I’ve been thinking about impunity.  It’s why:

-Black Lives Matter and Antifa can burn down cities;

-Keith Ellison can orchestrate a lynching;

-Tim Walz can imprison the whole state for an entire year;

-someone in the Biden Administration can send troops to kick down doors
in Syria;

-China can humiliate our diplomats in Alaska;

-sex fiends and pedophiles can prey on victims for years;

-illegal immigrants can swarm our border.

When people know they can get away with bad behavior, they engage in
more of it.  Swift punishment deters bad behavior.  How can we restore
the deterrent necessary to end bad behavior?

Joe Doakes

A city without any political opposition, and a political system without any major media scrutiny, all lead to people acting with impunity.

2 thoughts on “Impunity

  1. What strikes me is that when the wicked act with impunity, everybody suffers. Anyone else see the statistics from PowerLine about murder? You stop enforcing the law, and suddenly the people you think you’re “helping” are suffering like they never have before.


  2. Impunity is when a sitting president, a man with four decades in Washington, needs a sheaf of notes and a picture sheet to carry out a press conference.
    No president has done that for at least a half century.
    And none of the “journalists” present ask him about it.

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