The Strib is trying to shame people into getting the Covid vaccine:

Let’s apply this (for sake of argument) “Logic” to other patterns of behavior, shall we?

  • People who are “child free by choice” are “demographic moochers”. Everyone else’s children are going to have to pay the taxes and premiums to support them in their dotage, as well as their own parents.
  • People who live bike and transit-centered lifestyles are “fiscal moochers”. The taxes that pay for their bike lanes, paths, and transit routes and vehicles are paid, extremely disproportionally, by drivers and their gas taxes.
  • Those of you who are getting vaccinated, as opposed to getting and recovering from Covid the old-fashioned way, are moochers on multiple levels.
  • People who net out at no taxes paid in are “tax moochers”. The benefits they disproportionally receive are paid in their entirety by others.

Please see to this, Strib.


49 thoughts on “Fairness

  1. Ha! Dr. “Mengele” FAUXci, just moved the goalposts, again. He and his lab coated tyrants at the CDC and NIAID are now saying that even if you have been vaccinated, you must continue to wear maskies. Alert the media. Oh. Wait. They already know this.

  2. I’m out of free Strib articles because I’m a news moocher. Wonder how the author figured out vaccine moochers were Republicans? I passed on my chance by volunteering in a vaccine study, thus freeing up 2 doses for a black-Asian trans sexual. You’re welcome, honey.

  3. The demographic group that is most opposed to getting jabbed is blacks.
    I do not have vaccine reluctance because I am a member of the hated white male conservative group.
    I have vaccine reluctance for the same reason so many black people do — a deep distrust of a government that has shown, time and again, that it does not deserve my trust.

  4. The term “freerider” implies cost cost shifting from the freerider to the vaccinated.
    What costs are the vaccinated bearing that would be less if there were no freeriders? The jab wouldn’t hurt less, and it costs nothing. The people getting jabbed are bearing no transferable costs.

  5. If “GOP” men refuse the juice, they are guaranteed to be spared the clots, anaphylaxis that come along with it.

    Will we be expected to extend thoughts and prayers to the reprobates that sacrificed themselves for the herd immunity we will be enjoying?

    What will they call those of us that decline even that, small courtesy? Im anxious to find out.

  6. The idea that anyone who declines to receive EXPERIMENTAL vaccines is somehow not pulling their weight is laughable. No one has any obligation to be the subject of a medical experiment unless they choose to do so.

    Reminder – there are no “APPROVED” vaccines for the Sars-CoV2 virus in the US – only ones that have been given emergency authorization.

  7. 👆For the lay person it would be reasonable, but I would have assumed that you would understand the FDA approval process.

  8. I’m the founding member and Lead Pastor at the Pillar of Fire Repentence Tabernacle, a new religion which strictly prohibits its members from receiving genetically engineered vaccines (we believe the Lord works through faith and prayer and His Will always triumphs).

    The rest of society – depending on genetic engineering to create the virus and genetic engineering to create the vaccine – is free riding on ME. Now, who’s immoral?

  9. JD: 🚨 Sidney Powell does an about-face on her “Stop the Steal” claims.

    Now: Sidney Powell claims in court that “reasonable people would not accept such statements as fact…”.

    “We will not be intimidated…We are going to clean this mess up now. President Trump won by a landslide. We are going to prove it. And we are going to reclaim the United States of America for the people who vote for freedom.”~ Sidney Powell

    She basically called 74 million Americans idiots — I wonder who they are?

    It’s really something that the new defense of the right is that no reasonable person would believe them. It goes to say then their followers/adherents are not reasonable people.

    I find it concerning then that these people retain significant control over state and federal government, and we should expect at the very least reasonableness from elected officials.

  10. Potato Head belched:

    “For the lay person it would be reasonable, but I would have assumed that you would understand the FDA approval process”

    So, in addition to world class XC skier and stock market wizard, Tater is a biologist/chemist.

    Go ahead, tell me this ridiculous fucktard doesn’t fly a cape around the house.


  11. Tater head, not content with the previous asshat dance, twirled daintily:

    ” Sidney Powell does an about-face on her “Stop the Steal” claims.

    Now: Sidney Powell claims in court that “reasonable people would not accept such statements as fact…”

    Of course Tater didn’t actually read the story, so he didn’t see the rest…

    “Powell posted a message to supporters in her Telegram channel on Tuesday evening walking back what was in the court filing. “The #FakeNews is lying to everyone about our filings in the Dominion case,” she wrote to her 473,000 subscribers.

    “My position has not changed. We will be taking them to the mat. Sidney.” The post has been viewed more than 297,000 times and garnered hundreds of supportive comments.”

    Will she prevail? Probably not. But the confusion she spreads among the 80 IQ crowd to which tater is a legend is worth the price of admission.

  12. Every attorney who files a document in a federal court (and, I suspect, every state court) attests to the truth of that document. That attorney can be sanctioned — including being disbarred — if he or she makes a willful falsehood or files a false statement with reckless disregard for the truth of its contents.

    In defending against Dominion, Powell has admitted that she was lying for pecuniary gain. Disbarment is the least of the sanctions that should be imposed against her.

  13. I guess any discussions about vaccines, the FDA approval process, whatever “it” is or was are now over.

  14. Regarding resistance to the vaccines, even when they’re approved in the standard process instead of the emergency process, I tend to be a “late adopter” and see what happens with the early adopters as they take it. There is also the issue of the use of fetal cells in development that were likely taken from an aborted child, and the reality that there are adverse events being reported. These will take time to sort out, and that’s OK. Let’s let the data persuade people whether they ought to take this.

    On the positive data side, since the Trump vaccines have been released, deaths and infections in the U.S. are down 75%. Part of this is the end of winter and growing natural immunity, but the inflection point is right when President Biden and medical workers started to get the Trump vaccines.

    Call me weird, but it strikes me that if the data are shared, risks and rewards alike, people will be able to choose intelligently. And that’s the best way to move forward.

  15. Now that we can ask people not about a hypothetical vaccine but about the Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccines with up to 90% efficacy and a good safety profile, I hope that a lot more people will be willing to take it.

  16. That’s great, E-I. A brand-new treatment rushed into production with minimal testing and for which the company is not liable if things go horribly wrong.

    You go first.

  17. I looked it up- freeriding has been a common term to refer to any person not getting vaccinated. I specifically looked it up in relation to anti measles vaccine folks and found that back in 2013, Seattle’s paper and other headlines used the same term to shame the left leaning granola types who were refusing vaccine (and contributing to an outbreak of measles). All of the left coast- Washington, Oregon, and California had way lower rates of vaccinated children than anywhere else. I think Alabama had the highest.

  18. “While Pfizer is a pharmaceutical behemoth, Moderna — short for modified RNA — is a biotech company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
    Established in 2010, Moderna has never brought a product to market, or gotten any of its nine or so vaccine candidates approved for use by the FDA. It had also never brought a product to phase three of a clinical trial previously.

    Oh shit. 10 years of #fail, then presto! Well that doesn’t sound good.

    What about you, Potato head; what think?

    “2 jabs of Moderna — I’m good to go”

    Of course.

  19. If Emery I hadn’t been putting out inane rants for the last 11 months, I would be inclined to believe that his derangement was a side affect of the juice. Who knows. Maybe the mRNA will restore his sanity. I won’t hold my breath.

  20. Tony “Two-Mask” Fauci assures me the so-called ‘vaccine’ is perfectly safe despite having been rushed out in weeks (wasn’t even available when Biden took office, he told me so himself). The medical and political establishment is in agreement – perfectly safe and anybody who doubts it is a science-denier and freeloader.

    One word, Tony: Thalidomide

  21. @BH429 —Maybe you think you’re not doing a good job today, but at least you’re not the guy who crashed a freighter into the side of a canal.

  22. Boss, the study would have had to take a baseline measurement of Potato head’s cognitive function before making an assessment after getting the magic juice.

    As it stands, they’d conclude his near moron functioning is a side effect, probably, when in fact it’s just taters normal.

  23. Potato head’s continuous parade of idiotic statements makes for ever evolving nickname opportunities.

    I think it’s time to go with “2 jab Tater”.

  24. Joe, one thing to note is that as far as I can tell, the testing on the vaccines was not truncated at all. What accelerated vaccine development–and conversely, what hinders a LOT of drug approvals where easy money is not on the table–is the fact that Uncle Sam, at the encouragement of President Trump,ponied up the cash needed to get several vaccines quickly to trial.

    (conversely, how much death and suffering is there because the federal government does not work with lower profit margin medicines to get them approved, or makes approval needlessly difficult…..?)

    It might be possible that shortcuts were taken, but a friend of mine who’s a pathologist at Mayo (and my daughter’s father-in-law more importantly) has been reading the reports, and the worst he’s noted is that a couple of the approval tests seem to be of the type where a couple of superspreader events could change the statistics.

    And I’m sure some smart statisticians are watching the rollout statistics like a hawk. So far, I’m leaning towards getting the jab when I become eligible, barring some nasty side effects to be observed.

  25. Speaking of IQ tests:

    3 varieties of magic juice. 2 from well known decades old pharmaceutical giants. 1, based on completely new technology, and the most risky, from a tiny lab with an 11 year track record of failure.

    Gotta chose 1.

  26. bikebubba-I appreciate your comment. It summarizes some answers to questions I know a lot of us have.

  27. why would Emery want to get the vaccine Trump developed to fight a hoax?
    The world is full of mysteries to the simple minded.

  28. Why would you have to remind everyone about a deadly Dempanic, everyday?

  29. “Minnesota reports 89 cases of Covid 19 in vaccinated individuals.”

    So, you risk blood clots, stroke and anaphylaxis, and still get the deadly bat flu. Huh.

    “Doctors report less-severe illness when it does occur in patients following vaccination”

    That’s a funny (haha) thing to say, since many people (myself included) never even know we had it. How tf would doctors report what they cannot possible have known?

    Sounds like Bullshit to keep the low IQ population passively a Can print their roles as guinea pigs.

    Oink, 2 jab Tater?

  30. According to MDH data, I have a greater than 99.9% of surviving the dreaded ‘Rona should I somehow become infected. Getting the shots will not give me immunity, it supposedly lessens my symptoms.Symptoms of which the 6 people I know that had Covid were absolutely zero and one was overly tired for 2 days. I am calculating the odds of having an experimental gene therapy injected into my system and causing an issue being greater than that .01% chance of death that could only occur if I actually get infected.

    It’s simple risk management.

  31. We all know, cuz we been told, that people can get covid w/o expressing any symptoms, not even a fever.
    So I wondered what would happen if an individual had an active case of symptomless covid at the time he/she got the vaccination.
    Cuz your immune symptom would already be making covid antibodies, right? And then you introduce a new infection to fight.
    Can’t find the info anywhere.
    Can anyone help me out with this? Have I missed some obvious source of info?

  32. “My position has not changed. We will be taking them to the mat. Sidney.”

    Tom commented: “The post has been viewed more than 297,000 times and garnered hundreds of supportive comments.”

    Its very hard for people to admit they’ve been conned. The lies are easier to repeat. They need to remain in their social media echo chambers so they don’t feel so disappointed in themselves.

  33. Major walk-back by the prosecutors of the January 6th . . . rioter? Insurrectionists? Trespassers?

    On Jan. 19, prosecutors said they believed Thomas Caldwell, a retired U.S. Navy officer from Virginia, had a “leadership role” within the Oath Keepers. The FBI, in a criminal complaint, described Facebook messages Caldwell allegedly sent and received “while at the Capitol,” including one urging him to turn on the gas and tear up the floorboards.
    “‘All members are in the tunnels under capital seal them in. Turn on gas,’” it read.
    A prosecutor in Florida read those words aloud in February in a bid to convince a judge to detain two of Caldwell’s co-defendants. Prosecutors now acknowledge that Caldwell was not even a dues-paying member of the Oath Keepers and that they lack evidence he ever entered the Capitol.

    I expect Kraephammer will be by here to explain how wrong he was to accept the “evidence” of MSM reports on the riot at face value.
    Any day now.
    I must admit, it sometimes gets frustrating, me being right all of the time.

  34. The legal brief filed by Trump attorney Sydney Powell was very explicit in admitting that the Big Lie was indeed a lie and no reasonable person would believe the lie, but the hard core Trump apologists still pretend that President Biden didn’t win in a landslide.

  35. I wonder why the legislature in places like Wisconsin and Arizona and Georgia are filled with hard-core Trump apologists who still pretend that the Garden Administration failed to win in a landslide and thus are demanding investigations and electoral reforms. What difference, at this point, does it make?

  36. Democrats want voters to choose them. Republicans want to choose their voters.

  37. Democrats want voters to choose them. Republicans want to choose their voters.
    Yep, Emery, Republicans don’t want people to vote for them.
    Reading your comments is a bit like watching a lunatic in a rubber room write cryptic figures on the walls with his feces.

  38. Take a look at the Novavax site. They are very open about what they, how they do it, and more importantly, how they are funded. Since the Wuhan Flu surfaced, they were granted $2B (that’s BILLION) to develop a vaccine. That’s a lot of scratch. I presume Moderna got the same. Nice payout for being a failure for 10 years. I wonder if anyone ever read the disclaimer put out by Pfizers and Modernas and others with mRNA tech? The one that says “vaccine” will NOT prevent you from contracting Wuhan Flu, only will make your chances of dying lower. And what is the death rate? Bueler? Bueler? Oh, and shhhhhh… nobody in their control group actually died from Wuhan Flu. Awesome! Go get jabbed sheeople! Line up for those cattle cars!

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