and more. Also of note is that when I compare the results of women’s Olympic track & field (especially the sprint events) and swimming from the “steroid era” (East Germans and such prior to 1990) with those immediately after the IOC learned to screen for steroids, the improvement with steroids was about 1-2%, but the difference between women’s and men’s times was about 10%. (and then you’ve got theoretically “trans” CeCe Telfer being an also ran among the men, but a champion among the women…..)

    Another point of reference is looking at powerlifting and Olympic lifting records–really the best measure of overall strength we have, along with the track sprints. Even though a LOT of the Olympic lifters get caught juicing, the difference between women’s lifts and men’s is still about 25%. The interesting thing about this is that when you scale for kinetic energy in track, you would interpolate from the lifting competitions to suggest that….the difference between womens’ and mens’ performance would be about 10-12%, and that’s exactly what we see.

    Long and short of it; the difference between “trans” athletes and women is likely to be a large portion of the overall difference between that of men and women, even if testosterone is taken out of the equation. And is it? Well, again, weightlifters are caught juicing often, and testosterone is eliminated from the body in only three weeks. The IOC is doing well, but there’s still a barn door open for juicing, and allowing “trans” people into the womens’ competitions opens it slightly wider.

    End of story; womens’ elite competition has been basically a farce for a long time, and it’s likely to get worse.

  7. Apparently, CBS Sports changed content on its site between the time I sent Mitch the link and the time we clicked on it today. Try this link, instead:

    And if that doesn’t work, try searching for ‘women soccer texas boys.’ Here’s the pull quote from the CBS article, explaining why the professional soccer team lost to the high school lads:

    “Of course, this match against the academy team was very informal and should not be a major cause for alarm. The U.S. surely wasn’t going all out, with the main goal being to get some minutes on the pitch, build chemistry when it comes to moving the ball around, improve defensive shape and get ready for Russia.”

  8. BTW, we’d be remiss not to notice the women didn’t give the lads a rematch in the intervening 4 years…

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