The Weather In The Twin Cities Must Be Getting Nice

You can tell by the accessories out on the street:

Last summer seemed to be “The Season of the Machete” (copywriting the screenplay title).

I just have to ask – where are all the machetes coming from?

24 thoughts on “The Weather In The Twin Cities Must Be Getting Nice

  1. Straw buyers travel to Central America, which lacks common sense machete laws. Remember: people don’t kill people. Machetes do. If it saves even one child’s life, ban machetes.

  2. It’s easier to buy a machete than a book.

    But we mustn’t ban all machetes. Nobody wants to take away your deer hunting machete. And if someone is outside your home threatening you, just slash through the screen door with your machete to defend yourself.

  3. in Hawaii a machete is called a “cane knife,” and most people use one to clear out over grown vegetation. On the Big Island, at least, most home owners also have an “o’o bar,” a six foot long, inch thick iron rod, tipped with a wedge on one end and a point on the other, for breaking up & prying rocks.
    There are a lot of rocks in Hawaii.

  4. When I was in Southeast Asia, there were machetes in every home. In Thailand, On Okinawa and Guam, the natives made them themselves out of (mostly) old Ford leaf springs.

  5. Kids can’t buy cigarettes, but they can buy machetes.

    What is the world coming to?

    Mothers Against Machetes demand action.

  6. Fools! I blame gun culture. Guns must be banned! All guns. You want to hunt deer, what do you think cars are for?

  7. So the only “crime” was carrying a machete?
    Was the suspicious activity report phoned in by Karen?

  8. I don’t know for certain, but I believe that some Saint Paul residents, including some blog writers/editors, are known to walk around Saint Paul carrying concealed firearms.

  9. “Armed” with a machete? When ever I go to cut brush I equip myself with one.

  10. Anybody can walk into Mendard’s and buy a machete, or two or even six. No limit. No waiting period. No training. No license.

    Why does an honest citizen NEED to own a machete? Leave it to the experts. Call a landscape service.

  11. I don’t know, FRESCH. There have been a couple of summers where mine got tall enough to use one. 😎

  12. I modified my machete (that used to be my father’s) with some black tape on the cracked handle. This modification turned it into an Attack Machete.

  13. I bought a machete with a 24″ blade for one queztal ($1 equivalent) in an open air market in Chichicastenango, Guatemala in 1979, when I was a high school exchange student. I still have it, including the leather sheath it came with. I doubt it would be deadly, although it could be a tetanus fiesta if you came crosswise with the blade.

  14. That’s very innovative, Night Writer. I’ve been considering a bayonet lug to convert mine into an Assault Machete, but am concerned my neighbors might turn me in under the Red Flag law as a person obviously in need of mental health treatment.

  15. I wonder if you can get one with the chainsaw attachment. Remember that one?

    I’ve got to admit, though, that if I was in “the hood” and saw my neighbor walking towards me with a machete, “trimming the shrubbery” is not what would come to mind for me. Maybe I’m a sissy.

  16. Obviously Minneapolis needs to invest billions of dollars in my new Machete Spotter network.

  17. Have the authorities determined if the guy was carrying an assault machete? As opposed to a defense machete?

  18. I just got an email alert from a machete rights organization warning me “President” Biden would issue Executive Orders today, banning imported machetes and “ghost” machete kits that you assemble yourself. They wanted me to send emails to RINOs in Congress and also to send money to the organization. Seems to me a better use of the money is to run out and buy more machetes while I still can.

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