We’ve Seen This Before

Lauren Boebert, 34 year old business owner and freshman Congresswoman from Colorado, is to the 2020s what Michele Bachmann was to the 2000s – further proof of Berg’s Eighth Law.

Boebert actually is what Big Left has been trying to teach the world AOC is; a young woman who actually accomplished something.

24 thoughts on “We’ve Seen This Before

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  2. Ms. Boebert is the perfect symbol of Trumpism. She is an emotional child for whom grievance, disruption and attention are the objectives, and productive, serious effort to effectively govern our country is impossible.

    Her husband’s behavior is well known. Her crashed cars, her inciting teens to fight cops during arrest, her court no shows, her drunken antics, abuse and bullying of neighbors, inappropriate interactions with minors, the fact that the man who jailed her endorsed her, all well known and easily discovered outside of Colorado. Discussing her without mentioning literally any of that is a disservice to readers. This blog post merely highlighted the things she wants highlighted for her base of the alt right fringe. Hardly the full story on a woman making so many headlines but so unknown outside of her state, and this only serves her narrative. One might consider to stop elevating these voices if you’re not going to throughly discuss them and the carnage left in their wake.



  3. Come get your daily dose of Hatred! Get it here, get it while it’s hot!

    The “Colorado times recorder” is a far left rag published by radical leftists specifically to attack conservatives.
    In other words, it is a “go to” source for Emery to get his “facts.”

  4. For your 2000 (give or take) followers it’ll be entertaining I’m sure ….

  5. lol…ol’ 2 Jab Tater is really putting in the work today, isn’t he fellas?

    The story he linked to from a Soros sock puppet says she stiffed some debt collectors to help her employee, then she stiffed a court referee and just paid them off to stfu.

    I love her even more!

    Say 2 Jab? Promise you’ll let us know when that magic juice from a failing, “fly” by night pharma wanna-be makes your fingernails start falling off, will you? lmao


  6. Breaking news: Republican legislator is human, has flaws, is not a saint. Democrats gasp clutch pearls. News at 11:00

  7. What Boebert should’ve done is dropped her kids off with their step-dad, attended Harvard Law, and served her husband with divorce papers after he’d paid off the student loans. It worked for Wendy Davis…

  8. So, what’s her take on public policy?

    I mean discussing her “sins” might be interesting to people like Emery Incognito, but only for Republicans. Which makes me want to discount it, so I generally do.

    Especially when he gives his posts the “Trump Treatment”: connecting topics to Trump in some insipid way, pumping up his topic into a “really big deal” (just like his image of Trump), “reasoning” in a childish and useless way (just like his image of Trump).

    I have to say, if Emery Incognito is not a closeted Trump fan, he might be a fan and not be consciously aware of it. I wonder why that is …

  9. Emery Incognito on March 25, 2021 at 12:57 pm said:
    Democrats want voters to choose them. Republicans want to choose their voters.

    No one will be surprised that Emery believes that in Colorado’s 3rd district, the Democrats want to choose their voters.

  10. “For your 2000 (give or take) followers it’ll be entertaining I’m sure”

    Wait – you think that’s a ding?

    (And you’re way, way low).

  11. Regarding the wage garnishment, it strikes me that a business owner who knows the life stories of her employees might rightly take exception to court garnishment orders like this. It also strikes me that someone with libertarian tendencies might take exception to arrests of kids for behavior that would be perfectly legal in most of Europe.

  12. MBerg wrote:
    “Wait – you think that’s a ding? (And you’re way, way low).”

    According to Twitter— you have nearly 4000 followers…..

  13. I did listen for a few minutes (too many sponsor interruptions) and it seems you have been working hard, but after much effort, you have found a dumber issue than whether a president uses a teleprompter — whether he or she uses notes at a briefing.

    Congratulations to all involved.👍

  14. EI, my take is that using personal attacks, like saying someone’s radio show doesn’t have many listeners, is a sure sign that one is not willing or able to make a real argument. Why don’t you try to demonstrate that it was, in this case, willingness and not innate ability that was lacking in your case?

  15. 👆Back up speed racer. My original comment was regarding his blog based on his Twitter followers.

    I’m not Nielsen Ratings — MBerg’s listenership is one part—his popularity combined with spill over from The Patriot’s regular audience that keeps the station on all day. No burn just a fact.

  16. When I was a child, my mother occasionally served mashed potatoes for dinner made the old-fashioned way: boil the potatos and mash them in the kettle with a potato masher.

    One day, my sister complained they were lumpy. Mother said, “You’re right, they are. I didn’t do a very good job. You could have done a better job. In fact, you WILL do a better job. From now on, you are Mashed Potato Girl.”

    We ate mashed potatoes for a week straight. And nobody ever said a word about lumpy mashed potatoes ever again.

    That’s a parable, E’s. It’s a form of indirect teaching. The lesson is: “If you think you could do it better, go ahead and prove it. Or shut your mouth.”

    Let us know when your radio program airs.

  17. Yukon potatoes (skin on) with roasted garlic, several sticks of butter. sour cream and chives.

  18. Yo, EI; my comment stands. Those who use personal attacks prove that they are incapable or unwilling to make a real argument. That means you, and I’m leaning more and more to “incapable”, the more I read from you.

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