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  1. The complainer is an attorney who now identifies as female, calling itself Autumn Scardina, a family law practitioner. The order for the cake was placed the same day the Supreme Court vindicated him in his earlier case. The lawyer claims it was not simple harassment intended to run up the baker’s attorney’s fees until they drive him out of business.

    In the olden days, I suspect one might have asked, “Will no one rid me of this turbulent lawyer?” but nowadays, we are far too civilized for that.

  2. I dunno, perhaps I’ve just become impatient, but I sort of long for the days when Autumn might been on the receiving end of a bloody nose for being such a prick (pun intended). But I know, I know, it’s wrong to think that physical violence solves anything. Instead we should let the lawyers muck about (at a nice hourly rate) discussing the various options in which this baker might be financially ruined most appropriately… but think of it… Autumn laid out, holding his nose, “my node, my node!”, and some mysterious person promising more if Autumn doesn’t lay off… bad jdm! bad jdm!

  3. There used to be a law called SLAPP that was used to put these kinds of sleazy lawyers out of the bar.

    Wonder what happened to that?

  4. The trans lawyer is taking a different tack. He says that the baker says he is happy to make cakes for anyone, but he will not make a cake celebrating trans or gay themes. The tranny called him up and ordered a birthday cake (okay so far), but his birthday was also the day he wanted to celebrate his transition, so he wanted pink AND blue flowers on it.
    Baker refused, so tranny lawyer is claiming that the baker refused his order based soley on the fact that he identifies as transsexual individual.

  5. We started with slavery, when some people were forced to work for others.
    The 13th Amendment says people can no longer be forced to work for others.
    The Civil Rights Act says some people can be forced to work for others.
    Autumn Scardina wants to force Masterpiece Cake Shop to work for him/her/it.

    It’s not quite full circle, yet, but we’re headed that direction. It’s the wrong direction.

  6. The corporal-Kilnger-with-a-law-degree has to walk a very narrow to win against the baker. He has to convince the baker that making his cake will violate his religious scruples, while convincing the judge that making his case would not violate the baker’s religious scruples.
    If the lawyer wins, the baker has to make his cake, or go OOB. I think the lawyer would be happy with either result, because his goal is to drive religion-based moral decisions out of the public square.
    You may have some crazy ideas about civil rights and the rights guaranteed you under the constitution and by American tradition, but the reality is that your state or city “civil rights commission” will decide you what those rights are.

  7. but the reality is that your state or city “civil rights commission” will decide you what those rights are.

    You mean following the Canadiahn model? You mean free healthcare is not enough?

  8. Anti-SLAPP laws come to mind as a protection here, and Colorado has one. Also of interest here is RICO. Yes, harassment lawsuits ought to qualify for removing a lawyer from the bar.

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