8 thoughts on “It’s A Start

  1. The downfall will be complete when they dump the idiots like Brian Stelter and Don Lemon.

  2. I haven’t voluntarily watched in in years.
    And now that I stopped going to LA Fitness, I stopped involuntarily watching it for over a year.

  3. Dontcha worry. If things get too dire for CNLOL, I am sure Bidon will be throwing a couple bil at it to prop up his propaganda outlet.

  4. I have given up watching news, for the most part. It’s all bad news and insanity that I can do nothing about, so why make myself miserable?

    That said, when I do watch news, it’s Newsmax. If any of you have been watching Newsmax since January, like I have, you’ll agree with me that the production value of their content has skyrocketed in just a few months.

    Used to be a couple hour long shows, bookended with hours of promo loop. Now it’s all day content with commercial ads.

    Money is pouring in there.

  5. Boss: if they get rid of guys like Stelter, wouldn’t that increase the possible representation of actual “journalists” who can actually process a story? And in turn, wouldn’t people start to watch again, the way they did back during Gulf War 1? I vividly remember that CNN was pretty good way back then.

  6. bike;
    Nah! They’ll keep enough of the usual bobble heads around to turn people off.

  7. Ah, I was just foolish enough to play the odds instead of depend on obvious bias….. :^)

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