With Apologies To David Letterman (Back When He Was Funny)

The Top Ten Things you Never, Ever Hear in Real Life.

10. “Hey, hand me that piano”.

9. “Gosh, the Star Tribune does a great job of balanced coverage on divisive issues”

8. “You know what I could use right now? A plate of “Scrod” from Embers”

7. “The fact that the Vikings, T-Wolves, Wild and usually the Twins disappoint me terribly is a sign that my priorities in life are terribliy out of whack”.

6. “See how much clearer and more fluid writing is when you arbitrarily and mindlessly adhere to the ‘Oxford Comma?'”

5. “The ‘zipper merge’ has made my life better”

4. “I got a call back from Alice Hausman’s office!”s

3. “That Mike McNeil on AM950 is appointment listening for me!”

2. “I always feel healthy and safe riding the Green Line after 6PM!”

And the #1 thing you never, ever hear in real life:

Number 1: “Oh, good. Al Sharpton is in town. Our racial divide and social crisis is going to get better”.

12 thoughts on “With Apologies To David Letterman (Back When He Was Funny)

  1. Mayor Frey to Minneapolis City Council:
    “Thank God! Sharpton is here! I thought we were going to have to be the ones to bring the rope.”

  2. re. #9, why is that little weasel Glen Taylor still allowed to call himself a Republican?

  3. greg
    Glen Talor bought the strib primarily to be a PR firm for his sports franchises, he doesn’t care what else they publish as long as they put eyeballs on his franchises.

  4. PB, isn’t that the very definition of a weasel?

    “Hell, who cares if they destroy a city, it’s what they can do for me and the Wolves.”

  5. justplainangry on March 29, 2021 at 8:56 am said:
    “No apologies necessary, Letterman was never funny.”

    I agree 100%,

  6. “Letterman was never funny”

    In his day, he was hilarious.

    Where “his day” was loooong before he decamped to CBS. Maybe up until ’87 or so.

  7. In his day, he was hilarious.

    And now we know where Mitch’s aversion to reality comes from. There is no accounting for taste. Mitch probably thinks Blazing Saddles was drama.

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