6 thoughts on “Blogging Jeopardy

  1. I would like to start a blog — nothing overtly political, more about books that no one really reads but everyone claims to have read.
    But the TOS of blogging platforms have become increasingly restrictive in arbitrary ways.
    So, now is not a good time to spend hours writing stuff that may disappear.
    On the other hand, I don’t have employment or business concerns that could be threatened, and I live in a conservative part of the US.

  2. Three hundred words? A little bit longer than a Twitter tweet. Yes, complex ideas about science, religion, politics, etc. can easily be captured in a 300-word nugget, not to mention that no one, in any way, will be able to misconstrue your words and try to get you “cancelled.”

    Like Twitter, this approach has not helped public discourse much. Emphasizing quantity over quality.

    If a blog post is lengthy because it needs to be, then authors make time to write it.

    If blog comments ramble on and thread-jack multiple times, chances are they were written by Emery or Paddyboy.

  3. Is there a good piece of software that can extract (for backup, DR, and movement) and push content to multiple platforms?

  4. Eric,

    It was mild mockery.

    But only mildly. The advice I used to give people about writing – set a schedule and stick to it. Whatever it takes. Even if the writing is pure crap. If you are in the routine, the material will come.

    I set myself a fairly absurd schedule 15 years ago. And I’ve largely stuck to it.

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