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  1. Carefully taught. Was the old way, I think we’re into high tech industrial scale indoctrinated hate at this point.

  2. “You can enroll in a music class (virtually now) that develops understanding of gender and personhood. A drag queen story time will soon be a television show.”

    This is fine. But it makes one wonder. Producing Teevee shows is expensive. While Drag Queen Story Time is certianly popular within the reprobate community, I have not detected a strong demand out here in the real world.

    So who is subsidizing this programming? Seems like that might be an interesting angle for a journalist to investigate.

    Lol, no.

    “And there are more and more children’s books that discuss intersectionality and broaden representation, plus flashcards and short videos that teach parent and toddler about anti-racism ideas.”

    Won’t these kids be wonderfully well adapted citizens? Why, if you use your peripheral vision, you can actually see the unicorns and rainbows headed our way.

  3. It has to be unpopular to succeed.
    The idea is to destroy all mediating institutions between the individual and the state.
    You teach the kids that when it comes to issues of ethnicity and sex, the ideas of their family and friends, their local community, and their church (if they have one) don’t matter. All that really counts is what the elites in Capitol City think about them.
    Very Big Brotherish.

  4. Boss, pedophilia is the next hill the reprobates will have society climb. What about “Love is Love” don’t you get?

    That post will be dug up and used against you in a future struggle session.

  5. Pete,
    Yea, some pervert government stooge in the Californication legislature, appropriately named Weiner, sponsored a bill to allow sex with minor boys and the rest of the losers voted it into law.

  6. “some pervert government stooge in the Californication legislature, appropriately named Weiner, sponsored a bill to allow sex with minor boys and the rest of the losers voted it into law.”

    *Sounds of hurried packing at 2 jab tater’s house*

  7. Last week I sent my grandkids (2 boys, 2 girls) the first six books in the old “Sugar Creek Gang” series. The series is a bit boy-centric, but the girls will still get a lot out of the stories, and shouldn’t have any trouble seeing that they can have adventures, too.

  8. The sooner kids learn the proper use of the “paper bag test,” the better.
    Also they should be disabused of the notion that the Irish are considered white people.

  9. Regarding pedophilia, it is an interesting question to me as to whether statutory rape laws can be sustained in a world where kids are allowed, against the will of their parents, to have their sexual organs reshaped and removed. If I kid can consent to that, he can’t consent to using them in certain ways with certain people? The laws might be upheld and sustained, but it’s not immediately apparent to me how that can be.

  10. Given Supreme Court decisions holding that the right to an abortion is grounded in a woman’s right to decide whether to procreate or not, can there be a crime of statutory rape at all? If a 13-year-old girl decides she wants a baby, who are those pesky legislators to say otherwise?

    And given the Supreme Court decision holding that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right, why would the ages of the same-sex partners matter? If the 13-year-old girl can have sex to vindicate her right to reproduce, and if marriage is not about reproduction but about allowing people the freedom to “define and express their identity,” then why shouldn’t the 13-year-old boy be allowed to have sex with his older partner?

    The North American Man-Boy Love Association has been working toward this goal for decades. Looks as if they’re finally about to win.

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